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been long since i updated this
sorry folks
Another update
It 12 am and I am damn sleepy but thought to stretch my imagination, the next will be probably my impossible love and following that if suga will be free then DL.
This weekend is going to be treat for all and if you want any specific story to be updated then just comment it inline as I haven’t typed them up and can change my plan. But be quick about it.
Last part, Do read the note at the end.
Here we go:
Abhigya walked down the museum hand in hand.

“Abhi…?” said Pragya with a puppy dog face.
“Yes my love,” he answered
“I want some tamarind,” said Pragya
“We just had a cup of coffee,” said abhi
“And you were busy staring at the waitress,” accused Pragya
Abhi was shocked at the accusation.
“I was just appreciating them, plus it was a male,” said abhi.
“Oh,” said Pragya

“I want it right now,” she shouted and started to whine like a child.
“Are you pregnant Pragya?” the question pooped up and came on his lips.
“What!!” said an alarmed Pragya
“Well your recent mood swings and temptations are quite though pointing that way and the fact that we just didn’t go sightseeing on our honeymoon to Mauritius did we ?” said abhi
Blood rushed to pragya’s cheeks, making her blush the darkest shade of red.
“NO! I am not pregnant,” said Pragya

“let us check,” he said

“Pragya open up,” said abhi as he banged on the washroom door from the past hour.
“come out, are you making a kid inside,” he said
“I am leaving,” he said and the door opened.

Pragya stood there with moist eyes.
“So?” said abhi
Pragya just nodded her head.
“We’re going to be parents, I am going to be a father,” shouted abhi

Abhi just rushed to her and twirled her around.
“We’re going to be parents,” he shouted like a mad person.
He put down Pragya and saw tears in her eyes. He remembered the past and held her by the shoulders.
“Pragya I know I wasn’t there with you last time but this time I am here and we’re in this together,” he said in a soothing voice.
“will I be a good mother?” asked Pragya.
“You will be a great mother well you are a great mother currently of 2 children,” he said
“Whom?” asked Pragya Confused?
“Me and adi,” he said and hugged her

They went to the doctor and got the reports confirming her pregnancy.
“We have to get toys for the baby, choose the best school, build a drawing room for the kid,… *goes on*” spoke Pragya.
“We received your pregnancy reports just today,” said abhi
Adi walked inside and saw abhi in a deep discussion.
“Hey there champ, listen up you’re about to get a brother or a sister,” he said
“Oh really,” said adi excited

“Yeah champ,” said Pragya
“And you’re gonna be a big brother,” said abhi
Adia just jumped in their laps and hugged them. He used to daily talk to Pragya’s bump.
Abhi wanted Pragya to be fit and fine and like a dutiful husband fulfilled pragya’s all cravings. Once it happened that it was midnight.

Abhi had just returned home after a long day. He found Pragya in the room quite angry.
“Another mood swing,” he said and walked inside.
“Where were you?” asked Pragya like a possessive skeptic wife.
“I was at office,” said abhi placing his bag in the cupboard.

“I missed you soooo much jaan,” said pragya and hugged him.
“Me too jaaneman” said abhi.
Pragya was craving chicken, makhan daal with naan, gulab jamun and ice cream. Abhi looking at this took her out as she was in her initial stages. During the drive in rain, abhi literally is finding places to get what Pragya wants and within five mi utes Pragya started throwing tantrums
“I know you don’t love me, you are having an affair,” she said.
“shut up,” he scolded Pragya and she went silent.

“you are a chicken, chicken little, gulabo, angry bird,” she said
Abhi couldn’t help but laugh hysterically which infuriated Pragya further. She was about to scold him when abhi found a place to get chicken makaan daal and naan. After taking it her moved to find the desserts. After scoffling herself without a second thought, she just jumped on him by hugging him to show her appreciation for endearing her crazy antics that she had been doing so far and will carry on the next couple of months,
“thank you for bearing my antics and do continue,” she whispered in his ears.
“I love you,” she said.

“me too,” said abhi.
For the time being there were in bliss during the hug.
6 months into pregnancy
The glow on pragya’s face was clearly reflected, and the baby bump. She was walking around the room cleaning it with Dettol. She then checked the room once again. the room was beautifully decorated with accessories needed.

“Hey sister or bro I am home, hope mum didn’t bore you,” said adi as he came back from school.
“adi!!” said Pragya

“ssshh let me talk,” he said and had a long chat.
Due day: nine months of pregnancy, time to welcome the next generation
The last few months passed by in a blur and the day they made for each other couple had waited for has arrived. However, it might not be as pleasant as the couple had hoped for.
Pragya is on the hospital bed while abhi is sitting next to her and holding her hand for support. “abhi, this is all your fault! It is hurting!” cried Pragya almost crushing the hands while abhi turned paler for the second.
“Pragya breathe, please” he tries to calm her down and act strong whereas the truth is he is panicking inside.
Pragya grimaces. “it hurts!” she exclaims again.

“you’re doing great, just a few more pushes<” encourages the doctor
“you’re stronger than this Pragya, you can do this,” abhi tries but all in vain.
“why can’t you give birth,” she queried nauseated which throws abhi off guard.
He opens his mouth but closes it not knowing the best reply to that would be.
“I would if possible!” he finally manages to answer.
“no you wouldn’t” she said.

Pragya narrows down her eyes on him.
“I am going to die abhi. abhi if you get married after my death then I’ll turn into a ghost and hunt you down.” She said.
“nothing will jappen to you Pragya, you’re my fierce wife,” he said cupping her face.
“so you will get married?” she queried irrationally.

“If you die, I die,” said abhi
“What is that supposed to mean” asked an absentminded Pragya.
“I won’t’ get a chance to remarry,” he rephrased.
“That means if you get a chance you would,” she said.
“no, not at all, my soul is connected to yours,” said abhi

“So filmy,” she verbalized.
A few hours later Pragya and abhi were sitting in the hospital bed with their children in their arms. When abhi held the children in his arms, he was beyond overwhelmed. Seeing the beautiful moment made pragya’s heart fill and at the same time clench in warmth. Giving the love of her life the family her had been craving for, who and given her the feeling of being belonged. Abhi was carrying their sweet daughter abhigya and abhi held their adorable son shaan, apparently their children were fraternal twins.

“this is the best day of my life, I can’t thank you enough,” said abhi.
“ a little painful but the best day of my life too,” said abhi
“forgot about me,” said adi who was standing at the door with his arms folded.
“aha, never champ, come have a look at your siblings,” said Pragya
Adi rushed to them and held them in his arms.
“wow their hands are so small,” he spoke in admiration.

“he is so cute,” said abhi
“I know,” said pragya
And then they lived happily ever after
Well a story close to my heart come to an end today. This was the first ever story I wrote. The start of my writer life. I thank everyone for the constant support from both platforms WP and TU. You all reader for the support which kept me driving to write. Love you all.
Through writing I found this new life, a life full of happiness, I found new friends and best buddies. Coming here and writing and then reading your comments never fails to bring a smile on my face even in depressing times.

Thank you Srimathi for being there and becoming my inspiration to write and KKB hehehe although I know currently it is quite boring but I love sriti jha and shabbir.

And so a new story will be up after this. Stay safe, keep reading, keep writing, spread love and enjoy life.
Adios amigos

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