Man Mayal part 30

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So this is a special part dedicated to my friend Aditi Roy
So the episode begins with abhigya in their room. The room was decorated completely with roses. Pragya on the other hand was busy fidgeting her chunnri.
Abhi walked out of the closet dressed up in his nighties and saw Pragya a little confused and worried.

“what happened Fuggi?” asked Abhi while Pragya hesitantly answered “abhi I know you would think this is me being highly paranoid but I am scared, scared to take this to the next level, what… what if something goes wrong again.” Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
“hey, hey ,hey” said abhi as he moved in and sat beside her cupping her shoulders. “nothing will happen fuggi, everything is alright and I know how you feel so no need to be guilty, take your time, we can wait for you to be ready when we take this relation to the next level so no need to cry.” He said by hugging her and patting her back.
Abhi then calmed her down by telling her stories and events that took place in his life while Pragya listened to them like a child.

“and you know the best part fuggi…” he said as he looked down to find Pragya sleeping on his chest.
“I got the sweetest surprise, YOU,” he said and caressed pragya’s hair. He then pecked her forehead and slept.
The next day
Pragya was woken up by Mr. Sun as she felt a hard surface beneath her head.
‘this can’t be a pillow,’ she thought and opened her eyes to find she had slept on his chest while abhi was still sleeping.

She kept on gazing at him for a few minutes.
He looks so innocent when he sleeps she thought and then rose up to his forehead and kissed him.
“can I get one here too,” said abhi and pointed towards his lips.
“you’re awake,” said pragya but abhi didn’t reply. She then remembered that abhi sleep talks at times and so she gave him a peck on the lips and moved to fresh up.
Abhi on the other hand woke up a few minutes later to find himself alone. He then called out FUGGIII!!
Pragya walked out dressed in a green shalwar kameez .
“you look really hot, I can’t control myself,” he said while Pragya blushed.
“my morning kiss,” asked abhi by pointing at his lips while Pragya turned into the darkest shade of red.

“you’re blushing as if you have already kissed me…..” he spoke and looked at Pragya who was becoming even more shy and walked out from there.
“she kissed me,” he said by touching his lips and jumping around shouting “SHE KISSED ME,” Until he fell from the bed.
“ow- my leg- ow I forgot about my foot, but this mysterious kiss is what I like,” said abhi as he got ready.
Downstairs Pragya was busy in the kitchen when ADITI came in from behind.
“you know what it is today,” she said by moving beside Pragya.
“Christmas,” said Pragya while ADITI nodded no.
“dusshera,” guessed Pragya and again got denied.
Pragya then named all the events and this got ADITI a little sad and frustrated. She stomped her feet and left from there while bulbul walked in from the back and hi fived Pragya.
ADITI was quite sad as no one remembered her birthday. She sat in her room waiting for anyone to wish her. She then saw abhi passing by and called him.
“abhi sir,” she said while abhi stopped and came in.

“no need to call me sir, call me jiju,” he said with a smile.
“jiju aren’t you forgetting something,” she spoke with a glint of excite and expectation but saddened as abhi said nothing and left.
Now ADITI was getting out of control. She called robin. “robin aaj kya hai,” she asked while robin spoke
“khanne mein aloo ki subzi, (there is a potato dish for lunch)” and left
“this is the end of it,” she spoke and grabbed a novel. She then read it for a while and then decieded to go out for some time. She got ready and left MM. before leaving in the hall all were busy in something.
ADITI walked towards the gate and before leaving shouted “I am leaving,” and left while everyone present, bulbul, purab, oragya , abhi, robin, aditi and dadi gathered up and hi fived each other.
ADITI after hanging out around Mumbai returned to MM at 10 pm. It was utter darkness inside MM. she moved forward towards the wall in search of the switches but was unsuccessful.
“first they forget my birthday and have now slept already, bad boss,” she said and walked in when all of a sudden all the lights switched on and everyone was standing there. They shouted “SURPRISE”
ADITI was overwhelmed by the surprise while Pragya moved forward with a few roses.
“Happy Birthday ADI,” sadi Pragya and hugged her while adi was inside her heart jumping like a monkey.

“you thought I forgot, actually we forgot eh,” said abhi as he waled in from the behind and side hugged her.
“happy booday,” said Aditiya as he came with riya holding a photo frame of All of them together.
ADITI bent down and kissed both of them on the cheek.

“we got a puppy,” they said.
They then cut the cake and then ADITI fed it to everyone.
Purab and bulbul on the other hand took some cream from the cake and came in behind her and quickly.
“HBD ADI,” they spoke and applied cake to both her cheeks
“nooo,” spoke ADITI
“you look nice,” mocked aditi while ADITIT slapped her on the back.
Everyone handed over their gifts to her while abhigya waited till the end. Then abhi went to get something from the back while Pragya closed ADITI’s eyes by her hands.
“I am so excited,” spoke ADITI as abhi came back in with her gift.
ADITI opened her eyes and her jaw dropped in shock.
Whiel abhi stood there with it.

“wow,” said ADITI
“TEDDYYYYY!!!<” she shouted and ran towards it while abhi placed it down and she jumped on it.
“it’s even bigger than me and I will have someone to cuddle too,” she spoke and admired her teddy like a small child.
“let’s dance,” she shouted and then they danced
Munni teri anklet jhanak jhanak baje
Munni tera bracelet chamak chamak saje

Munni Munni Munni…
Munni teri anklet jhanak jhanak baje
Munni tera bracelet chamak chamak saje
Balcony pe teri aankh gadha ke
Naache chore dwaare re

Twist kamariya, kamariya…
Twist kamariya vaare re
Twist kamariya, twist kamariya
Twist kamariya vaare re


“thanks you everyone for such an amazing surprise,” she said and opened her arms an all of them shared a big group hug.

So I am Again sorry for the late wish adi. ID will be updated on the weekend probably with love me till the end.

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