Man Mayal part 29

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So yes this might be the third last part of my story. Another thing is that my college is starting again from tomorrow so I might be less active but will surely update on the weekends or whenever I get time. Today you might get 2 more updates of my other stories. Depends.

Today was the final day. The marriage would be complete today. They would be a couple in a matter of a few hours.
Abhi had woken up to find himself in his room. He called robin who told him that he had brought him up here with the help of purab sir. He then checked his foot to find it neatly bandaged unlike his one.
“sir I did it,” said robin while abhi was in thoughts of Pragya maharani.
“sir how will you be able to walk,” asked robin.
“well does purab know about this foot pain,” asked abhi
Robin nodded as no.
“but how did you get this bruise?” asked robin
Abhi then remembered the incidednts of the night a shiver ran down his spine.
“actually on my way upstairs I fell down so only,” said abhi and tried to get up.
“owwww,” he shouted as he set his foot down on the floor.
“yo come and help robin,” he said while robin came rushing and with his support abhi got ready.

At Pragya’s residence
All was set for the final occasion. The guests had started to arrive and the last few final adjustments were being made.
Pragya in her room was ready with the help of bulbul and ADITI. Now they were waiting for the groom to arrive.
“you look amazing Di,” shouted aditi actually squealed.
“thanks adi,” said Pragya as ADITI adjusted her duppatta.
“hey ADITI the jiju has arrived come quickly,” said bulbul by peaking inside and then running away.
“di have to go and stop jiju coz he won’t get you that easily,” said ADITI and followed bulbul
“These both girls are mad,” said pragya as she hit her head in her hand and smiled.
In the hall
Abhi or I saw tha baraat had arrived, Abhi was riding the horse to the gate.

How the hell will this horse stop. Well the guy will stop it. But damn my foot hurts so bad. Save me from everyone.
That’s when the whole of the crowd stopped.
“why did we stop,” asked abhi
“rasta rukai ceremony jiju, we won’t let you across until (showed her hands and gestured as money) will be given to us” said Bulbul
“yes abhi or else we can stand here all day,” said ADITI and they hi fived each other.
“you girls are so adamant, here you go,” said abhi and handed them over the money.
“the way is clear for you,” said bulbul as they moved aside and the baraat got in.
“mumma papa is here,” shouted adi as he looked at abhi entering inside with his mother Pragya.
“yes beta,” said Pragya as she smiled like an idiot.
“mumma your prince charming is here, that too on a horse,” said adi and hugged his mother. Then he ran downstairs to his papa.

Abhi stepped down from the horse and stumbled about to fall but supported by purab
“hey man what’s wrong,” asked purab.
“nothing bro, just I think my foot slept,” said abhi with a smile but as soon as he turned around he made the most painful face he could ever. That’s when adi came and jumped on his while abhi tried to lift him he failed miserably and fell down, holding his shin in pain.
Pragya from the top felt something fishy.
He is not walking properly, shouting in pain and holding his shin so that leads to…… (Pragya’s eyes widened in shock as she realized what was going on) he was that thief who came in last night

Damn, although it has lessened it hurts as crap. Ow ow wow thought abhi
“are you alright,” asked aditi
“never better,” said abhi and tried to walk forward with great difficulty.
Pragya called purab and told him to bring abhi upstairs to her room. Purab did as told. He took him to the room and helped him to sit on the bed.
“thanks mate,” said abhi
“not a problem,” said purab and walked out.
Pragya on the other hand walked out from the closet with a first aid box in her hand. She sat beside him and caught hold of his foot. She lifted the cloth form the shin and feet to find a bandage and glared at abhi.
“well I think you know the truth,” said abhi by smiling sheepishly but Pragya never spoke a word and just removed the it to find the whole area swelled up. She slightly touched it and then pressed it while abhi whimpered in pain.
“it’s paining?” asked Pragya with concern while abhi nodded his head.
Abhi thought exploding time

“why can’t you take care of yourself? You came last night here ] but why like a thief, now see you have been injured so badly all because of me,” said Pragya in tears while putting cream on the bruise and bandaging it.
Abhi on the other hand couldn’t see her in tears caught hold of her by the shoulders and lifted her face by the chin.
“I am alright, and it’s not your fault at all, you did what one would do that was to kick out the thief. I was stupid and thought to surprise you like a thief, stupid me,” said abhi by slapping himself on the head while Pragya giggled .
They then went downstairs in the mandap and finally got married. Then everyone came in and started to dance and congratulate abhigya.

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