Man Mayal part 28

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Man Mayal Part 30
So here is the update. Well guys this story is coming to an end. I have nothing more to add further into this story. 2 or 3 parts and then an epilogue probably, I don’t know but, whatever let’s get on with the update
“ok so now it is time for the engagement dance,” said Purab and moved of the stage.
Then abhigya walked up on the stage and danced.

While leaving Abhi whispered in pragya’s ear “only two more days and then you will be mine.”
Pragya just smiled widely at him.
The nest day
Mehendi/ sangeet
The venue was all set for the occasion. The hall decorated with yellow orchids, a huge chandelier hanging in the middle. The haldi ceremony had already happened in the morning.
Now it was time for the mehendi and sangeet ceremony.
Pragya was in her room putting all the gifts in place, all the jewelry boxes in place. She was dressed up in a sea green saree with a pink blouse.
Upon getting done with the organization she headed out towards the hall.

In the hall
Abhi was standing at the door receiving the guests but he was restless. His eyes were searching for his beloved. He missed her although he just hadn’t seen her for 12 hours.
Purab who saw this walked up from the back while Abhi was lost in his world. He decided to scare the crap out of him and so he took out a …………..
The next second Abhi felt like something was on his shoulder. Purab on the other hand had called bulbul,aditi and ADITI to witness what was going to happen next. Abhi then moved his head to see what was resting on his shoulder and upon seeing it a loud scream was heard in the hall. Everyone turned their gazes toward Abhi who was shouting, jumping and running all over the place. Everyone was a little shocked but purbulditi where rolling in laughter.
“snake snake,” shouted Abhi and then jumped in Purab’s arms.
“you’re damn heavy,” he said.
“Abhi it’s nothing it’s just a fake one,” said ADITI while picking it up and bringing it close.
“keep it away,” shouted Abhi.
“bhai you’re such a pu**ycat,” said aditi while laughing. Everyone in the hall also laughed lightly while the girls giggled. Abhi then got of Purab’s arms and composed himself.
“PURABBB!!” he said while Purab hid behind bulbul. That is when he heard a sweet, soothing voice chuckling. He looked up the stairs, and his eyes locked with her. Pragya walked down the stairs while abhi’s face brightened with a big smile. He gestured the you look awesome while pragya with her eyes answered thank you.
She reached down to stand beside abhi. “you look amazing,” he said by turning to her.
“you too Mr. Handsome,” said pragya.
“so that was damn funny,” said purab walking from behind.
“you’re dead,” said Abhi and grabbed him by the collar.
“Di save me,” said purab
“abhi leave him it’s our function, I don’t want any beaten up men lying around,” she said earning a glare from purab for which she made the *bear with me* expression.
“ok I am leaving you but you are dead after this, chalo sukhri phool ” said abhi teasingly
“oye mister Abhi I want to challenge you,” said pragya
“kya challenge,” said abhi
“golgappa challenge,” she said

Abhi agreed and both of them started the golgappa competiton. Pragya kept on gobbling o whole golgappa while abhi was watching the show.
“how the hell did you eat two plates, with 6 each so quickly,” said abhi who had only ate 3 till then
“well proved you that I am not a sukhri,” she said by dusting her hands
“wah yeh to sukhri nahi, ultra fuggi hai,” he said and walked behind.
Now the mehendi ceremony began. Pragya got her mehendi and also the initial of abhi’s name on her finger where it was really hard to find.
“jiju you won’t be able to find this,” said bulbul
“haan bhai, it will prove that your love is,” said aditi by giving a thumbs down.
Abhi on the other hand was sitting like a maha mantri, looming on top of pragya’s hand searching for his name, initial or something as he had no clue what it was
After the struggles of about half-an-hour abhi shouted “FOUND IT, FOUND IT.”
“there right there on the finger,” he said.
“wah bhai you found it,” said aditi
“Well done abhi,” said ADITI
“so you do love her,” said Purab receiving a slap on the back of the head by abhi.
“ow,” he said.
“that’s for scaring the hell out of me” said abhi
That’s when adi and riya came in with their friends. The threw something on purab causing him to run around the whole house. “aaah! Chipkaliii!,” he shouted although he knew it was fake.
“such a crybaby,” said abhi hi fiving adi
“only I can call be dad CB,” she said and hi fived abhi.
“I hate you abhi,” said purab after stopping and composing himself.
“love you too,” said abhi
“now it’s time for a few dances so peeps takeover the dance floor,” said ADITI and hushed all to the dancefloor. Everyone danced whole heartedly and had a load of fun.
After the tiresome day everyone retired to their rooms. Pragya entered her room to find a projector screen in her room, projecting pictures of abhi, and their moments together.
She smiled and moved inside to fresh up when she heard the creaking sound of the window. She moved towards it, maneuvering through the boxes and gifts. The window was open. “but I remember well that I shut it,” said pragya wondering how did it open.
She then heard footsteps behind the screen. She turned around and approached the back of the screen to find no one.
“I think I am imagining too much, calm down pragz its nothing,” she said and moved towards the bed. She sat down and started to check the necklaces for tomorrow in the small mirror placed on her bed.

A man at that moment dressed in black, wearing a mask approached her from the back with a knife. He was nearing her by every passing second.
As the man was right on top of her pragya turned around and pushed him back. She had seen him through her mirror. She started to shout and run around the room while the man closed in on her. She saw the skateboard on the floor. She grabbed it and hit the guy hard on his shin and then on his feet. The guy shouted in pain and stumbled towards the window, trying to escape. That’s when all the family came in the room and that thief managed to escape.
“what happened pragya,” said bulbul.
“there was a guy in black in here, a thief I guess,” said pragya
“Wait, I’ll go check,” said purab and left outside to check.
Adi and riya came out of their rooms rubbing their eyes.
“what happened mama?” asked adi
“Nothing beta you go sleep,” she said by kissing his forehead and he left back with riya.
“it must be a theif pragya, everyone around knows that this is a wedding house so came to steal all the jewels,” said ADITI
(our reasonable Aditi)
“yeah that might be the reason, but I hit him reall hard with the skateboard, he might not be able to walk, I hit him so hard,” said pragya with a proud look.
“well done pragya,” said bulbul and aditi in unison.
“no one is there,” said purab coming inside.
“well guys he won’t come again, you guys go and sleep, poor guy his foot is dead,” said pragya and all of them lefy to their rooms. Pragya on the other hand was walking to her closet when she the knife, the same knife of the thief lying on the floor. She picked it up and held it in her hand.
What it’s so light
She then her finger on the blade and it went inside.
What? Thief brings a fake knife, that’s unusual. What has happened to these thieves
She thought
At abhi’s residence.
“ow-aah-ow,” said abhi as he lied down on the sofa after putting a bandage on his h=shin and foot.
“tujhe bara shock than a uss ko ja kar shocking surprise dekar milne ka,” he spoke to himself.
“you can’t do it normally na, abb pit kar aya hai na uss se,” he said .
“but today I saw the other side of my pragya, the bold, brave and strong side, My to-be wife is so strong,” he said.
He then slept in her thoughts.

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