Man Mayal part 26

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So guys all my stories slipped into a coma because I really wasn’t in shape to type and my brain didn’t have any ideas. DL is out, well I wish. So this update is something really different. It will be different on wattpad and tu. It is like my feelings for all the writers, a dedication for you all. So you all will be there in one event or the other of the wedding.
So all of you are invited to the wedding of Abhi and Pragya.
The house was buzzing with activity. Everyone was busy in preparing for the wedding. Tonight it was the bachelor party. Some special guests had also been invited.
“hey move that here, and you have you checked those lights?” shouted Abhi.
Purab came up from behind and leaned on him. “fuggy how did you..” said Abhi when Purab pushed him. “chee…… disgusting man,” said Purab. “hey man I thought,” said Abhi but was cut off by Purab “that I am your fuggy, gosh Abhi what if you had kissed me,” said Purab. Abhi had a mischievous grin on his face. “do you want me to,” he said by moving towards Purab. “hey are you mad,” said Purab by walking backwards. Abhi just jumped forward a kissed him on the cheek.
“ah maza aagya,” he said. Purab wiped his cheek with his hand “ gross, I was just here to tell you that rest a little, it’s your bachelor party tonight, have been busy in supervising them from the morning man take some rest I’ll take care of here,” said Purab.
“you are so nice Purab,” said Abhi by patting him. “but now you even have to deal with the guests, check with the caterers, check the food and please bring my suit,” said Abhi and ran away.
“urrrr why did I even agree to do this,” said Purab and cursed himself.
“well you did this for me,” said bulbul by hugging him from behind. “I am not going to leave you, wait when we are in the room I’ll teach you a lesson,” he said by holding her waist. Bulbul threw her hands around Purab’s neck. “we shall see Mr. Khanna,” she said by pressing his nose and then ran away.
“let’s get to work then,” said Purab and moved outside.
On the other side
“bulbul and aditi today some special guests are coming to this bachelor party nothing should go wrong get that,” said Pragya for the 10th time while aditi and bulbul sat on the bed checking the guest list once more.
“yes everyone is there,” said bulbul by checking the list once more.
“ok then you both go get ready because you need to be there when they arrive as Abhi might not be able to handle them,” said Pragya and both of them nodding their head left.
In the evening
Abhi looked at himself in the mirror adjusting his collar and then brushing his hair.
‘You look so handsome Abhi girls will still drool and die for you he said by adjusting his collar when Pragya’s image appeared in the mirror out of nowhere.’
“Suniye, don’t even think about that,” she said and disappeared. Abhi looked a little scared and shocked. He then smiled looking at the gift placed on the table and the note with it.
The note stated that “this is to keep track of all the GOOD TIMES to come, so far I have enjoyed every MINUTE with you. I will love you until the end of TIME.”
“But I am only yours,” he said by kissing the watch and then wearing it.

He then moved out of his room and went downstairs.
In the hall
Purab was busy making the last and final checks for the event. He was looking around when Bulriya came up to him.
“aw my sweeto,” he said and moved in to hug her when she backed of and folded her arms in anger.
“me and mumma are angry on you. No time for us na,” said riya and looked away in anger. Purab bent down in front of her.
“so someone is very angry on me wait then,” he said. He then held his ears and started to do sit ups.
“Sorry my baby,” he said and then cupped her face still doing sit ups. “This is all because of Abhi uncle as his paryt need to be good na cause you get to do these only once so please sorry na, after this we three will go on a long vacation” he said. Riya just smiled and hugged him. She then kissed his cheek. “you are the best dad, but… but what about mamma, she still angry<” she said with a cute little pout.
“oh leave that to me, you go and practice with Adi once more,” he said and riya ran away to find Adi.
Purab turned around to face bulbul. “So someone is angry with me for not spending time although she never herself allows me to do so,” he said and pulled bulbul close by her waist. Bulbul just looked away in shyness.
“shy, that to bulbul, is this my bulbul,” he said and laughed lightly. Bulbul just nudged him a liitle. “well if she wants then…” he leaned in close to her when bulbul spoke for the first time “riya you still here.” Purab immediately moved back and turned around. “riya its……” and he saw that no one was there. “Damn she got away.” He said. He didn’t mind to turn around as he knew that she would have run way.
*With Pragya*
“Mummy will I do good? Am I looking handsome?” asked Adi while Pragya bent down to comb his hair.
“now my Aditiya looks handsome,” she said and got up.
“mummy those were spikes,” he said and again ruffled his hair.
Pragya just smiled as she remembered how Abhi the same had happened with Abhi.
FB shown
Abhi was busy adjusting his hair looking at the mirror. Pragya walked inside the room and saw Abhi.
“How am I looking?” he asked by spreading his arms.
“What have you done with your hair? Were you electrified or shocked by a ghost?” she asked and burst into laughter while Abhi frowned.
“These are spikes, and you don’t have any fashion sense,” he said and walked out in fake anger. Pragya just laughed as he left the room.
FB end
“you’ll do just fine my champ,” she said and hugged him when Riya entered the room.
“wow Pragya massi you look so beautiful,” she said.
“thank you. See Adi riya is here now go with her I’ll be down in a while,” she said.
Adi walked out of the closet wearing his waistcoat and went outside with Riya.
“well I have to say you look handsome,” she said to Adi
“you too look beautiful,” he said.
“shall we practice once more?” asked Adi.
“I was about to say the same come lets go,” said riya.
In the hall area
The guests had started to arrive at the venue. Bulbul and aditi were busy welcoming the guests, especially pragya’s guests.
So who was the first to arrive let’s see (out of those guests)
A girl dressed up in black gown walked inside. She was wearing heels
God why did I wear such long heels? Because you wanted to look bold and good to impress your to- be – boss.Rrrrrrrr
“welcome to the bachelor part of Abhi and Pragya, may I Know who are you?” asked aditi. The girl handed over her gift to bulbul and turned to aditi.
“Aditi,” the girl spoke.
“I asked who are you?” said aditi again.
Bulbul who was on the side checked the guest list and intervened.
“aditi meet ADITI, and ADITI meet aditi,” said bulbul
This is so awkward thought bulbul
“oh you too are aditi,” said ADITI
“yes,” replied aditi.
‘Well Abhi sir called me here, I am Pragya ma’am’s new P.A” she said.
“well come with us I’ll take you upstairs to Pragya MA’AM,” THEY SAID AND TOOK HER.
(So now who is next?)
“where did these girls go?” said Purab who came to the entrance buttoning his cuffs. Abhi came to Purab. “what happened?” asked Abhi as he came down.
“these two girls have vanished from the door, now who will receive the guests?” said Purab.
“well for a moment me and you can do that,” said Abhi and pushed Purab towards the door.

That’s when 2 girls walked in and started to drool over them.
(so who are they? Its damn easy guys make a wild guess)
“he looks so handsome na,” said one of them. “yeah he still makes us weak on our knees saranaya,” said the other. “I know na suga,” said saranaya.
AbhiRab approached them.
“hello ladies, may I know who you are?” said Purab.
“we need to know for the guest list, highly private party,” said Abhi from the behind.

“I’m sugahshini and this is saranaya but you can call me suga,” said suga.
“Well sugar shall we?” said Abhi.
“Don’t you hate when someone calls you like that,” said saranaya by whispering into her ear.
“I don’t mind Abhi doing that,” she said and followed him. Saranaya too follow them behind.
With Pragya
“just go left and the first room is Pragya’s ok,” said Bulbul and both of them left as they knew they had left their duty spot and Pragya would kill them.
ADITI walked towards the door and knocked. “it’s open,” shouted Pragya from inside. She was busy putting her earings. ADITI walked inside and froze for a moment.
“well you young lady have quite good manners, or else no one knocks my door before entering,” said Pragya and walked towards her.
ADITI just kept staring her. “come over,” said Pragya and ADITI was about to black out when Pragya dashed and got hold of her.
“Hey! Are you alright?” asked Pragya and made her to have seat and gave her some water.
Aditi drank it but didn’t take her eyes off Pragya.
“so may I ask who are you as I am getting late,” said Pragya politely.
“Ma’am it’s a dream come true. I am your biggest fan, Myself ADITI, your new P.A for the wedding functions to manage your professional as well as personal issues for the wedding time,” she said.
“oh so you are ADITI. So nice of you. I too love all of my fans and quit being formal, call me Pragya or anything you want I don’t mind nicknames,” said Pragya.
“Fuggie??” said ADITI for fun
“well that’s reserved,” said Pragya a little sternly. Then both burst into laughter. “titu then” said ADITI.
“Ok then. So my BF has hired you so I won’t be checking your performa woma now let’s go downstairs shall we,” said pragya and they went downstairs.
Abhi couldn’t take his eyes of Pragya as she walked down the stairs. Her eyes were searching his when they met. Both of them smiled at each other and Abhi even winked.
All the authors had arrived and were seated in their places.
At the bar
“Let’s do shot competition,” shouted Haritha.
“I don’t drink,” said Prathi while adjusting her frame.
“Neither do I,” said Sowji.
“Arrey who said she does hena Hari,” said akshaya.
“yeah guys it’s just coca cola,” said haritha and brought the tray. They were about to start when a group of boys came up to them.
“not again,” said haritha.
“hello ladies,” they said and tried to flirt and touch them.
“akshu I Don’t want to create a scene,” said prathi but akshaya and haritha got up from their places, clenched their fists and……..
A few minutes later
The boys were beaten black and blue and they ran away
“well lets go take our seats for the stage shall we,” said Prathi while hari was busy dusting her hands. They then went towards the stage to take their places.
With abhigya
”you look damn hot,” said Abhi as Pragya came to him. “well I know that even you look good,” said Pragya. “buss only good?” he said with a sad pout. “nahi very very handsome, happy?” she said. “very happy” and abhigya smiled. That’s when someone patted them from the back.
“Good evening pragya and Abhi,” said the girl and handed over a bouquet of roses.
“I am abhigya, a friend of Fatima,” said the girl.
“such a nice name made from ours,” said Abhi and they smiled.
“please come and have a seat the event will be starting shortly,” said Pragya and abhigya went with them.
All the authors and guests were in their places.
“di Mahi still isn’t here,” said aditi to Pragya. “well she’ll enter in a crazy way won’t she?” said Pragya when all of a sudden all the light went off and the spotlight was on top of the balcony, parallel to the stage. A girl walked over with a mask on her face. All the lights came on and the girls zip lined to the stage.

She then threw away the mask while everyone clapped for her. The girls even hooted for her. She then grabbed a mike.
“well see everyone made a normal entry but me and my so called craziness made me to enter like this and your crazy mahi is here,” she shouted and then got off the stage. Everyone clapped for her.
(for one of my friends craziness is doing something normal in a crazy way)
The announcer came up on the stage
“so now we will began the evening ladies and gentlemen with a cute little performance, please welcome Adi and riya,” he said. Everyone applauded for them.
“let’s do this Adi,” said riya
“let’s go,” said Adi. Both of them grabbed each other’s hand and went to the stage
Everyone applauded for riyadi’s performance.
All the guests and authors were seated in their places, immersed in a very heated argument.
All the guests and authors were seated in their places, immersed in a very heated argument.
Suga: Guys what will happen next in KKB
Sowji: well I don’t give a damn, but is she Pragya or munni
Abhigya: hey I asked jb on twitter, she said that munni aka is Pragya.
CM: what does JB stand for
That’s when ADITI came up from behind. She held a glass of coke in her hand and took her seat.
“hey why are you sitting here,” asked suba.
“well Pragya told me that as I am also a writer so I should go and have a seat,” answered ADITI
(it stands for jassos billi)
Prathi was busy in her phone. Haritha who was besides her getting bored snatched the phone from her hands
Prathi was busy in her phone. Haritha who was besides her getting bored snatched the phone from her hands
P: oye
H: always on phone talk with me, I am bored.
P: you too can read stories with me
H: good idea prathi she said and patted her back which made prathi to gasp
Both of them then got busy in reading
(reading ahh)
That’s when the announcer came up.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today’s evening is the bachelor party of our beloved abhigya but there is another purpose as this evening is also dedicated to all the fantastic authors and in my hand I hold a message from Fatima for you all,” he said and opened up the envelope
“so firstly I would like to begin by telling all the authors to come up on the stage and have a seat,”
All of you guys moved up.

So to begin with guys I was a silent reader who came to know of fan fiction of our abhigya on tellyupdates. I never commented but always read every single story ever posted. Then slowly I started to comment on stories. My favorite author at that time was tisha, or I say she called herself tisha and if you are reading this many people from tu will know who I am talking about. She is an inspiration for many of us writers and when I came to know this I also felt happy as she is my inspiration too. Her story of LOVE OF LIFE KKB was one of my favorites. Yes you’re right she is none other than our Srimathi @ .But I still didn’t start to write. Surbhi another author made my eagerness to type something, type a story but still I didn’t start to write. Well then came the cherry ond cream on top, our ADITI, her stories and Forced Marriage made me to be like Hey lets type up something and I posted MM which was loved by everyone on tu. Then I came to wattpad after coming to know about many authors springing up here. And I have some things to say to them
Aditi: I just love your stories, the way you type even though if you might be busy and keep entertaining us is amazing, the intimacy, the romance and the drama ufff. Please keep doing the good work and a request if for me you could post forced marriage, PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!
Akshaya: well I read your first ever story on india forums and even made a request. You akshaya my friend are great. The way you portray scenes is great. I am still waiting for shadows of love update.
Surbhi: Although you stopped writing I still miss your updates. The author that wrote in a very different style and made me laugh my ass off. I still remember the scene in which kaustuki smashes the car thinking its ranjeets and then the chapel scene hahahaha. And on instagram your stories are fab yaar. Miss you
B_Ani: god knows where did you go girl. Miss all of your stories. Waiting for you. CD is my favorite. Take care be back soon. Jaldi ana
Suga: my sweeto SS. Well I loved your stories. I still remember how you messaged me about your view to remid me and it was so sweet of you. We then started to chat and then I found you on instgram and we became the best of buddies. The most down to earth gal, sweet yet stressed suga. Although we haven’t I just love you buddy. Your stories, the thoughts, the emotion, the expressiveness. Love em all. BILY was like something you told me and it’s amazing. My co- writer life is too short to be stressed and worry just chill and take care of thoss hand and knee pain okay?talk to u in a while
Saranya: although you have stopped writing you are still there for me in the comments giving me your constant support. I miss your stories yaar. If possible be back somethime with an OS. Love you sis
Asmitha: hahaha, I still smile thinking about the first message you sent me and yeah I didn’t think of it as buttering. Keep the good work going.
And to all the writers and readers out there keep abhigyans growing and if you have it in you type stories as they are a way to make new friends and express yourselves. Now I would like to end all my bak baks here and there is this one special person, a girl that supported me through all my times dhivya my first and regular commentar who always supported me, never fogot to wish me and was by my side from when my journey begin.
Guys I love you all for your support and love and my new found buddies.
“so this was it and now you all may come up to the stage and groove to the beat,” said the announcer.

All of them got up and looked at each other. Aditi ran and brought Pragya up to the stage. And then all of them danced to drama queen.

?You know she like the drama
yeah she is s*xy mama
And when she dance
every body goes.. Woooo

You know she like the drama
yeah she is s*xy mama
And when she dance
every body goes.. oo oo!

Haan dekho toh bholi kitni
utni par tedhi cheez hay
Baatein kare hai kadvi kadvi
phir bhi lajeez hay

Ittar gulaabon wali
botal sharabon wali,
Total tabaahi wala.. Scene hay,
Adaayein badi funky
kare hai nautanki,
Ye chori badi drama queen hay!

Hoo badi badi aankhein hai,
Aansuyon ki tanki,
Yeh chhori badi drama queen hai
Adaayein badi funky
kare hai nautanki

Ye chori badi drama queen hai,
Ho badi badi aankhein hai,
aansuyon ki tanki,
Yeh chori badi drama queen hai!?


Next update will be now focusing back on abhigya. ATY will be next with another update of MM.

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