Man Mayal part 24

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So guys let’s get into the update and currently I am in dedication mood so you might see a few of my friends in my updates.
Recap: Pragya fell down on the floor unconscious.
The episode begins with Pragya lying on the bed being checked by the doctor. Everyone is waiting outside the room feeling restless.
The doctor comes out of the room. “doctor what happened,” asked Abhi. “well she felt unconscious due to weakness, I have given her an injection she will be up in a while, take care of her and don’t stress her out that much,” said the doctor and left.
Abhi asked robin to bring dinner for them in the room. He entered the room and saw Pragya lying, a drip on her hand. He was angry on himself.
Stupid me. Fuggy only suffered because of me. Let her wake up I’ll take her class
He went and sat beside her. He caressed her forehead hair and cheeks. He then gave her a peck on the forehead. Everyone had left not to interfere in their moment.
Pragya slightly moved about and opened her eyes gradually. She saw Abhi staring at her. Their eyes met and Pragya could see the intensity in his eyes.
“why didn’t you eat?” asked Abhi softly.
“ who would eat when their loved one is getting married to someone else,” she said by looking away.
“I was so damn worried,” he said and at that moment there was a knock on the door. Robin enterend with a tray of food, placed it on the bed and left.
Abhi then cupped pragya’s face.

“I am sorry now please have dinner,” he said. Pragya wasn’t that easy to melt she kept on looking in the opposite direction.
“gosh how can I forget her tantrums,” he thought. He then snapped his fingers and went in the closet. He came back with his fuggie doll. “see na fuggie your real version is angry how to convince her, “ he said by pouting. Pragya who was watching this smiled but turned away to hide it. Abhi who saw this continued. “only you are with me now and listen to me and my duchy daastan so you shall get a….” he said looking at pragya’s reaction. “a……. chocolate,” he said by bringing it forward. Pragya was eyeing the chocolate. “fuggie,” he said. But Pragya was lost in the dreamland of eating up the chocolate. “oye real fuggie,” he shouted and Pragya came back to her senses. “you can have it but first have this soup,” he said.
“areey I didn’t have an accident why soup,” she said with a pout.
Abhi came forward and sat in front of her. He gave her a light peck on the lips. Pragya was shocked, her mouth wide open. Abhi pushed a spoon of soup in. Pragya had to gulp it. “yuck……. Not bad,” she said. Abhi smiled. Abhi then fed her the soup.

A while later everyone came in the room. “how are you beta?” asked dadi. “I am alright,” she replied. “so then you are getting married in 3 days,” she commanded. Everyone smiled. “but dadi they have a concert in 2 days,” said Purab.
“I don’t care wedding is going to happen and so from today both of you will not see each other,” said dadi.
“but dadi for recording,” said Abhi. “ok only for recordings now go start to prepare for the wedding,” she said.
Everyone slept.
The next morning the preparations for the wedding and concert were on full swing. Everyone was busy.
“oye Abhi today one special guess is coming to make you all stress-free and help, so receive her and I don’t want any drama,” said dadi and left.
Abhi then went into the hall waiting for the special guest to arrive. He was roaming her and there looking at the arrangements and playing with his phone. He then saw Pragya upstairs instructing a few workers. He was lost in admiration when he heard loud noises at the gate. He rushed outside to see the security trying to stop a girl from entering inside. He walked to them.
“What’s going on here?” he asked.
The guards saluted him and then replied “sir this women keeps on insisting that she has been invited here but has no invitation,” he said. Abhi then walked to the girl who was dusting herself. “I told them to let me in but they don’t listen hi I am suha,” she said forwarding her hand. Abhi shook it reluctantly.
“and who are you?” asked Abhi.
“well I am suha as I just said people call me maya too<” she said.
“no what are you here for,” he asked getting a little annoyed.
“oh dadi invited me the stress-buster,” she said.
“aren’t you too young to be a philosophical stress relieving gal,” said Abhi.
“oye I am very old. And yeah maturity comes with experience not age and I shall make you all stress free,” she said.
“well currently you are making me stressful,” he murmured.
“I heard that,” she said and walked inside.

“my day just got worse,” said Abhi and followed her in.
Inside maya was greeting everyone. “well todayi am here for like 2 hours to help you be stress free,” said maya. Adi and riya were jumping around seeing a new girl whowas actually quite nice and fun then their parents. “I shall get to her and make her my friend,” said riya. “no I will,” said Adi. “she will be my friend only” Both of them ran to her. “hey kiddos I have very good ears and so please no competition, I hate competition. Both of you are my friends,” said maya.
“we have a few questions,” said riya.
“What are you studying?” asked Adi.
‘oye bookworm,” said riya.
“well I am studying something I am least interested in,” replied maya.
“what’s your biggest fear? “ asked riya expecting something like spiders or ghosts.
“future,” replied maya.
“what future?” said Abhi from the side.
“maya then whispered something in riya and Adi’s ear and both of them nodding their head left.
“I really like her and we feel stress relieved,” said adiya.
Maya then came in the hall and took a seat on the sofa. Abhi and Pragya sat in front of her.
“so you two are about to get imprisoned,” she said.
Both of them looked up at her.
“JK guys ,be calm,’ she said.
“so I am here to make you stress relieved and prepare you guys for the wedding so lets begin by being physical,” said maya.

“you mean by fighting,” said Abhi.
Maya hit her hand on her face. “ man by physical I mean dancing how about Zumba,” said maya.
“I’ll put on a song now go go start,” she said.
Both of them didn’t know what to do.
“ok just break a leg or so I’ll play the music,” she said.
She played tum hi ho and both of them danced romantically.
“good good now stop,” she ordered. Both of them stopped.
“so guys currently what are you stressed about?” she asked.
“a…” Abhi was about to say something but she cut him off. “well be it whatever be care free and cool no need to hush hush,” she said and took out something from her bag and sat on the sofa.
“what are these?” asked Pragya.
“oh notes for college and on the mobile I am reading ffs” she said.
“well I might be relieved but have some questions.” He said.
“ you are permitted to speak,” she said.
“but I never asked permission,” he said.
“ok so what is your dream? “he asked.
“my dream is to fly high in the sky can you fulfill it no so leave it” she said.
“ what’s your take on life.” Asked Pragya.
“my life is currently full of notes and assignments but life is beautiful , exploring things, travelling the world and many more things outside these books and our lives and so live it to the fullest,” she said.
“well I have analyzed you and you give jawabs but not the answer,” said Abhi.
“well what is the difference,” she said.
“come Pragya we shall talk in private,” she said.
Abhi was gritting his teeth in frustration.
“so Pragya I have very random thoughts but Abhi is a very nice guy and when he is stressed frustration is clearly seen.” Said maya.

“you on the other hand are very calm and cool but some circumstances have caused you to change but still you are better than him have a great wedding,” said maya.
“now I have exams so I am going home,” she said and hugged her bye.
She came in the hall and bid farewell to everyone.
“where do you live?” asked Abhi.
“why?” asked maya.
“just asking,” he said.
“at a house,” she said.
Abhi again hit his head on his hand.
Everyone laughed. She waved bye to everyone and left.
“phew she left,” said Abhi.
“hey chill here is my number which you never asked I’ll talk to you later,” said Pragya by walking past him handing him over a chit. Abhi was confused but then saw dadi’s violent stare and moved from there.

Precap: wedding time and concert.

Guys this maya is suha, our writer and my buddy. Hope you like it buddy.

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