MAN MAYAL part 22

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So guys everyone is excited for this one. I told you the twist is a major twister. So I’ll be giving two updates. The next one is exclusively rabul’s love story for all the rabulians out there. So here we go.
Recap: “you cheat,” shouted Pragya and walked to Abhi. She turned him around and she struck him with a sound like the cracking of a bullwhip. His sehra fell down and everyone was shocked to see the man standing in front of them. “you,” said Pragya. Everyone was shocked. “Rahul,” said Purab.

“oye shaadi Mubarak,” a man shouted from the back. He came forward and hugged Pragya. He was dressed up in a creamy white sherwani and a blue pagri on top. He had a long beard and wore specs.
Pragya pushed him back. “What the hell!!”She exclaimed. “arrey madam ji shaadi Mubarak,” he sadi by hugging aditi. Aditi too pushed him. “Areey no one wants a hug from sardar ji” he said. The situation had been so serious a few moments ago but the sardar ji had walked in and interrupted it. “ok so no one wants fun,” said the sardar. Pragya signaled Purab to deal with the man. Raj bhaiya moved in from the other. Both caught hold of sardar ji’s neck. “how do drunk people even enter inside,” said Purab. “who invited him?” asked bulbul. Both of them started to beat the man up. “arrey stop it’s me Abhi, oye stop,” said sardar ji. But they still continued. Sardar ji then after struggling a lot moved away from them. “STOP!” shouted Abhi. “it’s me Abhi man,” he said and took off the pagri, the fake beard and the specs.

“I knew its you so only I got you beaten up,” said Pragya from the back. “Purposely,” said Abhi. “arey even Justin bieber’s album “purpose” has a purpose,” said Pragya.
“now will you start or you want more,” said Pragya.
“Pragya this all was my plan,” he said.
“we can see that but what happened from the beginning and don’t stoop around,” said Purab.
“ two weeks back I got a call from my source that geena had landed here in Mumbai, I knew her intentions weren’t right as she wanted me. We had met 5 years back. That’s a story for later but she was after me. I left. When I knew she came here she would surely try those tricks to separate us like….” Said Abhi.
“like that tanu in kkb,” said bulbul.
“you still watch it,” said Pragya.
“no used to,” replied bulbul.
“yeah like that tanu to separate us and I didn’t want that fuss. So I decided to add dadi to my side and plan,” said Abhi by rounding up his arms around dadi.

FB shown
Abhi came into dadi’s room
“dadi I need your help,” Said Abhi
“what help,” said dadi.
“you remember that geena,” said Abhi.
Dadi nodded her head.
He then narrated how she was here in Mumbai surely for him.
“so what can I do?” said dadi.
Abhi then told her that she needed to plan his marriage with geena and say it purposefully in front of Pragya.
FB end

“but why did you told dadi to get you married,” asked aditi.
“I’m telling right. I had this all planed. The day I had received a call from Mr. Rahul who was in need of money as he was indebted. he had taken for gambling but wasn’t having any to return so I told him that he would get money but he needed to follow my plan and not try to double cross me,” Said Abhi.
Then we executed our plan. Dadi that day in the kitchen called me and had even asked soup from Pragya so she would come and listen. But I needed Pragya not to lose hope on me. Trust me a little. Then when geena arrived I saw all your activities. The night before when you all were discussing me and dadi were standing in the corner hearing everything.
(guys remember those two figures)
“see what we have done,” said abhi
“not me you have done,” said dadi.
“but their workings are of no use,” said the abhi
“ok now lets sleep,” said dadi.
“but why aren’t we shown,” said Abhi.
Dadi slapped him on the head, “oye mastermind for suspense, writer wala suspense,” said dadi.
“oh ok,” said Abhi

When you guys discovered those proofs against her I had eavesdropped everything and the fact that I knew everything quite long ago. Then came the wedding time and I swapped the groom unlike KKB and all other soaps which usually swap the bride. He said
“oye you watch it, they should have put Nikhil there na,” said bulbul.
Pragya looked at her in disbelief. “thoda thoda,” said Abhi.
Then this happened and I was watching it from the sidelines, although the slap was unexpected sorry for that Rahul. Now both of the vamps got punished.
Geena came forward. “how dare you? I shall file a case against you,” she said. “don’t even think about it as I have the number of the drug department on speed dial and the punishment for trafficking drugs is a lifetime in jail,” he said. “oh and for abusing someone its straight 10 years so don’t even think about it both of you now leave,” he said and pointed towards the door. Rahul grabbed geena’s hand and left.
“itna drama why?” said Purab.
“areey not me Fatima made all this lamba chora drama. Why Fatima will you answer,” he said by looking upwards.
A stone hit on Abhi’s head. “ouch sorry,” he said and everyone laughed. Abhi then turned around to look at Pragya. Tears were brimmed up in her eyes. Abhi bent down holding his ears. Pragya smiled at him. She then fell on the ground losing her consciousness. “PRAGYA,” shouted Abhi and rushed to her.

Here you go guys the update ending this track. Now time for rabulians and to update another story.

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