MAN MAYAL part 20

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So today I have a treat for you people. Surely you will see the treat.
Pragya was sitting in her room sobbing.

“only you are the one that always stays with me, ” she said while hugging her Harry Potter novel.

At that moment adi came in the room. He saw his mother crying and was worried for her. “mama are you crying,” he whispered. Pragya looked up and saw Adi standing there with his fists clenched. “Who made you cry mama I will beat him up,” he said. “Areey no I wasn’t crying there was just dust in my eyes,” she said my wiping her tears and rubbing her left eye. “You know mama you don’t look good when you lie, ” he said by moving close to her a sitting in front of her. ” who said I am falsifying and crying, ” she said. She stopped rubbing her left eye and looked at him. “you know mamma me and you have one thing in common that is we both flinch while telling a lie,” he said. “no I don’t,” she retorted. “Mama if any one lies to their close ones there is some gesture that can be checked to see if they are lying,” he said. “He is right Abhi wouldn’t look me in the eye while lying and would try to change the topic,” she thought.

Fb shown

Abhi is sitting in the hall waiting for pragya when he eyes a bowl of gulab jamuns.

” oh my they are irresistible,” he said

No Abhi no don’t don’t

Yes Abhi yes eat em who will check

Abhi reached out and gobbled down to gulab jamuns in an instant. He saw Pragya coming down the stairs and quickly munched them up.

“oye where are my 2 jamuns,” Pragya shouted without even greeting Abhi.

Arrey she is so fast now what tu phass gaya Abhi your are dead he thought

She then rested her arms on her waist and eyes Abhi. ” you took them right,” she said.

” a….what… are…you saying…why….would …..I….take…. them,” he said while stammering looking everywhere else besides Pragya who was now looming like a giant monster on top of him. ” look at me ,” she demanded. Abhi looked at her and tried his best to avoid eye contact but couldn’t and scared gave up.

” ok ok I ate them now stop killing me with you deadly stare,” he said.

Pragya took her bowl and started to eat. Abhi was looking at her with craving eyes. Pragya moved from the couch and sat beside Abhi and gave him one which Abhi readily accepted. Both looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Fb end

” mummy where are you I am calling you from the past 5 minutes,” said adi.

“hey adi if someone is lying to you what would you do to make him confess the truth,” she asked. ” I would irritate him to the core and try to find out what he is hiding,” he said. ”not bad why not irritate the girl and make him confess,” she thought. “you are a genius my son,” she said and kissed Adi on the cheek.

Pragya hugged Adi and left the room. “Wow mummy is high,” he said by rubbing his cheeks. As soon as Pragya came out of the room she dialed Purab’s number and asked him to quickly come to MM.
Purab reached Mehra Mansion and went to pragya’s room.
“Yes pragu,” he said.
“We need to make him confess the truth or try too,” she said in a determined tone.
“But how?” he asked.
Pragya told him something that was muted.
“Wow pragz I never knew you were still in there,” he said
“Oye I never changed but circumstances caused me to adapt to them,” she said.
“Can we also be a part of this plan,” said a voice from behind.
Pragya alarmed looked at the door to see Adi and Riya standing at the door.
“Sure you can,” she said and opened her arms. Both came running to her and hugged her.
“Firstly let’s see who is the bride,” said Pragya by winking at them and left the room.
“Purab chachu what is wrong with mumma?” asked Adi.
“she is back,” he said by smiling.
Screen shifts to the hall. A girl wearing a mini skirt, pink top, white hat and ray ban sunglasses entered MM. Abhi who was walking down the stairs saw her and greeted her.
“hey geena, you’re here,” he said by walking towards her. “I knew you would come to me” she said by pulling him in a hug. Abhi tried to move back but was forced to hug her.
Pragya stuck out her head from the side of the pillar. ” so you are the thorn of my life,” she said.
“Come to me ki bachi I’ll tell you,” she murmured.
Why are they even hugging I am surely going to stab her
She then imagined stabbing her continuously. “Well I am going to make your life hell,” she said and moved towards them. “hello, you must be geena his to be wife,” she said. “You must be Pragya ah I understand why he left you,” she said examining Pragya up to down. “Shall we go meet dadi,” he said.
“sure I don’t wanna stand here,” she said and moved away. Pragya was hissing in anger. She called Purab. “Are you done,” she asked furiously. “Calm down I am done just bring her and yeah,” he said. Pragya immediately cut the call. “ready steady go,” she said and moved upstairs. After coming out of dadi’s room Pragya was waiting for them outside.
“come geena I’ll guide you to your room,” she said. Abhi was surprised by her behavior but went with the flow. On their way Purab passed by her. He whispered “the next room,” and caught hold of Abhi. “hey man I need to talk to you,” he said and took him away. He turned around and winked.
“Ok here’s your room now I shall leave you,” she said. As geena opened the door a bucket of flour fell on her face. She turned around covered in flour completely. Abhi who saw this came to her. “ghost…” he shouted. “Abhi baby I am not a ghost it’s me geena,” she said. “What?” he said. Purab, Pragya, Adi and riya were continuously laughing at the sight in front of them. “arrey go clean up,” said Abhi and pushed geena inside the room and took a deep sigh of relief and walked away. Purab gave a hi fi to Pragya while riya to Adi. “so what next mumma,” asked Adi. “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai,” she said and walked away.
Geena came out of her room after cleaning up herself. “oh la la!” said Pragya while talking on the phone. She was speaking in a very loud voice. “oh la la! I’ll be surely there,” she said and ended the call. Her activities had annoyed geena to the core. She walked away. Pragya looked at her a smirked.

Dadi called everyone to the hall.
“I want this marriage to happen as soon as possible and so only the main ceremony will take place,” she said. Pragya and Purab were shocked and looked at each other.
After dadi left the group huddled up. “ok kids you know what you have to do right,” said Purab. They nodded. Ok go. “pragz you ready?” he asked. She nodded. They then went their separate ways.
Screen shifts
Riyadi were there playing with Abhi. Geena was sitting on the side watching. She hated kids. Purab came and called Abhi out. “hey man can we talk about the prepartions,” he said. The kids were sad. “I’ll be with you Purab. “geena could you look at them for a while,” he said. She nodded her head and left. Both of the kid winked at each other. “geena aunty,” they said which irritated geena. “stop calling me aunty I am not that old,” she scolded them. both of them then up and asked her for her phone. “no,” she said. “but he allows us to play asphalt eight in his,” they said. They then started to examine her things. Riya found the make and started to apply it. “hey you idiot these are from france what are you doing,” she shouted. Riya turned around and threw it on the floor and then started to cry. “hey stop crying now be a man,” she said. “but I am a girl,” said riya. Adi on the other hand was holding a bottle of perfume. “how much is this and where is it made?” he asked. “made in europe costs about 3 lakhs you might have never seen the likes of it,” she said proudly. Adi smirked at her and then dropped it. “what have you done,” she said. Adi quickly changed his expression into crying and said “galti se gir gaya,” he said. She moved towards the broken pieces whereas Adi moved towards riya. They both got up on the bed and started to jump and shout. Geena held her hands to her ears “stop it,” she shouted but they were kept on doing it. They then started a pillow fight.
Now feathers were all around the room. Geena was completely covered in them. they stopped and looked at her, they approached her. “oye we are warning you leave this marriage or else everyday will be fun day like this,” sadi riya. “or even worse said Adi,” by folding their arms.geena looked at themand thought of the future, every day like this , she shuddered at the thought Abhi entered in the room with Purab and saw the room upside down. Both of them rushed to him and hugged him while crying. “she scolded us dad,” said Adi. Abhi looked at geena furously . “can’t you even take care of them for a few minutes he said and left.
He took them to the kitchen and gave both of them 2 ice lollies. Both of them smiled and hugged him. Abhi then moved from there. Purab then came near them. “well done kiddos,” he said by hi fi-ing them. “let’s hope mumma is done,” he said.
On the other side.
Pragya sneaks into Abhi’s room. She looks around and spot his phone lying on the table. She takes it.
“password!!!” she said.

Think think think
She firstly typed password. Denied
She then typed I love music. No
Think think
“light bulb moment” she said while snapping her fingers.
She then typed fuggie. Accessed.
She quickly went and checked his call logs. The recent history had an unknown number. Pragya saved it to her phone and turned to leave but was shocked to see Abhi standing there. “i…..i was here to check on you,” she said while stammering. “me or my phone,” he said. “ok your phone but why are you doing this to me,” she said by coming forward and holding his collar . “ dadi wants me too,” he said by relieving himself from her hold.”don’t do this stop this wedding,” she said.”I can’t” he said. “do you love me?” she asked. Abhi didn’t look at her and said no. “look at me,”she said by holding up his chin. “he gazed into her eyes which were reddening . “no” he sadi softly. pragya without any word left. Abhi corrected his collar and smiled at her. “ no I do,” he said.

Pragya came out of the murmuring “cheater, liar, buddhu, idiot, donkey…….”
The rest of the gang came there. Now bulbul was there too. “bad news,” she said. “I ahte him how can he do this to me,” she sdi and broke down while hugging bulbul. “its late Pragya go sleep we will try our best tomorrow or else see him get married “ she said while patting her back . Adi came forward and hugged her. “mumma don’t worry everything will be fine,” he said.
2 figures were looking at them.
“see what we have done,” said one of them.
“not me you have done,” said the other.
“but their workings are of no use,” said the first one.
“ok now lets sleep,” said the other

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