Maine Pyar Kiya… I Fell In Love…RuSha SS(Rudraksh Preesha) Part 2

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Maine pyar kiya… I fell in love… Part 2

Preesha was getting ragged by some notorious seniors in her college.She was in tears.
Suddenly a boy came and stopped them..
He:Are you guys not ashamed of torturing an innocent new comer like this?
The others:But…
He:Get lost.
They just walked away in fear.
He:Hi..I am your senior Yuvraj.
Yuvraj:By the way what’s your name?
Yuvraj:What a unique name!
Preesha:Thank you very much.If you had not reached on time those boys would have troubled me a lot.
Yuvraj:I don’t need your thanks.
Preesha became dull:Why?
Yuvraj smirked:Because I need something else from you.
Yuvraj:Your time..your time should be reserved only for me.
Preesha:I did’nt understand.
Suddenly Yuvraj pulled her towards him.She was shocked.
Preesha:What are you doing?
Yuvraj:This is my way of loving Preesha.You are lucky.Because usually I don’t save any junior from ragging.At first sight itself I liked you.That’s why i saved you.Will you be my girl friend?
Suddenly Preesha pushed him and gave him a slap.
Yuvraj was shocked.
He shouted at her:Preesha!How dare you?No one has dared to behave like this to me.

Preesha:In the first meeting itself this is how you behaved with me.You are cheaper than those boys who ragged me.I don’t know how you are going to be a Doctor.If you come near me again I will directly complain to the Police,not to the Principal.
Preesha walked away.
Yuvraj gritted her teeth in anger.

Yuvraj:You are the first girl who insulted me.One day I will win you.Let the right time come.

Preesha was talking to her parents. are fine there.Right?
Suddenly Preesha was reminded of the ragging and Yuvraj’s behaviour.
She suppressed her pain and replied:I am fine Amma.All are very nice to me here.

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Gopal:I knew that you will be happy here.
She smiled emotionally.

Rudraksh passed by Preesha’s room. Preesha was in tears thinking of Yuvraj’s incident and her parents’ absence.Rudraksh went near her and he was shocked to see her cry..
Rudra:What happened Preesha?Why are you crying?
Preesha:Nothing.I miss my parents.

Rudra:I know that no one can replace your parents.But we will try our best to make you happy.
Preesha:For that you don’t have to try.All are doing everything to make me happy.I am happy also.
Rudra:Then please don’t cry.Your tears are pricking my heart.
She looked at him emotionally.
Rudraksh wiped her tears.
Rudra:Now you smile Preesha.
Slowly she smiled.
Rudraksh smiled:Your smile is so sweet.
She blushed.

Tum ladki ho, main ladka hun
Tum aayi to sach kehta hun
Aaya mausam dosti ka
Ke aaya mausam dosti ka

Suddenly they saw Rajeev near the door.
Rajeev:Rudra..usually you don’t console anyone.Then how come you are consoling Preesha?
Rudraksh:Preesha is my dearest friend.I have to maintain my friendship with her.
She smiled.Rajeev also smiled.
Rudra:Preesha…let us go out.Your mood will change.
Preesha:Really? I thought that you don’t like roaming around places as you always refuse to go out with Mishka.
Rudra:That is Mishka.But you are my dearest friend Preesha.Got it?
She smiled happily.

Main ladki hun, tum ladke ho
Yun lagta hai jab milte ho
Aaya mausam dosti ka
Ke aaya mausam dosti ka

Rudraksh-Preesha went for a drive.They enjoyed the car drive.

Jaane kyun lagta hai
Meri tumhaari pehle se pehchan hai
Jaane kyun lagta hai
Meri tumhaari pehle se pehchan hai

They went to a park.Preesha slipped and was about to fall down.Rudraksh caught her preventing her from falling down.They shared a cute eye lock.

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Tum maan itna jo de rahe ho
Mujh pe yeh ehsaan hai
Ehasano ki baatein chodo
Aao humse nata jodo
Aaya mausam dosti ka
Ke aaya mausam dosti ka

They reached back home.Preesha was tired.
Rudra:You are tired.Right?Take rest.
He made her lie down and covered her with the blanket.

Preesha:Rudraksh…sing for me.I will sleep listening to your song.
He smiled and started singing.Slowly she fell asleep.

Main ka jaanoon ka cheez hove hai pyaar
Karejwa pe laagi nazar ki qataar
Main ka jaanoon ka cheez hove hai pyaar
Karejwa pe laagi nazar ki qataar
Ari deewani na kar nadaani

Teri baatein hain
Badi tufaani
Nahi yeh mausam dillagi ka
Nahi yeh mausam kudkushi ka

Rudraksh was drumming in his music room.Preesha was standing near him with a smile.Suddenly his finger got hurt by it.
Preesha held his hand:Oh no…it’s bleeding.Come with me.
Rudra:It’s ok Preesha.It’s just a small wound.
Preesha:I am a medical student.I can’t ignore it.

She took him to the room and applied ointment there.Rudraksh looked at her deeply.
Unknowingly Preesha blushed seeing him gaze at her.
Preesha:Rudraksh…why are you looking at me like this?
Rudra:I was seeing how good you are.Most of the girls I met are selfish who don’t care about others.But you are different from all of them.But you are too good Preesha.
She smiled.

Rishta nahi hai dono ko phir bhi
Baandhe koi dor hai
Rishta nahi hai dono ko phir bhi
Baandhe koi dor hai

Unknown to them Mishka was standing near the door and watching them with anger and jealousy.

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She just went out angrily.

They were having lunch.
Rudraksh:Maa…why don’t you make desert too?Like cookies?I am longing for some variety.

Sharda said sarcastically:Oh..I don’t know to make it.You tell our future wife.

Everyone laughed and Rudraksh was embarrassed.Preesha smiled.

The next day…
Preesha brought a plate of cookies for Rudraksh from the kitchen.He could not believe his eyes. favourite cookies…
She took a cookie

and put it in his mouth.
Rudra:I just loved it.
She smiled.

Iss dosti ko kya naam de hum
Yeh baat kuchh aur hai

He started biting them crazily.
Sharda:Preesha prepared them for you.

Rudraksh smiled at her sweetly.
Rudra:Why did you make it Preesha?
Preesha:You are my lovely friend.I wanted to maintain my friendship with you.
Rudraksh smiled.
Rudra:There is no thank you in friendship.That’s why I am not thanking you.
Preesha:I don’t need your thanks also.
They smiled at each other.
Rudra:But I can do something else.
He fed her cookie with his hand.She smiled.

Deewanapan keh sakte ho
Dil ki dhadkan keh sakte ho
Aaya mausam dosti ka
Ke aaya mausam dosti ka(MPK)

Preesha brought another plate of cookies when Saaransh reached the room.
Saaransh:Wow…yummy.It’s my favourite.
Preesha:How come both Rudraksh and Saaransh have the same taste?
Saaransh:Because we are best buddies too.
Rudraksh-Saaransh hugged each other.Preesha smiled and joined their hug.

Rajeev and Ahana smiled seeing it.
Ahana:Rudraksh and Preesha look so good with each other.
Rajeev:Ya.But what are you planning to say?
Ahana:I want Preesha as my devrani.
Rajeev smiled:Good idea.But they are just friends.

Ahana:But my eyes say something else and I want it to be true.

Rajeev smiled.

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