Maine pyar kiya… I fell in love…RuSha SS(Rudraksh Preesha) Part 1

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Cover Credit to @Mansi_Creations
This SS is inspired by the movie Maine Pyar kiya.

Khurana Mansion….

Balraj,his wife Sharda,their eldest son Rajeev and his wife Ahana are sitting in the dining room to have food.
Balraj:Gopal had rung me up.
Sharda:Your best friend Gopal?
Sharda:It’s been years since we saw them.
Balraj:Yes.Since we were in Dubai for many years we could’nt meet them for a long time.
Rajeev:In childhood Gopal uncle’s daughter Preesha used to be Rudra’s best friend.
Sharda:Yes.They were inseparable.
Balraj:Now Preesha got admission in the medical college.
Sharda was surprised:Here?
Sharda:She was always a brilliant student.
Balraj:So Gopal wants Preesha to stay here instead of staying in a hostel.
Sharda was surprised:Really?So Preesha will be staying here?

Balraj:But I am hesitant to let her stay here.How can I let a grown up girl stay here?

Sharda:Gopal wants Preesha to stay here as he feels that she will be more secure and safer with you than in the hostel.Then why should you hesitate?We will protect her.
Balraj:But still…
Ahana:Please say yes papa.I also will get a company here.

Rajeev:After all she is your best friend’s daughter.Then why are you hesitant?

Balraj:I don’t know..something is pulling me back.
Sharda:Please let her stay here.
They all smiled.

Gopal,his wife and Vasudha reached the Khurana Mansion.
The Khuranas welcomed them.Gopal hugged Balraj happily. have grown up now.
Preesha touched her feet.She touched Balraj’s feet also.They blessed her. can consider this as your own home.
Preesha smiled.
Gopal:I knew it.That’s why I decided to make her stay here.No one can look after our Preesha like you all.
Rajeev introduced Ahana to them.
Vasudha:Rajeev still looks the same.Where is the naughty chirpy boy Rudraksh?
Balraj:He has gone abroad for his stage show.He is a rock star now.He is on great demand.He goes to different places for shows.

Gopal:I feel very happy for him.It’s unfortunate that we could’nt see him today.But the next time we will see him.
A small boy came with a pigeon on his shoulder.
He:Welcome home Preesha aunty…
Preesha caressed his face:Thank you beta.What’s your name?
Preesha:Such a cute name.
Ahana:He is our son.

Everyone smiled.
The pigeon flew towards Preesha and sat on her shoulder.Preesha was surprised.Slowly she caressed it.
Saaransh:That means my Pigeon Sweetu is friends with you.So you are also my friend Preesha aunty.
Preesha hugged him:Of are my friend Saaransh.

They all smiled.
While returning back Gopal and Vasudha hugged Preesha emotionally.
Gopal:I know that you will be happy here.Still feeling sad to be away from you.
Vasudha:Take care Preesha.

Preesha:Don’t worry.I will take care of myself.
They waved hands at each other painfully.

Preesha was made comfortable by Sharda,Rajeev,Ahana and Saraansh.They became her friends soon.
But Balraj was always busy with his business.

Preesha joined her college.

Preesha saw Sharda arranging a room.
Preesha:Aunty..I will help you.

Sharda:No need Preesha.

Preesha:It’s ok aunty.I will help you.
Sharda:Everything is already done Preesha.Rudra is coming back today.That’s why I arranged his room.
Sharda:Yes.He was your best friend in childhood.Right?
Preesha smiled:Yes.

After some time…

Rudraksh returned home.He hugged Sharda,Balraj,Rajeev,Ahana and Saaransh.
Balraj:How was the stay there?

Sharda:How was the show beta?
Rudra:Since I have your blessings the show rocked.
Ahana:Congrats Rudraksh.
Rudraksh distributed the things he brought from abroad.
Saraansh:I got a new friend chachu.
Rudra:Really?Who is your new friend?
Ahana:You guess.

Rudra:How can I guess bhabhi?
Rajeev:You remember your childhood friend Preesha?
Rudra:Gopal uncle and Vasudha aunty’s daughter Preesha?
Rajeev:Yes.She got admission in the medical college.So she is staying here.

Rudraksh could not believe it:Here?
Sharda:Yes.She will be staying here until she finishes her studies.

Rudraksh was surprised.
Rudra:Where is she?
Saaransh:I will show you Preesha aunty’s room.

Rudra:Ok.But let me freshen up first.
Saaransh whispered in his ears:Good idea.Take a nice shower.Dress up well and apply the best perfume.You are going to meet Preesha aunty.First impression is the best impression.
Rudra smiled:Naughty boy.If you are like this now how will you be when you are in college?
Saraansh:I will rock.
They giggled.
Ahana:What’s the secret conversation between uncle and nephew?
Saaransh:Secrets are secrets.
Rudra:Yes Bhabhi.
Ahana:What a bonding!
They laughed.

Rudraksh freshened up and came out of the room.Suddenly he bumped into someone.
It was Preesha.She was about to fall down,but he caught her.They shared a sweet eye lock.
They both stood properly breaking the eye lock.
Preesha smiled:Yes.Rudraksh?
Rudraksh smiled:Yes.I can’t believe that it’s you.
Preesha:But I have seen you on TV.After all you are a celebrity.
He smiled:Can I ask you something?
Rudraksh:Did you ever remember our childhood days?
Preesha:I could never forget those days.Those days are ever green memories for me.

Rudra:So you used to remember me?
She smiled:Yes.
His face blossomed.
Rudra:Even I could never forget the days which I spent with you.Sometimes I even longed to see you.My wish is fulfilled now.You are in front of me my house.
She was surprised.
They chatted a lot.
Preesha:I have heard your songs a lot.But not directly.But now I would like to hear your song directly.Can you please sing a song for me?
Rudra:How can I refuse it when my dearest friend ask for something?
Preesha was surprised:our dearest friend?
Rudra:Yes.Why are you surprised about that?Just now only we discussed about our childhood days.We are friends from childhood days.So you are my dearest friend.Right?
She smiled.

Rudraksh took her to his music room.He started singing using musical instruments in between.

hmm haan..
pyar ka ye bandhan shadiyon purana
kya apna aur kya begana
jo mann se banaye jaate hain
woh rishte rabb ke nawaje hote hain

yeh hai chahatein
yeh hai chahatein
ishq walon ki
yeh hai chahatein

yeh hai chahatein
yeh hai chahatein
ishq walon ki
yeh hai chahatein

mahiya mainu chhad na jave
jogiya ve tu rusna jave
sohniya bin jag suna lage
mahiya mainu chhad na jave
jogiya ve tu rusna jave
sohniya bin jag suna lage(YHC).

Preesha was lost in his beautiful song.
Preesha:Thank you very much for giving me these beautiful musical moments Rudraksh.I loved it.

Rudraksh smiled:There is one more surprise.A small surprise.
Preesha:What’s that?
Rudraksh took her to his room.He opened his bag and took a chocolate box.
Rudra:I bought this when I went abroad.This is for you.
Preesha:Wow.Thank you Rudraksh.
Rudra:Again thank you?There is no thank you in friendship.
She smiled:Sorry.
Rudra:There is no friendship and sorry in friendship.
She smiled.

A stylish girl entered the Khurana Mansion.Seeing Saaransh she embraced him.
She:I missed you Rudraksh.
Rudra moved away from her.
Rudra:Mishka…We met a a few days back.Then why are you missing me so much?
Mishka:Oh come on Rudraksh…as if you don’t know anything.
Rudraksh became dull.

Rajeev,Ahana and Preesha reached that room.
Mishka held his hand:Rudraksh..let us go for a movie..then beach….then disco.
Rudra:Actually I am busy.I need to rehearse for my next show.So you better find someone else.Bye.
Rudraksh walked out.Mishka became dull.Rajeev and Ahana smirked.
Mishka saw them and noticed Preesha.
Mishka:Who is this?
Preesha:I am Preesha.
Rajeev:She is dad’s friend’s daughter.
Ahana:She is studying in the medical college and will be staying here to study.
Mishka was shocked:What?
Ahana smirked:Yes.
Mishka thought:It means for 5 or 6 years she will stay here?Will she conquer Rudraksh’s heart?No..never!Rudraksh can’t choose this behenji over me.
Preesha:Are you Rudraksh’s friend?Sit.I will bring coffee for you.
Mishka:No need.
Mishka just walked out.
Preesha became dull.

Rajeev:Don’t mind her rude behaviour.She is like this only.

Ahana:Mishka is after Rudraksh.But he is least interested in her.He always finds a reason to be away from her.

Preesha smiled.

Preesha went to the garden.She was surprised to see Rudraksh there.
Preesha:You are still here?You told Mishka that you are going for rehearsal.
Rudraksh:I just reached yesterday.I need rest too.So there is no rehearsal scheduled today.I lied to her to avoid her.So that I don’t have to go with her for cinema,disco and stuffs.So boring to be with her.Actually I had’nt gone out.I was hiding behind the house to escape from Mishka.

They both laughed a lot.

Tum ladki ho, main ladka hun
Tum aayi to sach kehta hun
Aaya mausam dosti ka

Ke aaya mausam dosti ka
Main ladki hun, tum ladke ho
Yun lagta hai jab milte ho
Aaya mausam dosti ka
Ke aaya mausam dosti ka


Preesha was getting ragged by some notorious seniors in her college.She was in tears.
Suddenly a boy came and stopped them..
He:Are you guys not ashamed of torturing an innocent new comer like this?
The others:But…
He:Get lost.
They just walked away in fear.
Preesha and that boy looked at each other.

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