Maha Epi – Anupama 3rd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Leela Try to Humiliate Anupama For Taking Anuj’s Help

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Anupama 3rd October 2021 Written Episode

Anupama returns Baa’s pear necklace beads and says she will fix it. Ungrateful Baa angrily asks if Anuj will give golden needle and silver thread. Bapuji tries to stop her. She asks who will give 20 lakhs without any intention. Anu says it is neither help or favor but loan, remembering Anuj offering work loan and saying her karkhana’s papers are mortgaged with bank and he will deduct 20 lakhs if he buys karkhana or else he will cut a fixed amount from her monthly salary and she cannot leave her job until she clears her loan. Anu agrees. He asks her return to Ahmedabad and clear her home loan and not to worry about business meeting. Out of flashback, Anu says she will clear it at once if karkhana is sold or else in installments with her hard work. Vanraj starts next and says she had 20 lakhs cheque with her from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, but didn’t feel important to inform him. She says she didn’t to maintain peace or else he would have argued throughout whole journey. Vanraj taunts that Anuj is a great businessman as she will have to work for him for 2 years. She asks if he is feeling bad, he can bring back cheque from Rakhi and she will return it to Anuj. Baa says its not good to work for Anuj for 2 years. Anu says its also not good to see Rakhi’s nameplate. Vanraj taunts that Baa’s dearest and Anuj will work judiciously. Anu says it may happen in his office, they work professionally in her office; he is really great that he was a husband before divorce and became a mother-in-law after that, he can continue her taunts as she is habituated to them for 26 years and will continue her work. He says just like she was doing on beach. Baa asks if she was building sand house on beach. Anu says they went on beach after meeting as she wanted to see beach. Baa continues yelling. Samar gets a video and tells Baa that his friend sent a video where Anuj is dancing rolling on floor. Vanraj says a cheap man will do a cheap dance. Samar says even his bestfriend is dancing with him. Baa says his friend must be cheap like him. Samar shows video and says they can check cheap friend of Anuj. Vanraj’s grin changes to embarrassment. Mamaji says his nephew is dancing like Delhi baratis. Kinjal asks Vanraj if he is drunk in this video. Mamaji jokes drunk means heavily inebriated. Baa says she knows.

Anuj returns home. GK asks why did he return so soon. Anuj says he canceled meeting and asks if he can get his chocolate milk. GK asks why he looks angry. Anuj says Vanraj Shah misbehaved with Anu and passed on cheap comments in front of him and he heard it silently; he wants to break his mouth, but he cannot do that as he cannot interfere in Anu’s personal life; his heart shatters seeing Anu’s insult in front of him and recites shayari. He says Anu is paying for being a woman and now paying for being Vanraj’s ex-wife. GK says Anu is a strong woman and she can handle her situation. Anuj asks why should Anu bear Vanraj’s taunts; he used to think its is ill fate that Anu is not in his life, but its his mistake that he expressed his feelings for her 26 years ago or else her life would have been better and she wouldn’t have cried each day for 26 years; her life would been a fairytale as she is a queen who deserved a princess life, but his mistake made her suffer.

Baa walks to Vanraj and tells Vanraj that she wants to talk to him about Anu and Anuj; though Anu has nothing in her mind for Anuj, what if it changes later; Anuj is helping her repeatedly by saving Samar, then gifted her ghungroo and partnership and now loan and soon will create his place in her heart; Vanraj’s mistake made them bend their head, but Anu’s mistake will cut their head. Vanraj asks why don’t she tell this to Anu as she doesn’t listen to him. Baa says she doesn’t listen to even her. He shouts whether he should look after family and business or die looking at Anu and Anuj’s friendship. Anu while cooking thinks she will work hard and clear bank loan and not let anyone taunt her. Kinjal walks to her and apologize for Rakhi’s drama. Anu says let us not talk about it. Kinjal asks how was her Mumbai experience. She says it was nice. She asks if she canceled morning meeting. She says Anuj told he will handle it, it would have been a disaster if she had not returned home on time, god’s blessings and Anuj’s help set things right. Kinjal says nothing is right and showing Rohan and Nandini’s cozy pics says Rohan has made Samar and Nandini’s life a hell.

Samar and Nandini enter their dance academy when Rohan’s goon strangulates Samar and Rohan holds her tightly while Nandini pleads to leave her and Samar. Anu asks why didn’t she inform her about this. Kinjal says she thought of informing her once she returned home, she didn’t inform about it to Baa and Bapuji also yet. Anu says she did right. Kinjal says Rohan can go to any extent to get Nandini, so they need to do something and she feels both Nandini and Samar’s lives are at risk. Anu gets worried. Anu burns photos and says she will not let Nandini’s past ruin her presence. Rohan’s goons brutally trash Samar. Nandini pleads Rohan to spare Samar. Rohan says he will spare Samar if he leaves him or else he will kill Samar. Nandini warns to kill him if something happens to Samar. Samar overpowers goons. Rohan hits him from behind with an iron rod.

Anuj remembers Vanraj’s taunts and Anu’s ordeal during Mumbai trip and thinks life and troubles go along together always, but he wants to be a reason for Anu’s smile during her troubles. He gets a call and looks shocked. Anu walks to dance academy worried for Samar and relaxes seeing him and Nandini there. She says Kinjal told Rohan is troubling them, what did he do. Nandini remembers Rohan physically harassing them, but says he was just acting childish. Anu says Rohan will stop once they are engaged, she will ask family to finish their engagement soon. Nandini says Rohan has their cozy pics which he sent home somehow. Anu says only she and Kinjal saw those pics and burnt it; they will act like family is unperturbed by the pics and asks them not to worry as she is there for them. Samar nods yes. Once Anu leaves, Samar thanks god that he didn’t incur external injuries. Nandini asks what about internal injuries. Samar says Rohan will not change if they inform about today’s incident to mummy, mummy will get more tensed, so they will handle it in their own way and be careful when they are out and she shouldn’t go alone out. Nandini reminds him Rohan’s threat. Samar says mummy told their fear becomes opponent’s weapon.

Baa sitting swing remembers Rakhi’s taunts. Bapuji shows her necklace and says Anu fixed it like before. Baa says nothing stays same after it breaks, be it things or relationships. Bapuji says if they know to fix things, they become more strong. Baa says repeated fixing will leave a knot in thread. Bapuji feels disgusted for her. He gets a call and walks away speaking. He then calls Anu and tells her something. Anu leaves academy in a hurry. Vanraj notices her and thinks if she went to meet Anuj. He asks Samar where did his mother go. Samar says he doesn’t know. He asks to find out. Samar says mummy is not a kid to be questioned. Vanraj says he has some work and justifies. Samar asks if he wants to know if mummy went to meet Anuj. Vanraj shouts shut up and walks away. Anu reaches Anuj’s house and says Bapuji called her here, if GK is fine. Anuj shows Bapuji and GK playing chess, greets GK, and asks Bapuji why did he call her here in a hurry. Bapuji says he wants to give her a surprise. Anu scolds them and asks what happened. Anuj shows her hotel’s bhoomi pujan invitation card. She happily checks it and remembers celebrating Pakhi’s first birthday with invitation card without her name on it. She gets emotional seeing her and Anuj’s name on it as hosts and shows it to Bapuji. Anuj says its not a big deal. Anu says only a woman knows how big it is, nobody fixes a woman’s nameplate on door and she is known by her male family member’s name. She continues expressing her excitement and touches Bapuji and GK’s feet. GK jokes. Anuj says lets rock partner. Anu replies and says she will inform this good news to Baa and children. GK says first she should feed them sweets and then inform her family. Anu says she will prepare Baa’s favorite sweet. Anuj says they both will prepare it and says he doesn’t want Vanraj to create problem because of him. Anu asks not to worry. He asks her to invite her whole family. She says let us start cooking as she needs to return home soon. He helps her in cooking. Tum hi Hamari Ho Manzil My Love.. song plays in the background.

At home, Baa provokes Vanraj that Anu must have gone meet Anuj. Vanraj gets more angry and waits for Anu’s return. Kavya returns from Mumbai and discusses the difficulties she faced while returning home. He says a cold reply. She asks if he is tensed thinking Anu went to Anuj’s house. He says yes. She asks he is bothered about Anu and not her who traveled home alone, she made a mistake marrying him as she was better as girlfriend and he made another Anupama after marriage. He thinks Kavya is right, why should he bother what Anu does and whom she meets; then thinks where is she and what are Anuj and Anu planning. He fixes chair in front of main door and waits for her. Anu returns home and remembering earlier incident tries to ignore him. He stops her and asks where was she. She says wherever he is thinking of, Anuj’s house. He says she can do whatever she want to, he and Kavya were wrong but not shameless like her and respected elders, Anu is shamelessly saying she was alone at Anu’s house. Bapuji returns and says he had taken her there. Vanraj asks why. Bapuji says in this country, even now father questions son and not otherwise, its his wish wherever he goes, he wants to give good news to everyone. He calls whole family and says there is a good news. Baa asks what happened. Anu shows bhoomi pujan card to Baa and says Baa is angry on her, but she didn’t do anything which will humiliate Baa, its a start of her new job and she wants her whole family to be present there. Baa smells halwa and asks where did she prepare it. Bapuji says at Anuj’s house and he took her there. Baa taunts she may like cooking at a stranger man’s house, but she doesn’t want to have it.

Precap: Baa tears bhoomi pooja invitation card and yells that she is shameless to give an invitation card where her name is printed with a stranger man’s name and orders nobody will attend tomorrow’s pooja.

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