Maha Epi – Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Valuable Advice For Anupama

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Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj silently watches Anupama panicking seeing Anuj’s critical condition and pleads him to get up. At home, Toshu asks Kinjal to go and sleep as its 3 a.m. and she has a lot of working in the morning. Kinjal cries hugging him. Samar notices them and feels good seeing their differences clearing. Anu continues crying and tries to hold Anuj’s hand but then stops. Varaj walks to her and says doctor told Anuj is stable and will be fine by morning. Anu asks if he is a doctor, they can’t say anything until Anuj gets conscious, why don’t he wake up. Vanraj offers her water. She finishes it, apologizes for being rude in tension, and says he is right that Anuj will be fine soon. Vanraj says by Kanhaji’s grace and Anu’s prayers, Anuj is out of dancer, so he wants to tell her something; he says he, Baa, and Kavya spoke bitter against her, but the truth is she runs Shah family even after staying away from them; they all taught they are habituated to her help and will be fine soon, but they realized she is their necessity who takes care of all their needs but cannot for long; she cannot do all their minute household chores for long, even Anuj being a big business tycoon got involved in their family issues and they both suffered a lot, so at least now they both should move on together. Anu is shocked to hear that. He says she should think of herself and Anuj and move on as life is giving her a second chance and she shouldn’t lose it. He accepts that he was never compatible to him and only Anuj is, he is not a great person like her to praise someone, but accepts that Anuj is better than him; he loves his family, but not limitlessly like Anuj loves Anuj; Anuj’s truly loves her and she also should accept her love for him.

Anu says its not true. Vanraj says he is a stubborn person and will always be and he thinks of only his benefits, but he is saying whatever he saw in corridor, her immense concern for Anuj proves that she loves Anuj; she should forget him, Kavya, and whole world and accept it; he is egoistic and before his true self comes out, she should accept his observation that Anuj is the right person for her. He holds her hand and keeps it on Anuj’s hand. He says family was always with her, but he wasn’t supporting her and was unable to let her go, but today he is letting her go. He tries to leave. She holds his hand. He kisses her forehead and walks away freeing his hand teary eyed. O maaji re nadiya kinara.. song plays in the background. He then thinks now he and Anu can move on in their life after this closure.

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Anu remembers Vanraj’s words and Bapuji’s suggestion and thinks she should move on as per their advice, but how can Mr Shah tell this. She walks out of ICU room and imagines Anuj singing and dancing around her Janam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyan.. song in SRK style. Anu remembers their happy moments, his acceptance, etc. She then looks glass door and seeing Anuj on bed realizes it was her imagination. She walks in and holding Anuj’s hand says she is ready to move on and give a chance to their relationship and herself. Vanraj hears that. Next morning, Anuj wakes up calling Anu and sees her sleeping nearby. Anu gets happy seeing him conscious. He asks if she is fine. She says she is fine because of him and his condition is because of him. He says he is fine. She asks him to rest and calls Vanraj and doctor. Vanraj rushes in and smiles seeing Anuj awake. Doctor checks Anuj and says he is completely alright now, but they need to keep him under observation for some more time.

Baa continues praying for Anuj whole night. GK greets her and eagerly tells Bapuiji should they go to hospital now. Bapuji asks him to have tea first as Vanraj called and informed that Anuj is fine now. Anu video calls Bapuji. Whole family joins. Anu shows conscious Anuj. Vanraj says Anuj’s condition is stable now and disconnects call. GK thanks Baa for praying for Anuj whole night. Baa says Anuj is even her child. GK thanks whole family for their support. Bapuji says he will have lots of sweets today and tells Baa that their son handled both Anu and Anuj wholeheartedly and he is proud of their son. Baa says she is also happy that he said their son and not only hers. Back at hospital, Vanraj chats with Anuj and walks away asking Anu to express her love for Anuj and not wait for the right time as this is the right time and walks away. Anu informs Anuj that police caught goons and Samar got their mobiles back. Anuj says he must be looking funny with unbraided hair. She corrects his hair and remembers him proposing and supporting her. He asks if she wants to say something, she can open up with him.

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Vanraj returns home. Bapuji asks how is Anuj now. Vanraj says Anuj is fine now, he has a meeting at 9 a.m. and hence returned o get ready, GK can visit Anuj. Bapuji says he will inform. Kinjal goes to prepare tea for Vanraj. Bapuji senses Vanraj’s dilemma and asks if he wants to say something. Vanraj explains what he said to Anu and says he told there is nothing wrong in moving on and if that path takes her to Anuj, he doesn’t know how family will feel but expressed his thought without any hesitation. Bapuji emotionally hugs and thanks him and says its better for both him and Anu. Vanraj gets Malvika’s call. Baa overhears their conversation and asks Bapuji what where they discussing about Anu and Anuj. Bapuji thinks Baa doesn’t like Anu and Anuj’s relationship, so he shouldn’t tell her anything. He says Vanraj said Anuj is fine and walks away. Back at hospital, Anuj seeing Anu’s care and asks if he is dying. She warns him to dare not say that. He says he saw it in films where doctor tells patient that he has only 2-3 months left. She scolds him that this is not a film and nothing will happen to him. She is about to express her feelings for him when sees him getting Malvika’s call and stops. He ignores Malika’s call and asks Anu what was she saying.

Precap: Bapuji suggests Anu to shift to Anuj’s house to take care of him. Anuj informs GK that Malvika had called, she is his biggest responsibility.

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