Lustful love (kkb) by aditi – Intro

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Hello guys…???back with a new story on our favorite couple Abhigya…


” I love Raghav and no one can change that…” she said looking at him furiously.

He smiled at her saying ” but I love you and will make you mine ..” with an evil smirk.

” you can’t even near me and what you think I will accept whatever you say…” she asked looking into his eyes.

” hold on Miss. Pragya arora..otherwise you will face the consequences…” he said eyeing at her.

“What you can do? Will you marry me forcibly ? I may belong to you but my heart is only for love is only for him…” she shouted at him.

” you…” he held her shoulder firmly.

” Raghav…Raghav…what did you see which I don’t have…” he asked pinning her to the wall.

She looked at him for a second as she could feel his hot breath on her face making her hard to breathe.

” he is a person with good heart.. not like you..” she shrugged off from his hold .

” you will pay for this Miss. Pragya ” he said pressing himself on her. He leaned more as both their lips were inches apart.

He finally sealed her lips with his and started to taste her with possessive thought that she is only for him.

He broke the kiss after few minutes and steadied himself looking at her who bends down her head in shame.

” I will break your ego and will prove you that you are only for mine and you will surrender to me by yourself…” he said pointing his index finger on her.

” I HATE YOU…” She said pushing him away and runs from there.

Will he able to get her love?

Will pragya identify his goodness inside him?

Join the lust – love story of two persons of different thoughts becoming one in all means!!!

Coming to the cast…

ABHISHEK MEHRA : An arrogant , rude , ruthless person who is number one businessman in Mumbai . He covers his illegal business with his legal one’s. Very dangerous and possesive person. The way of showing his love is scary and dominating person. His beauty covers his dangerous side. According to this world , he is handsome , charming person who is top most businessman but no one knows about him and what he is !!

PRAGYA ARORA : sweet , sensitive girl. Respects every relations and knows their values . Though she is sensitive she is a bold girl who have the capacity to fight against the whole world. But not with one person because of whom her life changed upside down. Loves her family very much and can do anything for them.

RAGHAV CHOPRA : A handsome , talented man and younger cousin of abhi. He wins everyone’s heart by his casual jokes and smart person. Very kind hearted and loves to be free and loves pragya whole heartedly.

PURAB MEHRA : younger brother of abhi and believes him blindly. He will support him in all things assuming that he will be always right.

ARJUN KHANNA : abhi’s childhood friend and never likes his attitude. He wants to change him but fails everytime. True friend of him.

BULBUL ARORA: sister of pragya and loves her very much. She could not let anything happen bad to her.

TANUSHREE MEHTA : pragya’s best friend and a simple girl. She lives with her family as her parents pushed her out from their family. The arora’s supported her in hard times.

ALIYA MEHRA : abhi’s sister and she never likes abhi’s behaviour. She wants him to change and tired of it. Loves arjun and she maintains it secret as she don’t know how abhi will react to it . And blames purab fir suppprting him.

PRATAP SINGH MEHRA : abhi’s uncle who is looking after his ilegal business. He wants abhi to dance for his tunes and tries to loot his properties on his name.

So how is the cast and short intro…

Hope you like it and getting a good response from you , I will start to write…

Till then I am holding this story…

So please give your support and get back to back stories…

To be continued ..

By aditi.

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