Lurking in the light of love KKB (Teaser)

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Fair warning for everyone who is going to read this! This is a tragic , romantic love story. The one who follows Lurking in the Dark will know about it. Another warning! This is the first time I am writing something like full fledged romance so bear with me. ?? This is just a teaser.. Maya darling loved the title… Meet you guys with the real deal very soon.. Love you all ???

Abhi called, ” P….. Pra….. Pragya…..”
Pragya turned back and said,” I don’t know why I am repeating this, I have no idea why i did that. But I just felt to make you feel what I really feel about you. I am sorry I know you are shocked beyond belief. I…. I love you Abhi… I love you…”
Saying this she turned her back towards him and went away from there running

Abhi’s thoughts :
Actually what happened now? Is she really bold or very shy? She showed me both of her face today. One said to me that she is bold like very bold. The other said no way she is shy very shy. OMG! Which one is true? Anyway! She proposed me that was a big shock I never expected Pragya will propose me. I thought I have to work a lot to make her understand my love and then slowly propose her. I think I have been too slow for her that’s why she did that. But I still can’t believe it! Oh! My God! She proposed me. She could have done that after proposing me * bending his head shyly * Either way I enjoyed it * smiling sheepishly* I love you Pragya… I love you Pragya Abhisheik Mehra..! Yes! I am going to change your name very soon.

What Pragya did to make Abhi stammer?? Keep thinking . Most of you would have guessed. If so keep it with you guys till I reveal it pretty please.. For now I am putting ‘ Lurking in the dark’ on hold will complete this and continue with that. I will upload one more chapter of ‘Lurking in the dark’ before putting it on hold. Let me know what you guys think about this… Silent readers expecting comments from you guys too…

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