Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 9 – Miss. Fragile who?)

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Hey guys! Prathi here. I know it’s been two months I dint update this one, you guys have every right to know why. So here it goes, I went to my brother’s marriage to Kerala came back got sick, Fever, cold, cough uff! Then I was too tired coughing all day and night. Finally, I am relieved from all those nightmares phew! And today is a very special day for me. It’s been a year since I started writing in TU!! (Happy dance all the way) Thank you so much for supporting me sweethearts I have come a long way since then. So many ppl left so many came and joined here. I only wrote few shots back then and now I am trying to write a full fledged story. All of this happened only because of you guys. And never worry, I won’t disappear without completing what I started first I have to finish this one, then LITD and then I have another story in my mind after that……………………………….. Just another one. I am not going anywhere for now. Staying here to give you ppl something to enjoy,love, relish,fear,laugh,edge of the seat feel (Hope I did that or will do that). Ok, no more talks expect one more today or tomorrow then wait for the next week to come. Love you my dear sister’s, Friends, silent readers <3

Hard Rock Café 5:00 PM

Tears found their way down his chin and to the table before he could wipe them off and all he could manage to say was, “Will she love me?”

Abhi said, sniffling, “I want to see her now,can you please help me Divi?” Divi replied, “Sorry I have to be inside the hostel before 7 PM, I have to start now so that I can reach the hostel before 7PM. But yes, I can make some arrangements so you can meet her soon. Is that OK for you?” *She got up to move, Abhi got up too* Abhi sighed and said, “Yeah, ok, but I would love to see her today.” Divi said, “Oh! Love sick puppy, wait for sometime, I will make it happen Ok?” Abhi was shocked at first and then laughed along with Divi. Divi continued, “I had my doubts about you, like would you be able to be with her or would you ditch her. Now everything is as clear as a water. Even if she decides to leave, you won’t let her go. I am happy that she got such a caring guy as her Boyfriend?” Last line was more like a question than a statement so Abhi replied, “Not just Boyfriend more than that, I want to marry her.” Divi tries to interrupt him, but he stops her and continues, “After her studies not now, I would love to wait for her till my last breath. I think there won’t be any problem if I wait till she completes her study.”

Divi was overwhelmed with his reply and hugged him, she said, “I am really very happy with your decision I am kind of jealous now that Pragya got such an awesome Boyfriend. Remain the same like you are now forever, and take good care of my bestie, will you?” Abhi simply nodded his head.

Divi booked a cab and left the place, Abhi was left behind to think, ‘How to handle Pragya? She would have lost all hopes in Love and trust. Have to make her, trust me first and then I will propose her, yeah, that’s a pretty good idea Abhi! You have become a genius after falling in love with her I hope. Am I really in love? Can love happen so quickly? Changing my priorities ? Is this really love?’ He left in his bike thinking about all the possibilities.

Hostel 7PM
Well, let’s see what’s cooking in Pragya’s brain…

Pragya is pacing around her room thinking, ‘Oh, it’s 7PM, and Divi has not yet arrived where did she go? I was so lost in my DG’s thoughts I completely forgot about my bestie? I have never been like this when in love with that jerk. So was that love? Or is this Love? Oh my God! Even Bulbul is not here. Who will clear my doubts now? (She said this a bit louder)’ I WILL came a reply, she turned back to find Divi standing near the door. Pragya ran towards her and hugged her tight. Divi said, “Stop please you are squeezing me. I have been away for a few hours and you missed me huh? I find something fishy here. And what are your doubts? I will clear them definitely go ahead.”

Pragya stammered, “Divi… ummm… Divi….” Divi sighed and said, “ I am feeling sleepy let me sleep, I don’t think you will ask or say something right now. Good night.” She went and made herself cozy in Pragya’s bed. Pragya got irritated sat next to her and said, “Hey! It’s just around 7:05 PM now, you want to sleep so early? You wouldn’t have had your dinner too. Or are you kidding me?” Divi replied, “Phew! Finally, you got my point I was kidding you, so tell me what’s cooking on your brain now.” Pragya controlling her smile asked, “What is love? Answer me, I am really confused right now.” Divi replied, “The one who is in love is asking the one who has never fallen in love. Pragya what happened to you? You first answer this question.”

Pragya got up from her bed, took a few steps away showing her back to Divi and continued, “ I don’t know Divi, something is telling me that I wasn’t in love when I thought I was in love. But I am in love when I am thinking that I am not in love.” Divi who was confused by her statement got up from the bed turned Pragya to her side and said, “I think you need a psychiatrist P.” Pragya frowned looking at her and said, “I thought you might have changed from your tubelight state. But no, you are still the same tubelight.” Now it was Divi’s turn to frown at Pragya. They heard Pragya’s mobile, ring, Pragya picked up her mobile to hear an exciting voice, “Hey Miss.Fragile, I am getting hitched real soon, Wanted to invite you and the one with interests in Astronomy? Or whatever. Would love to have you two here tomorrow morning ok?” Pragya was smiling uncontrollable hearing her voice after a long time said, “Miss. Fragile? Who is that? I have changed a lot since then and you know that very well too. Ok, who is that poor guy that is going to marry you? I pity him.” Taarika replies, “Very bad you turned from Miss.Fragile to Miss. Hitler right? I heard a lot about you from Divi but still how can you say so about me? I am the soft one in this case, he is the naughty one.”

Pragya couldn’t control her laughter and said, “Is it so? And hey, we should decide that not you so why are you informing this today? Why can’t you tell after you get married you idiot! We treated you as our own family and now you are….. Arrrhh! I don’t want to say things and make you feel bad just before your… marriage right? Tomorrow you are getting married right?” A lone tear escaped her eyes. Taarika sighed and said, “I know my dear Hitler I am calling you guys for haldi and I wanted to surprise you both suddenly by calling at the last minute but I think I spoilt it my bad. I love you ‘P’ I love you like my very own Lil sister so get your ass up and be here tomorrow ok? And that’s an order!” Pragya giggled like a lil child and replied, “Yes Mam!” Divi was witnessing this scene went out the room and made two phone calls.
Pragya turned back to see Divi missing and thought, ‘Ok, lets check her out later, I am so hungry now gotta eat.’

Next day morning 7:00AM

Divi got ready and came to Pragya and Bulbul’s room to find Bulbul pacing here and there impatiently. Divi signed her, ‘What?’ Bulbul came rushing towards her, but before Bulbul could reach her they heard a door open and was awestruck seeing the person standing in front of them now. Yes, that’s Pragya in all her glory in white saree with full sleeve and Jhumka (earring) added to her beauty. She had tied up her hair in a bun and came towards the mirror and decorated her bun with white jasmine. (Just like in the Pic) Both Divi and Bulbul are still in the doorway awestruck. Pragya went towards them and snapped her fingers in front of their face, to get them out of their trance. Both screamed, making Pragya widen her eyes with shock, they hugged her tight. The bible said, winking at her, “You look awesome baby.” And Divi said, “You look like the Bride now, what will Taarika do? Oh no, people coming there will get confused. And hey, so I don’t look good, huh?” Bulbul laughed and said, “You also look awesome baby.” Pragya replied, “Hey, Drama queen cut your drama and it’s time to go.”

Divya was also not less than Pragya, she was draped in a sandal colored saree which elegantly clings to all her curves. Though she is dark skinned she shines all the time. Bulbul opted to be at the hostel so that she could study for her upcoming exams bid adieu to both Pragya and Divya.

Venue: Taarika’s home 8:00AM

Both Divi and Pragya were welcomed with a gentle breeze swaying their sarees lightly. After they went inside they were welcomed by Taarika’s parents. Divi and Pragya ran towards Taarika and applied Haldi on her face. Taarika said, winking at them, “Finally, you both had a heart to come, but looking gorgeous my dear beauties.” Pragya and Divi giggled like Lil kids and hugged her. Pragya said, “I am eagerly waiting to see your groom show me his pic show me his pic show me his pic now!!!” Taarika replied, “Oh my restless P I will show you but first could you get me some water to drink? Pretty please??” *With a pout*

Pragya Smiled at her and went to fetch some water for Taarika. She moved a bit far from the place and saw some waiters moving around with juices she approached one of them whose back was turned towards her. She was taken aback, she gasped so loudly that every other waiter turned towards her and she gasped again by seeing all of them.

Whom did Divi call?
Why was Bulbul tensed?
Why did Pragya Gasp?

Tomorrow all these questions shall be answered hope you guys enjoyed reading this one too?

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