Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 16 – Divya ,to the rescue)

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Hello guys Prathi here! If you remember me 😀 I know, sorry doesn’ t count! I am not forgivable for this sin! I have made so may people wait for a long time. Sorry guys I had some things to attend to then came fever twice in a row. After that I had staring competition with my laptop for 3 weeks. I try daily and end up staring at my laptop not knowing how to proceed further. Finally! Here is the update, Hope you people will forgive me. And about the news will let you know by next year January 2018. Some confirmations had to be done. And thank you for all the lovely people who do support me to write. I even had a thought of dropping this story, but I know there are people who could kill me if I do so 😉 So sorry for having such a thought. Now the story is around 30K words. And please to do let me know, who updated what since I was ver lazy to comt to TU, I missed so many updates. Will catch them this weekend. Thank you everyone! Ok, here comes the update 😀

Recap : The story begins with the first night of Abhi and Pragya and travels back to the past of how they fell in love. In between comes another pair who love each other and has no idea how the other looks like, yes it is Sid and Soniya. Soniya always covers her face with her dupatta and Sid with his helmet. Both are longing to meet each other. Then there is another pair, one who is still in confusion or should I say confusing others by her decisions and the other who is quite confused about his partners behaviour and mannerisms towards Abhi even after accepting his proposal. Yes, It is Nikhil and Tanu. In between this roller coaster ride comes Fatima, Sid’s sister and her mother. Also Raj, a friend of Sid. Another important character would be Divya, a friend of Pragya. Pragya and Divya are in their senior’s mehendi function when they are attacked by goons. Abhi comes as a saviour to rescue them but how does he knows? Read the chapter for the answer…

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Still in the past….

Pragya was confused and asked, “What are you guys talking about? I mean, Divi how do you know that he will be coming here?”

Divi was about to open her mouth to answer her friend’s query, but abhi beat her in that and said, “You are friend, is such a cunning person you know? She dint fall unconscious, it was a planned act.

A little while earlier…
Taarika’s residency 10:30 AM
When our Pragya and Divi are about to leave they hear a gunshot Divya thought, ‘Oh no who are these people? Ok, no time to think.’ *screams and faints* ‘Now what? Call Abhi! Yes! Thank God I have him on speed dial and my hair is covering my mobile phone! Aww Love you my hair.’ Pragya calls, “Divya! Get up, Divya. What happened? Are you hurt? Tell me something Divya, please.” Divi thinks, ‘Sorry P you have to stay strong now I have no other go. Let me speak to him.’ Call gets connected to Abhi, he hears most of the conversation and finally Divi says, “Come and save your girl duffer!” and hangs up.

Pragya was staring at Divi like she is about to kill her with her bare hands. Abhi said, “Run for your life Divi.” Divi ran followed by Pragya after a while Divi was caught by her and both ended up laughing . “So much for expecting thrills in life.” Said Divi. But there was no response from our Pragya. Divya noticed Pragya and Abhi sharing an eye – lock and moved away from the silently towards Taarika.

Police station 11:30 AM

Inside the lock up we can see the head of the gang walking to and fro as though someone has eaten his favorite sandwich. Boss said, pointing towards one of their members, “Hey! Yeah, you come here.” The goon reached his boss and said, “What can I do for you boss?” Boss replied, “Really? You can anything for me?” The goon replied, “Yes, Boss, anything for you.” The very next second a scream is heard along with a thud. Police inspectors came running towards their holding cell and saw one of the goons lying on the floor clutching his life in his hands. They also noticed another goon standing with a sharp knife in his hand. Sub inspector ordered the constable to open the cell door. When it opened the remaining goons came running towards the inspector and constable and overpowered them.

A lawyer is seen hurrying inside the police station, he was horrified to see one of the goons lying lifeless in the cell and all the police officers being overpowered by other goons. Boss said, “You are late Chaudhry! Anyway, since you reached throw my anticipatory bail papers on his face. Boys, Let’s leave we have work to do.”

On the way to his name boss was thinking only one thing and without his knowledge, he said it aloud, “Who could have informed the police? I had recovered everyone’s mobile phone.” One of the goons replied, “No boss, absolutely not! We dint recover from one person.” Boss who was irritated yelled at him, “Why the hell dint you useless swines recover mobile from that person? Were you guys planning to get caught? Wow! You guys are unbelievable. Awesome!! Every boss should have employees like you so that everyone can flourish!”
That goon replied in a low tone, “We dint recover because she fainted and the other person was very much bothered for her friend she wouldn’t have noticed.”

Boss laughed * Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* and said, “Oh! My beautiful did the trick! Wow, she is very intelligent than I ever thought. If she is by my side, I can rule this world. But I am sorry beautiful, you pressed the wrong buttons in me so you die!” Turning towards one the goons he said, “Inquire about her as soon as possible! And please don’t kill her I want her before she dies. She had an awesome aroma she might taste good too.” The whole gang laughs *Ha ha ha ha ha ha*.

Soniya’s residence 12:00 PM

Soniya’s mom said, “We must leave before he comes here, I came to know he found out this house too. Come on Soniya let’s go.” She was hell adamant not to leave this place because Sid knows this place is where she lives and she wants to see him for one last time before she leaves. Her mom was also very stubborn and packed all of her stuff and pulled her out of the house. Her friend Priya was waiting for her outside the house with hall ticket for her upcoming exam. Priya said, “I explained your situation in college and they agreed to give me your hall ticket. Here it is *Placing it on her hands* please leave this place. I have arranged a safer place near our college for you. Tomorrow I will meet you there. Now go!” *Priya Pulled her into a hug and ran away after leaving her while rubbing off tears away from her cheeks*

Soniya had only one thought in her mind, ‘Sid! I don’t know when I will be able to meet you, but I swear will kill you for what you did today. And I am sorry I had to leave, I will come in front of you one day and never let you live in peace.’ Unknowingly an upward curve is seen in her face. Her mom was happy to see her smile, but all she could think of was, ‘Until when? How long will I protect my daughter from that so called my brother lusty monster. How could he think of my daughter in that way? I swear Soniya! I will protect you with my life.’

Both mom and daughter left the place towards a new beginning or so they thought. If they had known the upcoming events in their life things could have changed like the decisions they made just now.

Taarika’s residence 7:00 PM

A house beautifully decorated with lights that it gleams in the night. A person is seen walking towards the light as if a moth attracted towards a lamp. Inside all you could see is colorful flowers, a stage , lights and more lights. Arranged in such a way so that you could create a new ambience for each performance. One of the performance was going on, it was a girl singing “Yeh Mera Dil pyaar ka deewana….” That person’s lips twisted in such a way that you can’t tell whether it was a smile or a smirk. That person walked inside and was searching for someone. When that person’s eye met with the silhouette of that person. Eyes were gleaming or should I say smiling? A voice is heard saying, “Target acquired! The mission is on!”

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Reshma : Thank you so much dear for showing such patience in following this story which gets updated very rarely. 😀 😀

Maya :CS, hope you are fine and I don’t know how many you updated and all that I really need to know PM me ok? Gotta catch up a lot in here. Thank you so much CS  

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Pooja : It’s been a long time right? Time moves very fast that’s all I could say right now. You and few of the readers have immense amount of patience to follow this story. Thanks a lot for that dear. Thank you and I will let you know by next year definitely. Take care.

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