Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 15 – My heart skipped a beat)

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I know, I know I am late. Something is happening right now in my life. I will let you guys know about it soon, when it is confirmed till then don’t know whether I will able to update or not. I have been trying since Sunday to write this. I wasn’t even able to write a single word. Thank God finished it finally.Thank you for all the love you shower me with… Ok to the update.

Taarika’s residency 10:30 AM
When our Pragya and Divi are about to leave they hear a gunshot followed by a scream… The doors leading to the outside is closed and surrounded by goons… A girl is lying face down on the floor another girl sitting beside her trying to wake her up, “Divya! Get up, Divya. What happened? Are you hurt? Tell me something Divya, please.” The guy who shot shouts, “All men in here can move to the other side of the hall because I am going to kill every female in here if she doesn’t show up and please do hand over your mobiles to us now. Soniya…………. And by the way I am sure she is not hurt.” *Pointing his pointer towards Divya* He moved slowly towards one of the guests dragged her by her hair and pointed his gun at her temple and said, “I know, you are in here Soniya! I also know you don’t like to hurt innocent people. So come out now! Soniya……..”

Sid and Raj

Sid, “What the hell is he doing in here? That son of a Chimapanzee! And who is this Soniya? Any idea Raj? Raj?” he turned back to find Raj hiding behind a pillar. He sighed, went near him and smacked on his head and said, “I know you are not a very brave man but still this is too much. Man up Raj! Man up!” Raj replied shivering, “Oh, come on! Do you think, you can fight those goons out there ? They have guns! You know GUNS!!! Do you even know Guns? You could die Sid! Die.” Sid thought, ‘Yeah, he has a point! But have to do something otherwise he is going to kill her. Ahaan! Idea!’

A guy is seen walking towards the middle of the hall almost near the Gun guy and shouts, “Soniya………… Soniya…………….” He kept his hand over his forehead and turned left to right shouting her name. A goon came forward and said, “Boss! He is not our guy! Nobody knows him. Do you have any idea about him?” Boss replies, “No! Let me check it out.” He leaves the girl and walks towards the guy and asked, “Do I know you? If not, why do you help us?” That guy replied, “Hey buddy *hugging him* I am Sid! You don’t know me, but I sure do know you. I am just helping you out as a friend you see. Oh! And do tell your uncle that I asked about him” Boss looked at him quizzically and said, “Ok” and stepped back.
Sid, “Soniya! Where are you? Can you come out? See, so many people are suffering because of you.” and suddenly changed the sentence and said, “See, my dear friend, is suffering because of you, come out please.”

“What!??? Sid? Are you going crazy? You are helping him to catch me. Why do you do this? I am not able to see your face too. Why do everyone has to be taller than me? Oh, who am I kidding? Why I am shorter than everyone in front of me? Anyway hiding here is a good idea actually. I can see and hear whatever is happening there. I hope someone saves us. And especially me, from my dumb life partner!”

Divi and Pragya
Divi has come back to her conscious and said, “Pragya, be strong nothing will happen I assure you!” Pragya really wanted to laugh, but the situation around her dint permit her to do so and said, “Who ? Me? Really? You were the one who screamed and fell unconscious not me sweetheart.” Divi was about to say something when they heard a voice behind them, “Well, well ,well see who is awake from her beauty sleep. He grabbed Divya by her wrist and pulled her towards him and said, “Beautiful!” He sniffed her like a dog and said, “You smell awesome, I think you shall be my date tonight and not that girl. Guys! Come, let’s leave now. I have got one tonight, will hunt for her some other day.”

Pragya was so shocked! The most bold person was so shocked that she stood rooted in her place instead of doing something to stop him from taking her sweetheart away. She could only stand and stare at her pleading helpless eyes, which started to rain tears. And all she could do was just stand and stare at her best friend who is taken away as a meal for a merciless monster.

Sid and Raj
“Oh no! What is happening now? He is taking away another girl in Soniya’s place? Disgusting Pig! Spineless swine. I so want to kill him when he tried to manhandle my girl but you stopped me. Now see what he is doing to other girls. I don’t know who that Soniya is but I am sure I will be the death of him. I will kill him before I die or even after I die no matter what. I will kill him for sure, that son of a gun sure has his ways to get people do his works right? I will find a way to finish him off. This is my promise to you Jaan! I will kill him one day and you will watch it with your own eyes.” Said Sid. “Oh come on. calm down! Think of something, so that we can save that beautiful girl from his dirty claws. He is such a filthy scavenger! Ewww!” replied Raj. Both were thinking to overpower him by thinking of a plan.

Goons reached the main door and opened it, they were immediately surrounded by police. All were arrested inclusive of their boss. A guy walked in best dressed and ran towards Pragya and immersing her in a big bear hug and said, “You know, when I came to know about this my heart skipped a beat. I was sick worried about you Pragya! Nothing happened to you, right?” Pragya replied, “Abhi! How did you know that we are stuck here like this? Who told you? Everyone’s mobile phone was confiscated by them. Just now they gave our mobiles back.” Abhi can only say, “Ouch! That hurts, Are you trying to kill me?” Divya had come towards them and hit Abhi with a rod that lay on the floor left by the goons and said, “I thought you would never come you Moron! If you were late even by a minute, think what would have happened to me? Do you have any idea what all filthy comments he said all the way to the door? I just cant undo that part ever.”

Pragya was confused and asked, “What are you guys talking about? I mean, Divi how do you know that he will be coming here?”

Reshma, Pooja, Saranya, Abhigya – Thanks a lot guys! Even if it is a single word it matters a lot for me <3 Hope you all are fine, take care!

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