Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 14 – Mission is on)

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I know , I know I suck at updating now a days but please bear with me ppl! Will be back on track pretty soon. And Moni, welcome back dear see you have got more ppl waiting for you. And is there any confusion in this story you ppl like to be cleared? I heard from one of my readers that it is difficult to differentiate b/w past and present. So I am going to start my update with past or present written on the top. Love you ppl for all the support you show!

Taarika’s residence 10:00AM
A Girl is seen running towards Taarika’s residence, she enters inside to find some function going on. When she crossed a guy, she heard him calling Sid. She dint notice at first, but after hearing Sid’s response. She turned back and thought, ‘I have to tell him I am in grave danger, he can help me and I am sure about it. I am not able to see his face, ok let me approach him.’ She moves towards him…


Sid’s residence 9:00AM

Sid is lying on his cot and thinking of his love, whose name he is not aware of till now (Even, she knows your name! Come on Sid! Are you the dumbest character I created? I don’t think so! Author sighs!)

Raj enters his house and calls, “Sid! Where are you man? You know right today is my Bhai’s Sangeet! Where are you?” He enters Sid’s room and finds him speaking to himself with his eyes closed, “Hi! My name is Sid, I mean Siddharath. Sid. Or whatever you want to call me as. Hey! Don’t laugh ok, I am a bit nervous talking to you. I am like words from mouth why not coming. There are 26 alphabets in English I am not able to form words using them. My tongue is betraying me along with my brain who doesn’t want to cooperate with my heart. What have you done to me Jaan? No, don’t look at me like you are going to kick me, I don’t know your name ok? That is the reason I am calling you as Jaan. And obviously you are my Jaan, Jaan. All I want to say is I want to see little me and little you running around in a three bedroom house. Just one girl and one boy that is enough for me. One like you and one like me. Or both like you! Ok, one can be like me if you wish for. I think you are smiling now. Why can’t you take off your duppata from your face so that I can see your expressions, at least.” He was about to take off her dupatta when he felt like someone has poured a whole bucket of water on his face.

Sid woke up with a jerk and saw Raj laughing at him. He wanted to punch him in his face, but thought otherwise and said, “What the hell do you want Raj?” Raj replied, “I am so sorry, I know I disturbed your dream but I want to make that a reality! I want you to speak to her in person not in your dreams like this. And now get your ass off the bed and get ready, it’s my brothers Sangeet. A ringtone is heard and Raj walks away with his mobile leaving Sid alone in his room again. Sid said to himself, “To tell this he spoiled my most beautiful dream! Idiot! But what can I do, he is my friend even though he is an idiot!”

Raj came running to his room again and said, “Sid! Sid! Sid! Emergency.” Sid is seen wearing his kurta top, which gets struck when he moved awkwardly due to Raj’s yelling. It gets struck half the way to his torso and he wasn’t able to pull it down because his hands also got stuck in his kurta. Raj, who witnessed this laughed and said, “Sid, This is not the way to wear a Kurta” and pulls it down for him. Sid inquiries Raj, “Why. Did. You. Yell!!!???” Raj again came back to his panick mood and said, “My bhai wants Bhabhi’s pic before he gets to Bhabhi’s house for sangeet. There is some bet between those two and my bhai is threatening me.” He sat down on Sid’s bed pouting like a kid. Sid thought, ‘What would have his brother said? Why does he behave like the world is going to end?’ Sid sat down next to him staring at him keenly. Raj looked at Sid and said, “He said, he won’t be giving me pocket money anymore!” *Whines like a kid* Sid sighs and replies, “ I will help you with this, it’s easy! Come on, since I have dressed up lets go.”

Taarika’s residence 10:00AM
Sid is seen coming inside along with his friend Raj.
Raj nudged Sid with his elbow and said, “Bhai! Gotta find the bride and take a pic of her and send it to him otherwise he will kick me.” Sid replied, “Calm down, it’s mehendi and Sangeet function combined we can get inside no worries and the bride is the easier one to spot. There she is our bro’s beautiful bride in all her glory.” They moved towards her and said, “Bhabhi (Sis-in-Law), you look beautiful! And smile please.” Sid immediately took a picture of her and ran. Raj met him within a minute and said, “Mission complete!”

Sid is seen standing near the door facing it and talking to Raj about Soniya. He sees a girl coming towards them in swift movement, he wasn’t able to see the girl’s face. His heart was screaming out to him to go get her. But he doesn’t seem to hear his heart’s pleading. He ignored it and continued speaking to his friend about Soniya, his Jaan! All he could think about was her.

Somewhere near the bride

Divi was yelling at the top of her voice, “Oh! No! I forgot to ask my astrologer at what time should I be here for Sangeet! I hope nothing goes wrong here!” Pragya who was sitting beside her, covers her ears and thinks, ‘Why God? Why? Why did I ever agree to be her friend? Somebody save me!’Taarika called, “Pragya!!!! Divya!!!! Come over here” Both ran towards her and said, “Yes Sir!” Taarika laughed and said, “Ok, other things later! Could you guys do me a favor? Can you both go to the Groom’s house and get me his picture?” Pragya and Divi grinned, looking at each other and said, “Oh! Our Taarika sis can’t wait to see her groom huh? Ok, on our mission!” Pragya said, “Right lieutenant Divya, get his address from her, we have to leave now!” Divi replied, “Yes, Major Pragya! On it!” gave her a mock salute and asked Taarika for Groom’s address.

Abhi’s residence
Abhi is seen getting ready for Taarika’s sangeet. Nikhil gets inside the room and said, “Abhi, Sangeet is only after 6PM, why are you making a mess of your room from now? “ Abhi replies calmly, “Chill Dude! I can get ready by 6 only if I start now, I have to look good before my darling right?” Nikhil sighs and said, “Darling ? really? You haven’t proposed her still Abhi! Even I dint call Tanu as darling even after she accepted my proposal. What’s wrong with you? Today you are proposing her and that’s it, no more excuses.” Abhi replied, trembling, “I can’t Nikhil my tongue and brain doesn’t cooperate with me it trembles when I see her! Her eyes, her lips,her hair, the way she carries herself everything is making me go crazy! All I want to do is kiss her. How can I do that before proposing her?”

Nikhil sighs and said, “Fine! Kiss her then! You want to do that right? So badly! She should understand how much you love her with that single kiss! Pour your heart and soul in that single kiss.”

Abhi is left alone to think in his room, he said, “So, the Mission is on.”

Taarika’s residency
When our Pragya and Divi are about to leave they hear a gunshot followed by a scream… The doors leading to the outside is closed and surrounded by goons…

Who is that now? May be Sangram Singh came here too??? Keep guessing!

Really really in between office time I am posting this so can’t say an elaborate thanks, Reshma, Mythili, Saranya, Pooja, Suhani, Abhigya, Trisha. Thank a lot for your love hopefully I keep up your expectations. See ya later! Bub-bye <3 <3

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