Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 13 – Hold me Close and hold me Fast)

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Even in his closet and Tanu outside in his room now with Nikhil all he could think about was about Pragya. He thought, ‘ Oh my Goodness, I held her by her waist, I held her bare waist in my hands. Oh my! How luck are my hands, I am not at all going to wash them ever.’ That’s when he remembered washing it to have dinner minutes ago and cursed himself. He thought, ‘Dream , dream and dream until it becomes a reality.’ He was immersed in her thoughts not knowing the danger lurking in his room…

Abhi was still daydreaming about Pragya when his mobile vibrated showing a new message. He was irritated to the core after reading that message and burst open his closet door to find Tanu and Nikhil staring at him. Tanu ran towards him and was about to hug him, but he swat her off like a fly and said, “What the hell do you want? Why are you in my room?” Tanu replied , “Abhi, I am in your room because this is going to be our room. I just came here to check how my future husband’s room is.” Nikhil was getting furious by every minute he handled her, Yes, he loves her, but that doesn’t mean he has to tolerate her every now and then. He pulled her out of the room by her wrist before Abhi could do anything drastic. He pushed her inside another room and locked the door and faced her.

Tanu, who was shocked by Nikhil’s behavior stood numb and dint know what to do now. Nikhil broke the silence, “Look! I love you, I dint want to say it here, like this. But you made me desperate to say it. Don’t go behind Abhi, he loves someone else, and you don’t know anything about his temper. Even now I pulled you out of his room for your own safety and not to propose you. Please understand his feelings Tanu, he doesn’t love you! I know him since he and I were a toddler. He has anger issues, he can’t control his anger, he just bursts out. Please I don’t want you to be at the end of his wrath, I love you Tanu!” He let himself slide down a wall and knelt before her.

Tanu was now beyond shock, no words could express her feeling now, She felt butterflies flying around in her stomach, her heart started to run a marathon. She never felt like this for Abhi, she was sure about that. She didn’t know how to express her feelings, she knelt down and hugged him tight letting out her tears. It was as though she was waiting for this moment right from her birth. She just wants to be there in his solace now and forever. Nikhil who was being hugged by Tanu was shocked yet happy and hugged her tight as if telling her don’t leave me. All this happened so quickly and both still not able to fathom the depth of their relationship which has been laid centuries back. They stayed like that for who knows how long until they heard a knock at the door, making them coming back to their self and Tanu backed off and ran towards the door.

Tanu opened the door to find Aaliya staring at her from top to bottom, that is when she realized, her precious kajal has been smudged and ran along with her tears till her jaws. Aaliya saw Nikhil come out of the door with a shy smile head hung low and lifted his hands to scratch the back of his head. Back to Tanu, she was so lost seemed like she was living in another century all together. Aaliya shook Tanu and asked her, “What happened inside? Why is he acting like a love sick puppy, why is your face strained with black tears? Tell me why? I can’t take the suspense anymore, tell me? *hickup* Tell me? *Hickup* Tell me *Hickup*” Tanu held Aaliya’s wrist and said, “I… I… just accepted his proposal.” Aaliya and Nikhil’s eyes widened in surprise.
Abhi who heard commotion came out to hear this at the right time, making his jaw drop to the floor and said, “What? How?When? I feel like I am dreaming! Someone pinch me,kick me.”

Aaliya came to Abhi’s rescue, she kicked him in his shin, he screeched like a banshee and said, “Ouch! I dint mean it literally AALIYA!!!! Anyway, it’s not a dream phew!” Nikhil walked towards Tanu taking baby steps, he dint know whether this was true or not! He was confused beyond belief. Now he wanted someone to prove this is reality and not some dream. Aaliya to the rescue again, “She doesn’t bite bhai, go ahead hug her , kiss her up to you.” Tanu who just now realized what she said fled from the place like a ‘Road runner’ (If you guys don’t remember him, he is one of my favorite Looney tunes characters Beep, Beep). Nikhil, Abhi and Aaliya stood there confused at the turn of events.

10:00PM Tanu’s residence

Tanu is seen pacing her room talking to herself, “Shit, Shit, Shit! What the hell did I do now? How can I say that I love him? I mean I just accepted his proposal just like that, I found solace in his hug, I can’t say I dint like it because I loved to be hugged by him. I love Abhi!, but do I do anymore? I don’t know I am just confused right now may be? But I like Nikhil, delete that I Love NIKHIL! Damn, when did this happen? But I still want Abhi! Ok, calm down, the only way you will be allowed to talk freely with Abhi is this! Yes, I have to act that I love Nikhil truly, but I truly love him. But I want Abhi too. No! I just want Abhi, it’s decided then. Let’s seal the fate Abhisheik Prem Mehra!” *Smirks*

Next day 8:00 AM

Abhi’s residence and Pragya’s Hostel

Abhi’s residence

Somebody is in a happy mood, let’s see what’s happening

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
When you press me to your heart
And in a world apart
A world where roses bloom
And when you speak
Angels sing from above
Every day words
Seems to turn into love songs
Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose (Wall – E Version)

Aaliya enter’s Abhi’ s room hearing loud music to find him dancing in his bathrobe to the song, she just couldn’t believe her brother was dancing to a song early in the morning. Nikhil also arrived and watched him dance and said, “ Looks like someone is so happy today! And what happened to him? From where did he get this song? He never listens to any English song. He watches only Disney movies…” Aaliya excitedly said, “Got him! He got this from the Wall – E movie, he was so into that song. But why now?” Aaliya and Nikhil stepped inside carefully without alerting him of their presence and stood in front of him. Abhi screeched, hugged himself and said, “My dignity! Get out, both of you, let me change into something.” Nikhil and Aaliya who couldn’t stand this anymore laughed their ass off and said, “You forgot about your dignity while leaving your room door open and dancing shamelessly to this lovely song! And when we came to ask you about this you are talking about your dignity?. Oh my I just can’t stop laughing.” Abhi ran towards his closet changed himself and came out only to be confronted by Nikhil.

Nikhil enquired Abhi, “I need to know something, from where did you get this song? How did you know about this song? And why now?” Abhi who felt like being in an interrogation room looked at Aaliya helpless. Aaliya said, “Nikhil bhai, he won’t reply, if we ask him like this. Let’s take him to our interrogation room.” *Smirks* Abhi who remembered his last time there said, “No, No, no… I will tell you guys. I saw this song in Pragya’s playlist and searched for it. And now I wanted to hear this because I am so happy that Tanu is off from my back. Phew! such a pain in my ass. You know the name of her playlist under which this song was? Happy times, that’s the name. So it is also going to be my Happy times song. How much I wish I could propose her right away” He laid down on his bed thinking of her.
Aaliya and Nikhil left, giving him, his needed privacy. A voice (female) is heard saying, “She wouldn’t leave you my boy! She gets what she wants.” Abhi was startled and thought, ‘Just my stupid imagination playing pranks with me.’

Pragya’s hostel 8:00 AM
Guitar’s sound is heard from our Pragya and Divi’s room, Divi is seen moving her head according to the music. And who else will sing ? Yeah our Pragya is singing the same song Abhi heard. (Just imagine it as female version or much better search for La vie en Rose HIMYIM). She had her eyes closed all the way, when she opened her eyes, she found Divi staring at her. Divi said, “Today, it was very beautiful P, I loved it! It’s like you are living this song now. Hope you get to be like this all your life. Keep smiling buddy, gotta get ready, it’s time for my pooja.”
Pragya laughed seeing her cute antics and said, “I wish RC (Red Chilli) would propose me soon, I am waiting darling!”

Taarika’s residence 10:00AM
Sid is seen coming inside along with his friend Raj, but what is he doing in Taarika’s house? Let’s see…
Raj nudged Sid with his elbow and said, “Bhai! Gotta find the bride and take a pic of her and send it to him otherwise he will kick me.” Sid replied, “Calm down, it’s mehendi and Sangeet function combined we can get inside no worries and the bride is the easier one to spot. There she is our bro’s beautiful bride in all her glory.” They moved towards her and said, “Bhabhi (Sis-in-Law), you look beautiful! And smile please.” Sid immediately took a picture of her and ran. Raj met him within a minute and said, “Mission complete!”

A Girl is seen running towards Taarika’s residence, she enters inside to find some function going on. When she crossed a guy, she heard him calling Sid. She dint notice at first, but after hearing Sid’s response. She turned back and thought, ‘I have to tell him I am in grave danger, he can help me and I am sure about it. I am not able to see his face, ok let me approach him.’ She moves towards him…

Will she meet Sid? And who is she?

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