Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 12 – Dreams. Dream and Dream)

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Hello Peeps, Prathi here! I know I know it’s been a long while I wrote the first half of this chapter 3 weeks back, I am so sorry I was stuck! Hope this one is worth it! Waiting so badly to hear from you all! Love you ppl! Missed you all a lot.

Around 2:00 PM Taarika’s Home

Pragya dint give up and was trying hard to loosen her grip from his hands. Suddenly they realized their position and Abhi let her go, Pragya blushed (Oh! After a long time in her life to be exact) she adjusted her saree looked at him only to see his eyes already fixed on her waist which was exposed.


So what happened? Who got hurt by Pragya?
Here it goes…

Divi who was passing by the dinning hall heard some noises coming near it. She went to inquire about it, that’s when she saw Abhi and Pragya in a compromising position. She went near to tease them only to end up getting beatings from Pragya. Abhi was shocked to see her like this, he dint expect she would hit Divi for doing so. But the next moment he saw them both laughing at each other. Now he was very confused and left the place quietly.

Only Pragya and Divi are seen there now, both looking at each other silently not knowing what to speak. Divi broke the silence, “Rama! Please tell me what’s wrong with this girl? She isn’t speaking at all and romancing with Abhi and not at all telling me why. And most importantly acted like she is hurting me. Why Lord ? Why? What happened to my bestie?” Pragya opened her mouth to speak, refrained from doing so, but ended up speaking, “Hey Drama queen! Will you keep it together? Actually, I really wanted to hurt you till you cry your eyes out! How dare you tell him about my past ?” She was about to hit her when Divi closed her eyes and embraced herself murmuring, “Why would she act as if hurting me?” Pragya replied, “You dint notice what he was doing? I just wanted to scare him off and it worked.” *Winks* Divi continued, “So, What’s on your mind now? Are you in love with him? Please give me a damn straight answer I don’t want to listen to your lectures please. And yes, I did tell him because he had his doubts. Because I don’t want my sweetheart to go through the same thing once again.”
Pragya, just hugged Divi, She expressed her gratitude through a hug, which was well understood and received by Divi. They heard some noise which made Pragya chuckle and Divi Laugh. Nothing but grumbling of Pragya’s stomach. She said, “I am hungry Divi.” Divi laughed it off and both went inside the dining hall and saw there were only 2 seats available.

7:00PM Sid’s home

Sid is seen lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling as though his whole life has been wasted or his ship has sunken. He hears a voice coming from the ceiling, “Come to me Sid! Come to me.” He looks up to find a face forming in his ceiling whose face has been completely covered by a dupatta only eyes can be seen. He looked more carefully only to find her eyes there. He got up from his bed and was about to stand up on his cot, he saw the figure slightly remove the duppata. He was disturbed by a voice calling him, “Bhaiyya!!!! Open the door! Don’t tell me you are day dreaming about my Sister-in-law.” He shook himself only to find him lying on his bed. He thought, ‘Damn! It was just a dream, but still I would have seen her face, This girl will be my end!’ He replied, “Coming Paathu!!!” He opened his room door only to find a 17 year old run into his room and jump in his bed. He smiles at her and caresses her head sitting next to her. He started the conversation, “Why is my sweet Lil sister here today?” Before he could even finish his statement Fatima’s mother (Yes, he calls her Paathu) came barging in glaring at her. Fatima hid behind Sid, who now stood up. He questioned, “Mom, what happened? Why are you behind my sweet sister?” Her mom replied, “Sweet sister only for you! You know what she did back there? She is being very playful for her age, next year I am planning to marry her off.”

Sid was fuming now and said, “What is wrong with you, mom? How many times should I tell you? Don’t even say that even as a joke! No, you never listen, I am not marrying my sister to anybody at this age No, Nope and whichever language you wanted to hear I will tell you. Not funny ok? She is just a kid got it?” Her mom sighed and said, “Fatima, go and check whether rice has boiled or not dear.” Paathu happily ran away from the screaming match between her mother and her brother. Saira (Paathu’s mom) went near Sid and touched his cheek and said, “I know how much you love your sister Sid! But she really needs to end this behavior of her’s not good for her and people around her. You know what she did today? That old man Who rests on a recliner chair, she made him fall off from his chair. When I asked her why, she wouldn’t even answer my question. There is a limit for everything Sid, she was playing with kids of her age and some adults ok. But this one was too much to handle Sid.” She was holding her head in her right hand.

Sid fumed and called, “Paathu!!!!” She came running knowing how much of temper her brother has. He waved Saira off (Uff! Give some respect Sid). Paathu came towards him with her head hung low. After Saira went Sid said, “I know why you did so! And I wanted to do that for a long time now so give me a High- Five” Paathu was shocked to see her brother behaving in that way. She was looking at her brother with eyes wide and mouth open, forming a big O. Sid continued, “ I know what he does to kids who go there to him. He touches them badly and you saw it right?” Paathu felt relived and said, “Yes bhaiyya that Old hag has such a nerve, wanted to teach him a lesson. And how can I tell all this to mom? I can’t even say all this to you too. Since you know about this, yes, I punished him for trying to touch me inappropriately and also for touching other kids. How dare he? I don’t know Bhaiyya why does people like this even exist.”

Sid replied, “ I don’t know about that, but I am proud of you! You stood up for yourself. Tomorrow I am going to register you in a karate or any other class, whichever you love to go.” Paathu was about to say something, but Sid interrupted and said, “I will talk to your mom don’t worry.” Paathu hugged him and said, “Love you Bhai! This is why I come to you all the time.”

This conversation is heard by Saira who was standing outside, she was shocked, but relived and proud of her daughter and so overwhelmed by the bond both Sid and Paathu shares. She left from there after wiping away a happy tear from her left eye.

7:00 PM Soniya’s residence

A loud wailing and unsteady voice is heard Soniya gets up from her half sleepy state to recognize the owner of the voice and where it came from. She stood there frozen, her mom came and hugged her saying. “It’s ok beta after you finish your studies we will move from here.” Soniya swatted her mom’s arms away from her and said, “How long? How long are we going to play hide and seek with him? We have changed 20 houses now and in my college, nobody knows that my name is Soniya except for Priya. I am tired of this mom, tired of running away from him.”

The sound stopped and both went to their places Soniya to bed and her mom to kitchen.

Soniya was lying down on her cot and imagining a guy without a face and said, “Come to me Sid! come to me. I have always seen you walk around me, why do you wear that stupid helmet? I never got to see your face, but know your name listening intently to your conversations. You never got to know my name right? Stupid just listen to our conversation you will get to know ok?” Smiling to herself, she closed her eyes dreaming of a man with no face! She thought, ‘ Just dreaming of him gives me so much peace, how it would be to live with him? Can’t even think how much peace and happiness he can shower me with. All I want is something serious, someone permanent and of course, waking up to and dozing off next to the one I love and adore is that something too much to ask her? I wish I just wish that could happen for real with Sid! I want to make my day and Night with you. I love you Sid’

Sid’s Residence

Sid felt someone speaking with him and thought, ‘Is she thinking about me? How is that even possible? Just like her I hide my face with a helmet and just once I took it off so that she could notice me. Oh Damn! I wore a new dress that day! Damn! Just damn! I want you next to me in every waking hour and also while I am asleep, I don’t think I can spend my day and night without you beside me. I love you… Grr! I don’t even know her name. I wish I just wish I get to see her face just once.’

9:00 PM Pragya’ hostel and Abhi’s Residence

Pragya’s Hostel

Pragya was walking no, that’s not the right word pacing here and there and Divi who was sitting on her bed saw this said, “Will you stop? You are hurting my neck.” Pragya turned towards her with a quizzical look, Divi continued, “I was looking at you pacing and it hurts my neck” *Pouting looking at her* Pragya’s smile grew and she said, “Sorry for hurting your neck and I was thinking about my DG.” *She said so dreamily* Divi thought for a second and said, “ When did he become your DG? What happened P?” Pragya replied, “ Don’t know…” Before she could continue Divi closed her mouth with her palm and said, “I really don’t want to hear whatever you are going to say now. I am tired of listening to your vague dialogues, I pity him for falling for you!’ Divi switched off the lights and lies down, saying, “Good night and DG dreams” Pragya smiled and thought about him and their position today she felt goosebumps all over her body. She thought, ‘We were so close, he held me by my waist *absentmidedly touching her own waist* Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps oh mine I think I have become a so called LOVE SICK GIRL. Grr.. I hate this, but I love this feeling, I love the way he makes me feel. Don’t know what is going on in his mind now , hope the same scene is being played over and over in his mind. When will you propose me? I am waiting for you to tell it those three beautiful and soulful words on which I lost hope. You are slowly giving me hope, don’t leave me please. I love you DG.’

Abhi’s Residence

Abhi was lying on his bed replaying the scene in his mind in loop mode, he just couldn’t believe his luck. That is when Nikhil enters his room looking at a lost Abhi smiling lying on the bed. Nikhil thought to tease him and went near his ears and said, “ Abhi, Tanu is here and she is coming to your room now. Go hide quick” He stood up and started to run towards his closet. He heard Nikhil laugh, he turned back came towards Nihkil and hit him hard on his abdomen. Even then he didn’t stop laughing. Abhi was fuming now and said, “ WHY . DO . YOU. LAUGH. IDIOT?” Nikhil somehow controlled his laughter and said, “ It was so entertaining to see your face change from a smiling idiot to a scared idiot. OMG! Your expression was worth watching.” Again he was hit by Abhi but playfully, Nikhil took this as a cue and started hitting Abhi. They were playing like kindergardern kids when Aaliya arrived at the scene and said the bad news, “Bhai log! Tanu has arrived, the one who wants to hide can hide and the one who wants to flirt can come down now.” Now Abhi rushed and hid in his closet thanking Aaliya.

Even in his closet and Tanu outside in his room now with Nikhil all he could think about was about Pragya. He thought, ‘ Oh my Goodness, I held her by her waist, I held her bare waist in my hands. Oh my! How luck are my hands, I am not at all going to wash them ever.’ That’s when he remembered washing it to have dinner minutes ago and cursed himself. He thought, ‘Dream , dream and dream until it becomes a reality.’ He was immersed in her thoughts not knowing the danger lurking in his room…

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