Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 10 – I will Love you Always)

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Well, don’t start yelling at me I am so ok I am not saying it but still I am procrastinating a lot now, bad me, promising and not accomplishing it! Hope you guys remember the story. or do you guys need a recap? If so do tell me I will do it without fail and finally I got some time to read all other FF I will start commenting slowly too. I really wanted to say this, you ppl make my day and night. Yes, I mean it reading your comments first thing in the morning and before going to sleep so yes you ppl make my day and night. Love you all my sweet sisters, friends and silent readers! Hope I am not being so not romantic writing a romantic one I hope I am writing a romantic one. Or am I? Clear my confusion soon. Ok, I will stop here, enjoy reading it <3

Pragya Smiled at her and went to fetch some water for Taarika. She moved a bit far from the place and saw some waiters moving around with juices she approached one of them whose back was turned towards her. She was taken aback, she gasped so loudly that every other waiter turned towards her and she gasped again by seeing all of them.

Divi and Taarika are seen laughing, Taarika controlled her laughter and asked, “Who came up with this idea? You know about her, right? She is not the same person she was. She is changed now a lot, but that look on her face I badly want to see it Divi.” Divi replied, “All our Lil champ Bulbul’s idea, we all know how much she has fallen in love with him but she doesn’t want to accept that fact. Yesterday she was talking nonsense like, ‘I wasn’t in love when I thought I was in love. But I am in love when I am thinking that I am not in love.’* Mimicking Pragya’s voice.* You can’t move from here but let me go and see what is happening there.” Divi left Taarika while she pouts.

Divi was nearing Pragya when she saw all the waiters and was controlling her smile. She went near Pragya whose back was turned to her and tapped her shoulder. Pragya turned towards divi now her back facing all the waiters (The one she approached ran away when she turned). She asked, almost whispering, “Divi, do you see what I see?” Divi acts as if confused and asked her, “What Pragya? What happened?” Pragya again whispered, “Those waiters do they… do they look like Abhi (In a single breath she said these)” Divi again acts as confused and said, “ P you really need a psychiatrist just turn and see for yourself ,do they all look like him?” Pragya was hesitant and denied to turn back, but Divi turned her towards them and said, “My dear ppl can you all turn this way?” Everyone in the room inclusive of the guests turned towards them. Pragya closed her eyes, but Divi forced her to look. She saw different faces now and thought, ‘Oh, no I am going mad for sure.’ Divi said, “Sorry everyone, you can get back to whatever you were doing.”

Divi continued, “See Pragya, you are day dreaming about him, you are imagining him in every person you see. Oh Rama! Why can’t you just accept you love him?” Pragya who was busy with her own thoughts only heard bits and pieces of what Divi said and just bobbed her head lightly. Divi got water from one of the waiters and walked towards Taarika, Pragya ran behind her. She noticed someone looking at her hiding behind one of the pillars. She made some excuse and walked towards the pillar, before she could reach, that person sprinted from there. But she found out what she wanted to know.

Now Pragya is seen talking to one of the waiters, not talking scratch that she is flirting with one of the waiters. This was noticed by 2 pair of human eyes and two pair of other eyes (Will get to this extra pair of eyes later). Let’s see what is Pragya doing… Waiter, “Madam, I don’t feel comfortable doing this. I know you gave me money too, but please madam, I am already married and the way they stare at me seems like they will kill me, let me go madam please.” Pragya replied, “If you love yourself more than anything, just smile or laugh to whatever I say when any one of them nears us we will change our dailogue to sweety, hottie and all that ok?” Pragya thought, ‘Yuck! Why did I ever say Sweety, hottie? Yuck yuck yuck.’ They both were standing dangerously close to each other or that is what onlookers would assume. Pragya’s back is turned to those pairs of human eyes. One pair of eyes reached her and tapped her shoulder and asked, “Pragya!! What are you doing with this waiter?” Pragya replied batting her eyelashes, “You only told me to confess my love to Abhi, see I confessed and we are, you know…” *She bent down her head and smiled shyly* Divi stood there shell shocked and said, “Pragya, this is not Abhi! This is someone else. Come out of your dreamland now!” Pragya gasped and said, “Oh! No, I proposed and kissed a complete stranger then? Oh my God! I am leaving this place or else I will go crazy.”

A pair of ears who heard this is burning in Jealously and moved towards that waiter who sprinted away seeing the approaching danger. He said, “I will kill you if I ever see you around her.” That guy turned he was none other than Abhi looking menacingly at the waiter. Given a chance would eat him up alive. Now someone taps on his shoulder, he turns back and is shocked to see her smiling slyly at him. He grinned rubbing his neck when she found out the he was posing as a waiter. An unspoken silence prevailed between them, Pragya broke it, “So, What were you trying to do Abhi? Abhi was now grinning from ear to ear not able to respond her he was embarrassed to the core and turned to leave. Pragya held his hand, and the music starts…
(Sorry guys couldn’t get the English version of this too lazy to translate on my own)
Un Pani Thuli Pani Thuli Pani Thuli
Ennai Suduvathu Suduvathu Aeno?
En Suriyan Suriyan Suriyan
Athil Uruguthu Uruguthu Aeno?
Ithu Nanavaai Thoandrum Kavavu
Ithu Kaalai Thoandrum Nilavu
Ithu Kannai Kannai Parithu
Velicham Tharum Iravu
Kaathalaa Kaathalaa Ennavum Koosuthey..
Aasaiyum Naanamum Sandaigal Poduthey..
*She held his hands close to her cheek, closing her eyes and opening them to confirm that this isn’t a dream. Abhi was completely dumbfounded by her touch and lost in his own world caressing her cheeks*

Viralgalum Nagangalum, Thøttu Kønda Nerangal
Ènni Athai Paathathillai Èndru Pøthum Nøørugal
Aethø Oru Thendral Møthi, Mella Mella Maarinøam
O… Unnai Naanum, Ènnai Neeyum
Èngae Èndru Thaedinøam..
Nammai Šuttri Køøttam Vanthum Thaniyaanøm..
Thanimayil Nejukkulae Pesalamø..
Paesum Pøthey Paesum Pøthey
Møunam Aanøm..
*Pragya freed her cheeks from his grip let his hands down and turned to leave. Abhi held her back, caressing her bare back,feeling her shiver under his touch encouraged him to do it more. He held her close to him and let his silence speak more than words.*
Mugathirai Kullae Nindru, Kannam Pøøchi Aadinaai
Pøiyal Oru Maalai Katti, Pøøsai Šeithu Šøødinaai
Nizhalgalin Ulle Ulla, Nijangalai Thedinen
Neeyaai Athai Šølvaai Èna,
Nithamum Naan Vaadinen..
Šølla Ninaithaen, Aanaal Vaarthai Illai..
Unnai Vittaal Yaarum Ènthan Šøntham Illai..
Šøntham Èndru Yarum Ini Thevayillai..
*Pragya broke from her trance and moved a bit away from Abhi, with Abhi hot in her trails both moved around pillars as if playing hide and seek. Where Abhi held her wrist, waist,cheeks,hair whichever is comfortable for him to hold when he sees her to assure her, he saw her. (I know they are playing like kids). Both wanted to express their feelings for each other so badly, but is stopped by an unseen barrier. Pragya thinking about her lost family and Abhi thinking about her past life. Pragya shed tears which were swiftly wiped off before it could even reach her chin by Abhi. They stood in silence without bothering so many people watching them romance in public (Shameless people)
Un Pani Thuli Pani Thuli Pani Thuli
Ènnai Šuduvathu Šuduvathu Aenø?
Èn Šuriyan Šuriyan Šuriyan
Athil Uruguthu Uruguthu Aenø?
Ithu Nanavaai Thøandrum Kavavu
Ithu Kaalai Thøandrum Nilavu
Ithu Kannai Kannai Parithu
Velicham Tharum Iravu
Kaathalaa Kaathalaa Ènnavum Køøsuthey..
Aasaiyum Naanamum Šandaigal Pøduthey..
Un Pani Thuli Pani Thuli Pani Thuli
Ènnai Šuduvathu Šuduvathu Aenø?
Èn Šuriyan Šuriyan Šuriyan
Athil Uruguthu Uruguthu Aenø?
*Both were staring at each others eyes to know who is going to express their feelings first. Both of them were urging to open up*

Now their trance is broken by a shrill voice calling for Pragya (Yeah, you guys guessed it wrong). It’s Taarika, this time. Pragya ran away from Abhi blushing, making her cheeks tinted with red naturally. By the time she reached Taarika she was looking like a cute tomato. Taarika who saw her blushing face said, “Don’t tell me you like that waiter pointing towards Abhi.” Divi interrupted Pragya’s reply and said, “No, he is not waiter he is Aaliya’s brother, I used to tell you about her right? She is very sweet, unlike her friend Tanu yuck, don’t know how these two became friends. By the way, what is the time now? *before anyone could reply* What? It’s 9:30 AM and nobody told me about it? You both know about me, right? I always follow my astrologer’s words. Oh! No, I have to hurry up and eat before it is 9:31AM Rama help me please!”

Hearing this both Pragya and Taarika had their jaws dropped and eyes wide and saw Divi running towards the kitchen. They both came out of their shock and laughed whole hearted. Taarika asked, “She still dint change? Did she?” and continued laughing. Pragya shook her head and continued to laugh with her. Taarika hesitantly asked Pragya, “ P, do you like that guy?” At first Pragya bobbed her head (as saying yes) and then shook her head (as saying no) and finally sighed and gave an ‘I am confused look’. Taarika sternly said, “Are you going to answer my question clearly or not P?” Pragya knowing Taarika’s temper said, “I don’t know!” Taarika still confused, “Please tell me something, don’t give that I don’t know look I want a solid answer.” Pragya sighed her defeat and said, “I don’t know , doesn’t always means that the person don’t know what’s going on but sometimes it means that person is not sure of the decision they had taken.*Seeing her quizzical look* Not sure in the sense, I think I love him but not sure whether I will be able to go through with it, not sure will he be able to understand what I went through, not sure whether he will love me or leave me..” she choked on saying those words. That is when she realized she can’t be without him anymore, he has crossed every barrier she had built to keep away people trespassing into her heart. But how did he manage to trespass every barrier she had raised very meticulously around her.

She was disturbed by Taarika again, she said, “I think, you should tell him about this not sure saga of yours to him so that you may get a proper answer at least from him I hope so. I really don’t want to handle another I don’t know or not sure anymore. I can’t P it kind of creeps me out now. Now tell me how did he end up here?” Pragya who was listening to whatever she said patiently half laughing in seeing a confused Taarika came out of it and said, “ I think Divi helped him with this, you know what they did? They made every waiter to wear a mask made up of his face and tried to confuse me. But I caught him sending signals to Divi standing behind a pillar and I played with them to make him come in front of me.” She finished saying with a smirk. Taarika continued, “So that you could romance with him in Public? Really P I dint know, my SP (Sweetie Pie) has grown up this much.”

Pragya gave her an annoyed look and said, “I told you not to call me SP, yuck I hate that. I even allowed you to call me P but not SP, I hope you understood.” Taarika thought, ‘You don’t know Pragya I still call you Pie(P) you think it’s for Pragya? Nope darling it’s Pie’ she was thinking about it and smirking when Pragya said, “I know what is the meaning of P, the one you call me *her face contorted in every possible way before she could tell* it’s Pie right?” Taarika was shocked and confused, ‘If she knew it was Pie, why she never confronted me?’Pragya smiled sweetly like a little girl and said with tears threatening to flow down, “My Mom…. She used to call me Pie.”

Abhi and Divi were standing silently near them behind a pillar heard all this and were thinking about how brave she is. She faces everything alone. Abhi made a silent promise to her, ‘I will always love you no matter what! Even that causes the end of my life.’

Someone from above said, “Be careful with what you wish for young man” inaudible to his ears and everyone surrounding him.

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