Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 1 – First Night)

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Hello My dear friends, choti’s and silent readers I want to inform you all two things. Both are same but there is a slight difference 😀 😀 Ok no more suspense. Myself and B_Ani are going to take a break *She has exams ppl* *Me? Oh well! Bit busy* So, coming to the point she will be coming about after April or around that. And me I have no idea! But definitely will be back. Will post one or two randomly. I can’t say for sure but the point is I am taking a break same with B_ Ani… Hope you guys understand! Moving on to the story some scenes will be repeated from Pragya’s POV so bear with it. I will be definitely reading every ff and comment too. Enjoy reading and let me know how you feel about it. Love you all!! <3 <3

A girl in shown in wedding attire walking towards a room with a few girls beside her. All were giggling and making fun of her. She asked, “Bulbul, is it necessary to wear my saree like this?” *Pointing the ghunghat* Bulbul replied, “Di, Don’t behave like a kid! Just a few more minutes, then who knows whether you will be wearing anything or not?” All were laughing around that girl and she said, “Bulbul, even I will get a chance one day! When you get married. Mark my words I won’t spare you, my girl. You were decent enough, but I won’t be.” *Smirking at Bulbul* Bulbul’s face changed color immediately and said, “Di, please, please just forget whatever I said.” That girl replied, “That’s like my girl! Very good!” *Pulling her cheeks* They all reached near a room, opened it and pushed that girl inside it.

A guy was walking here and there impatiently, when he saw that girl he smiled and said, “I was worried, whether my saali (Bulbul) will ever send you in or not. She is not your real sister, she is doing all this stuff! If she is your real sister what will she do? Oh my God! I can’t even imagine. Fuggi, come here!” He sat on the bed calling her towards him. She went towards him, removed her ghunghat and sat next to him. She said, “You don’t know what all she said on the way. It just takes 2 minutes from hall to your room, I can write a whole new story with whatever she said.” He looked at her and said, “Did she lie about anything?” *Winking*. She stood up and said, “No, she dint Mr. Mehra.” She removed all the safety pins from her saree and sat next to him again. He was about to hold her wrist, She got up from the bed and walked away from him singing

Sunte hain jab pyaar ho toh
Diye jal uthte hain
Tan mein, mann mein, aur nayan mein
Diye jal uthte hain
(We’ve heard when one is in love
Candles begin to light
In the body, In the heart and in the eyes
Candles begin to light)
She called him towards her singing,
Aaja piya aaja
Aaja piya aaja ho..
Naa ja piya aaja
Teri hi tere hi liye, jalte diye
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

(Come beloved come
Come beloved come ho..
Don’t go beloved don’t go
Only for you, candles are lit
I want to spend in your shadow, in your shadow
I want to spend my life in your shadow, in your shadow)
He went towards her held her wrist pulled her towards him, her back facing him and kissed the nape of her neck and turned her towards him and cupped her face and kissed her forehead singing,
Kabhi kabhi..
Kabhi kabhi aise diyon se
Lag bhi jaati aag bhi

Sometimes with these lighted earthen pots
Fire is also ignited)
He pulled her towards the bed and made her sit on it and started throwing rose petals which were on their bed on her and covered her hair completely with those rose petals singing,
Dhule dhule se aanchalon pe
Lag hain jaate daag bhi
Hain viraano mein badalte
Dekhe mann ke baag bhi

Even on newly washed clothes
Sometimes spots are formed
Even in a deserted land
I have seen changing of fate)
She let him continue with his decoration and sang,
Sapno mein shringar ho to
Diye jal uthte hain
Khwahishon ke aur sharam ke
Diye jal uthte hain

(If decoration is in the dreams
(Shringar – when ladies decorate themselves with dresses, jewellery, cosmetics etc)
Candles begin to light
Of the wishes and of the shy
Candles begin to light)
Aaja piya aaja teri hi, tere hi liye
Jalte diye..
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

(Come beloved come only for, only for you
Begin to light
I want to spend in your shadow, in your shadow)
She hugged him tight and sang,
Saanson mein jhankaar ho to
Diye jal uthte hain
Jhanjharon mein kangano mein
Diye jal uthte hain

(There is jhankar in the breath
(Jhankar – a kind of ringing sound)
Candles begin to light
There is jhankar in the bangle)
Aaja piya hmmm…
Jalte diye
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

(Come beloved hmm..
Begin to light
I want to spend in your shadow, in your shadow
I want to spend my life in your shadow, in your shadow)

Blurred images of them in bed is shown and screen dissolves…
After a while Pragya wakes up and let’s see what she is thinking now.
I woke up to find him hugging me tight towards his chest, as though someone will kidnap me if he let me go. I released myself from his grip, got dressed and sat in the balcony thinking how fast my life changed. If I dint meet him what would have happened to me? He is thinking Bulbul is not my real sister, but she is. When will my parents allow me to tell this truth to him? Even now I remember how I met him first. I can never forget that day.

FB Begins…. (Story will be in FB mode for a long time till they get back to current mode)

I woke up that day to find Bulbul sleeping hugging me, I smiled at her and said, “Bulbul wake up it’s time! You have to go now otherwise you can’t get to that place on time. Wake up Bulbul!” Yes, we share the same room, even though she was my junior.
A voice is heard above her head, which she can’t hear and it says, “No, Don’t wake up Bulbul! Then how will they both meet today? Sleep, sleep…Sleep…” Another voice is heard, “What are you doing?” Voice 1 replies, “I am making them meet. Any problem?” Voice 2 says, “She is not important! How many times to tell you?” Voice 1 says, “She is! For him, she is more than important. He derives his strength from her. So, shut up and let me do my duty.” Voice 2 replied, “Whatever!”

Bulbul replied, “Di, Can’t you go and get it for me? Please! Don’t know why I am not able to open my eyes today. Please di I love you please.” I said, “Stop calling me di, then I will definitely get you what you want. Deal?” she replied, “Ok, Pragya!” *Dozed off again* I smiled at her and called my friend Divya to accompany me. If you guys want to know about my friends, I have only 2. One is sleeping like a kid and the other I don’t know in which category I should put her in. She behaves like an adult and a kid at the same time sometimes. We call her, ‘Pujari (God’s servant)’ because she is always like today is Friday you should not eat non-veg, today is Thursday you should not eat non- veg, today is blah blah blah! To say it in a single sentence she eats only on Tuesday and Sunday. Sometimes even on that day she finds something. Oh God! Please help our ‘Pujari’.

She picked up my call and agreed immediately to come with me, but said, “We have to reach before or after ‘Rahgu kalam’ plan accordingly.” I said, “Ok Divi!” ended the call and face palmed myself. We both left our hostel and went towards that place to get forms for our Bulbul. Thank God we after ‘Raghu Kalam’ or my friend would have given me a long lecture. Coming to something long, the queue here is very ‘long’. My dear friend started her rant, “My legs will pain, I can’t stand for a long time blah blah blah…” I wasn’t even listening to her because I was admiring someone.

Yes, You guys got the point that is none other than Mr.Abhi. He was wearing a white shirt half tucked in and half tucked out with blue jeans to compliment it. I was ogling at him for a long time, just wanted to see him up and close so I rushed towards the queue and we both ended up hitting each other and fell down.
Around 10 people stood in that place before we were able to get up. I started shouting, ” Oh my God because of this stupid I have to wait longer now.” He who heard me say, “What did you say because of me huh?? It was because of you and not me”.

I said, “It’s because of you.” He said,” No it’s because of you”. A guy behind us said,” Could you guys move aside so I can join the queue?” We moved aside and was about to start fighting when Divi came and said,” Pragya they have closed the counter tomorrow we have to try again, come, let’s go.” One guy came and said,” Abhi today also they closed the counter, come let’s go.” Both of us looked at each other as if given a chance both will dug our nails onto each other and left the place. Awww! How cute he looks when he is angry.. Oh! My dear ‘Red chilli’ how much I love to make you angry? I was lost in thoughts Divi shook me off from my thoughts and we went back to the hostel.
I was welcomed by Bulbul, “My darling di, where is my form?” I dint notice that she said di and said, “Bulbul… Bulbul…” She replied, “Hmmm…

This time, whom did you fight with? Are you a kid or what? Don’t you know to keep yourself calm?” After that I dint hear anything, everything was blah blah blah for my ears. I was thinking about my ‘RC’ (Red Chilli). Tommorow, if I get to see him again I will fight with him. Suddenly a pain aroused in my chest and I remembered how much I was hurt when I admired someone like this and said to myself, ‘P, stop dreaming about him, you will be hurt again.’ I heard Divi giving explanations for whatever happened.

The next day we met again, this time we both were before time and standing in the queue and waiting to get to the counter. I saw him standing before me, I wanted to get his attention so I started speaking random topics with Divi. He turned back and said to the other guy,“I just don’t understand something, It is just that the problems come behind me or am I finding it wherever I go”. I was angry this time and it was the best time to start avoiding him so I said, “Mr Whoever you are just mind your words, If not I will slap across your face.” He was shocked hearing that and was looking at me from top to bottom as though checking out whether I said those words or not and he missed to see that he was the next one, I said, “ Your turn Mr. go.”
After getting forms for Bulbul we reached our hostel and I was a bit broken by speaking to him in that way. I really wanted to admire him all time, every second I get to do it. But will fate, let me do it?

To be continued….

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