Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 14 (Love is in the Air)

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Hello my dear sweet readers I know I am not keeping up my promise! Psst! I am uploading from my office now… What to do guys struck because of Vardah! I hate you Vardah! I hate you! And thank you so much for your love my dear readers and silent readers!! I am going for a vacation will be back only by 3rd Jan so no updates till then I wanted to give two updates before I left but my mind has other plans I hope it refused to work 😀 Love you guys <3 Here it goes….

Bulbul’s POV

Purab said, “I don’t understand! She was your sister right? Why did you wait for 16 long years to see her? Was she in some other state or country?” I said…

Meanwhile somewhere in the dark abyss…

Cyla is seen speaking to Bryan about his past. Bryan, “So that’s how thing went back then?” Cyla replied, “ Yes, Now it’s your choice to do what you want to do.” Bryan,“ I have decided what I have to do now. Can you please help me get out of here?” Cyla said, “Yes, Bryan, anything for you. Now I will lead you out my lair, from there take a left turn not right. If you take the wrong turn, it will lead you to our beloved Mermaid. I hope you understand.” Bryan interrupted, “Cyla, It’s dark how will I know the direction?” Cyla, “Have some patience Bryan let me finish it. I will let Irises with you. After your left turn walk straight, you can look around if you want to but never step out of Irises light. You know the consequences, right?” Bryan just nodded his head. Cyla continued, “ From there you can see the pattern change, you can find white and black intertwined together. I call it ‘The Median’, If you look carefully you will feel like you are caught inside a stripped (Black and White) environment. From there you can walk to ‘The White Zone’. You are pure soul Bryan, white won’t hurt you. Hope you understood. Take care!” Bryan replied, “Sure Cyla. I will be out from here to finish what I left in my previous birth. Before leaving I want to ask you something.” Cyla said, “Yes, Please.” Bryan said, “ Actually I was, you know tortured and confined and dint get a chance to free myself from… The point is where is the restroom here? I really need to use it.” Cyla replied, “Being a Spirit we don’t own such facilities.” * His face became pale hearing that* he badly wants to use one you see. She continued, “ I can create one for you though.” She raised her hands and an opening appeared, Irises lead him to it.

Bulbul’s POV

Myself and di are college mates i.e., she is my senior and I am her Junior. I met her during an orientation programme and we both became so close. We dint know how that happened, even everyone around us wondered how that happened. Because di is such a reserved type and never pay heed to anybody around her. She does her work and leaves the place, she had very few or just a friend to be precise. She was living in hostel, Every Sunday she would go out to her Orphanage to meet the kids and the Father in charge of that orphanage. Once I went with her that’s when I met Jiju but from her expression I can understand that they have met before this. My Jiju actually saved di from an accident. I said “ Thank you so much for saving her, sometimes she is very emotional and the other times violent.” He said, “ Its ok, I completely understand.”
We both went away from there along with the boy whom my di risked her own life to save. I noticed him staring at my di with awe, I thought it would be awesome if they both fall in love. I was jumping with excitement. My di said, “Bulbul, why are you excited now?” I said, “Di, Just think of it. How it would be if you both fall in love?” She replied, “First, stop calling me di, I am just one and a half year elder to you. And speaking of that handsome hunk, No way!” I said, “Di, you said Handsome hunk!” She said, “Yes, Of course he looks handsome and that doesn’t means I have to fall in love with him ok? And stop calling me di! *I will kill you Bulbul look* So I turned to the other direction and thought, ‘Oh! My goodness! My di is an ‘Angry Queen’, but I think he will be the right person for her.’

The Next day we were walking towards our class, my di were turning back and looking around again and again. I asked her, “ Di? Sorry Pragya, why do you turn back? I have been noticing you for a while now.” She replied, “Bulbul, I feel someone is following us.” *Almost a whisper* I whispered, “Di, what do you mean? Who will follow you? I mean you know right, people run away seeing you. You never speak gently to anyone around here except me and Divya.” She said, “I have no idea Bulbul but I am sure someone is following me.” She stopped suddenly and went towards the restroom. And for your information this particular restroom has two doors. We got in through one and exited through the other. We heard a series of scream coming out of the restroom. A guy came out hiding his face, Wait! I have seen him somewhere. Come on, show me your damn face. We heard a girl shout, “Bhai, you, here? What were you doing in the ladies room?” He had his back towards us and was facing that girl whose voice is very familiar to me. He spoke, “Choti, I was following a girl and ended up going inside without thinking. It was so embarrassing!”

Di went behind him and tapped his shoulders asking, “Excuse me! Why were you following me?” Abhi replied, “Hey, where are your specs?” Aaliya asked, “Bhai, you were following Pragya?” Abhi replied, “No… I wasn’t” My di raised her left eyebrow and looked it at him ‘Oh really’ He immediately said, “I was following this girl (Pointing towards me). She…She… left this near the gate.” *Showing a paper, more like a piece of paper* I understood he was following di and dint want to tell that to my Di or his sister. I said, “Yeah, I left it thank you so much it is very important you know *Saying this I got that paper from him* Aaliya asked, “Bhai, don’t tell me you were following her just to return that piece of paper. If you like her I have no problem I am ok with it. She is single.” We both (Me and Abhi) said almost immediately, “No…..” We looked at each other and smiled this increased others doubts towards us, I mean just di and Aaliya. He asked, “What do you mean? So Pragya is not single?” I said, “She is single, I don’t have any issues if you both go out on a date.”
That’s when that snake came, yeah I mean Tanu. She came and said, “Aaliya I was searching… * Her voice suddenly changed sweet as honey * Hey… You are here *Looking at Abhi Lusciously*” He replied, “Hey Baby doll! So you are here too. What are you doing with my sister?” Aaliya replied, “She is my friend Bhai! So you were the one about whom she speaks non-stop.” He said, “Yeah, I hope so *Looking at Pragya*” He was looking at my di, I was literally able to read his mind. His eyes were asking her, ‘Dint you miss me?’ I saw my di not at all paying heed to his eyes and looking elsewhere. He looked at me and I said, “Di, tell him that you were very disturbed after meeting him *Winked looking at Pragya* Pragya said, “Bulbul if you miss him, tell him that you miss him ok? Don’t pull me into this” She walked away leaving me behind with Abhi. I said, “She is you know a very reserved type, she hates to get attached to people. She literally avoids everyone.” He became very sad, Aaliya somehow consoled him saying, “She is a very lovely girl, helps everyone in need, kinds of acts like a shield, She is one of a kind Bold and Beautiful. She has many fans here but she never pays heed to them. If she likes someone, she never leaves their side.” She just finished that sentence when di came back to drag me along with her.
Someone else is watching all this and says, “Come on! I know you like him why don’t you just accept the fact?” Someone else says, “Wait! It will take some time for her to accept. She is not needed in this process so why do we bother?” The other person says, “He should be strong enough not weak like this! He will be strong if she is with him.”

Pragya’s POV

I know you are following me, why do you follow me? What do you want from me? Just like the others you just want to look at me and satisfy your lust? Or are you really interested in me? I don’t want to get hurt once again! Please leave me in peace. But why do I get attracted to you? When I first saw you, you were wearing a White shirt with blue Jeans. You were looking like a Demi God! Why does my mind think of all such non-sense now? But you are hot man! Damn! I just wanted to speak with you and was waiting for a chance so when I saw you hurrying towards the queue I wantedly came in your path we both fell and fought. Lovely memories… The very next day we again met and I heard you tease me indirectly I was so happy that you still remember me but dint show it. Instead I was being angry with you. I know sometimes I can be so unpredictable . Next time, you saved me from that snake. I was hurt by her but when you called me ‘Sweetheart’ I was happy and I really dint want you to know that. I was angry with you for calling that snake as ‘Baby doll’ I hate her! And today man you almost killed me. Black T-Shirt! Wooh! A Feast for my eyes… I don’t want anyone else to look at you like I look at you. But then your sister came and Bulbul was pulled in between us. She is my sister and I know she is definitely not interested in you but still I felt Jealous. Oh come on ‘P’ stop thinking about nonsense and where is this Bulbul? Oh God I left her there! I will get another chance to look at you my dear Demi God! I am gonna call you DG hereafter. Stop it ‘P’! Enough now go drag Bulbul and leave.

Bulbul’s POV

She pulled me away and was mumbling something about Demi God and all that I know di you are interested in him. I know once I know that you are really into him you won’t leave him ever from your sight. But first things first, have to get rid of that snake from her path…

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