Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 13 (Fallen Angel)

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Hello Guys, Hope everyone in and around TN & AP.. I am sorry guys Vardah took away my electricity and Internet. Ashika and Saranya: Anamika is Tanu in Previous birth (Read chap 11 for further info) and Amoriya is the witch that possessed Purab.. As promised from next epi Abhigaya’s past.. Enjoy reading guys…

Cyla’s POV
I was resting in my place peacefully, I heard someone scream. I thought, ‘Cyla seems like you know the owner of this voice.’ Don’t fret people being alone in a dark hell for centuries has made me speak to myself more. I was a pure soul I had been sent to ‘The White Zone’ I wasn’t able to stand the color white. I started behaving weird and attacked people around me, sometimes myself. I loathed the color ‘White’. I was here around 10 centuries, I heard people speak of something called Phobia I sent my Irises and copied his knowledge about Phobias. I read them and understood I had ‘Leukophobia’. How people name stuffs these days.

And speaking of Irises they are nothing but eyes which I found on the floors of ‘The Black Zone’ I blended them with my body and soul so that I could feel and see whatever comes across my Irises. I can also speak through them and hear through them if I wanted to. I have modified it to my benefit, Just for entertainment purpose. To know what people spoke in the upper layer. Yes, You guys have a lot more to see in ‘The Black Zone.’ I had to keep my eyes closed since I have I sent my ‘Irises’ to check on that person, It went away from me with full speed. I closed my eyes so that I could see through them who that person was. At last I found the source or should I say the source found Irises. Oh it’s a man! He started following them. I felt like I was being followed, I know none will come to my place. So I instructed my Irises to turn back I saw him ‘Bryan’ what is he doing here? He was the most pure soul ever in our century. How did he end up in the wretched ‘Black Zone’? I heard even hell was better it seems or so they think.

I looked closer that’s when I saw his clothing. It doesn’t belong to our century. I adjusted them so that I could look into his eyes, I saw that he was from this century and he not only looked like Bryan but he is Bryan. Born again to claim his love back in this century. But why is he here? Is he dead? When I looked closer into his eyes I was able to see his life history. Yes, In spite of being a fallen angel I can read people’s mind without them knowing about it. Ok, coming to the point. So, he is not dead but being tortured and have been sent here to be tortured. I have to safeguard him I owe him my life (even though I am dead).

I ordered my Irises to follow him and shed the protective light on him. I noticed that he was curious to look around, So I increased the brightness to let him see the surroundings. We both saw everything that happened there. He made a stupid mistake of stepping away from the protective light. I had to order my Irises to hover above him immediately to protect him from those 3 crazy people. Phew! Later he understood about the atmosphere around him and walked only under the light of my Irises. I wasn’t able to control him when we reached ‘The Mermaid of the Black Zone’. He walked towards her no matter what, I even spoke to him to divert him but in vain. I had to pull him towards my lair. Poor guy was screaming when he was welcomed by ‘Juno’.

Juno, my lovely pet I made him using all the poisonous snakes I found here. We met, he talks a lot asking all sorts of questions. I answered him patiently. He doesn’t remember his past, I had to tell him, his story. He was about to sit down so I called my ‘Judo’ he wouldn’t be able to see it but can definitely make out its silhouette . He sat on it comfortably while I narrated his story.
Purab’s POV
When Abhi started his torture game making Nikhil eat live roaches and all I wanted to puke badly but controlled and thought what he did and watched him suffer. He wanted to fill his stomach with water and rip it off that’s when my mobile rang. Abhi pushed me to take control it was Bulbul. I said, “Hello Bulbul! I am extremely sorry for my bizarre behaviour yesterday. I wanted to call you but…” Before I could finish she started, “ Mr. MLP do you even remember yesterday was your birthday? I wanted to surprise you and celebrate it in a different way this time. But what to do Mr.MLP wanted to enjoy with his new G.F Aaliya (she spelt it like Ah-liya). Can you come here now? Or should I come there? Di is a bit pissed off with Jiju’s (Brother-in-Law’s) behaviour yesterday so I don’t have any idea what she will do. Can you come over so that we can spend some time and also solve their problem? What do you say?” I said, “ Ok, I will come.”

We went back to Nikhil he took control over my body and said, “I have to go out now so let’s end this torture soon for him.” He closed his eyes and opened them to find a sharp knife in his hands. He called Niki (Nikhil’s clone) and said, “Hey Niki… Bring that box which I have kept beneath the staircase, make sure you don’t make any noise be as stealthy as you can be. Got it?” Niki nodded his head and left the place. He stabbed Nikhil with the knife and tortured him by letting rats into his stomach after ripping off his skin. I had to endure all this, This was like I was torturing myself even I could see Abhi having a worried face while doing all these. I doesn’t feel like he was torturing, I felt like he was being tortured by punishing his best friend.
That’s when we heard Aaliya’s voice I cursed myself for not mentioning about leaving me alone for a while before we could react, she found the hatch to the basement open and came down. So Abhi had to send Nikhil to ‘The Black Zone’ with Vishal’s permission I heard him speak to Vishal. We managed Aaliya by saying he is a Demon blah blah… She asked us about the basement, I said, “ We discovered it today only Aaliya.” Niki nodded in agreement. She found that Golum costume and enquired Niki, “Why you dint return this costume yet?” He said, “Oh I completely forgot about this. Will return it today definitely.” She spoke again this time maintaining a distance from us, “You guys said you just found out about this basement right? Then why is his costume here? Don’t tell me you brought that costume here by mistake.” Abhi came out and smirked. He said, “Wow you still are intelligent choti.” She was about to shout but no voice came out from her mouth. Abhi closed the hatch with just a snap of his fingers. Niki tied her in a magically appeared chair. Abhi took my phone and called Bulbul and just said, “Fuggi” I don’t know what happened all I heard back was, “I am coming.”
After few minutes I saw Abhi instructing Niki to go get Bulbul to the basement, he just obeyed him. Bulbul appeared after Niki within few minutes and said, “Suniye… I want both of you out of here now! I will handle her.” He said, “Fuggi, I love you so much.” He pecked on her forehead and was about to leave but went back again and said, “Fuggi…” She said, “Don’t worry she won’t suffer much.” I don’t know how she understood him so clearly I wonder if Bulbul would understand me like this someday. I was left to daydream…

Aaliya’s POV
I don’t know what’s happening here. I was searching for Purab because yesterday he was a bit off. I have met him only yesterday but still I could say something was off about him. Today I decided to check on him, I went to his room which I stopped visiting since bhai passed away. Yes, It was his room neither of us wanted to stay there so we turned that to a guest room. He wasn’t there I searched for him everywhere even enquired Robin he had no idea. Finally I called security to ask him did he see anyone going out. His answer was also negative. So I decided to check out the store room, again another place I stopped visiting after my brother’s demise. I found a broken chair and had some flashes of past which I wanted to forget so badly.

I noticed an opening, a piece of carpet has been moved and it was open. I thought, ‘Did we have a basement? I never knew about this.’ I got down and saw Nikhil was bleeding I gasped and said, ““Oh my God Nikhil is that you?” Purab and the other Nikhil somehow managed me saying it was a demon and all. But I realized something is fishy when enquired I heard Purab speaking like my Brother. I tried to shout my lungs out but couldn’t no voice came out. I was wondering, ‘Where the hell is Tanu all this while?’ I was tied in a magically appeared chair I saw Purab speaking to someone . After sometime I see Bulbul, what the hell is she doing here? When I heard her speak all I could say was, “Bhabhi (Sister-in Law)” That was too much for me to endure I collapsed in the chair losing my conscious. When I woke up I found Bulbul/Pragya staring at me. She came towards me I asked, “Bulbul you?” She replied, “ No I am Pragya, Pragya Abhisheik Mehra.”

I was shocked beyond belief! How can something like this happen? Purab, he is speaking like bhai and Bulbul she is speaking like Bhabhi. Before I could come out of the shock I heard Pragya/Bulbul speak, “What did you think Aaliya? That I am dead I won’t come back if you harm him?” I said, “Bhabhi… that… that… was… I din’t… I dint mean to harm him. All this happened because of you. I hate you!” She said, “ Wow! What a reason for killing your own brother? You all killed me right? Wasn’t that enough for you? You hate me right? Then why the hell did you kill her? Answer me damn it! Why the hell did you kill him? *Almost in an inhuman screech* I was scared, I know she is right. But I dint know how I ended up killing my own brother. I can explain her, but will she believe me? I think it’s worth the try, “Bhabhi…

I know you won’t believe me but still I want to share something I really don’t know how I ended up killing bhai. You know very well how much I love him! He is my everything, the only living relation I have in this whole world. It was like a bad dream for you. I woke up to find myself in front of my bhai’s corpse. Tanu pulled me away from there, that’s all I remember. Till now it haunts me Bhabhi…” She said, “I don’t want to believe your bull shit.” She closed her eyes and opened them to find a sword in her hand. She came towards me and slashed off my right arm, I tried to shout but no voice came out now. How do they do this? I hope bhai feels pity for me and help me out. She was watching me withering in pain, I don’t know why but blood dint ooze out of me. That’s strange. She understood my doubt and explained, “I don’t want you to die soon, so I stopped your blood from oozing out. Now your left arm be ready.” She slashed off my left arm too. Now I understood how Tanu would have felt when she experienced such a situation. But that was a dream and this is reality. I want to die please, please kill me…

After few hours…

Bulbul’s POV
I never knew my di was so fierce till now! Oh! My Goodness she tortured Aaliya to death. I hear footsteps , we turn back to see Purab/Abhi coming towards us. Purab said, “I want to talk to you Bulbul.” I said, “Ok, Let’s go somewhere I don’t want to be here now.” We both came out of the basement closing the hatch behind us and carefully covering it with the carpet. We went to our favourite coffee shop. Purab said, “Bulbul I think you owe me an explanation.” I dint understand I looked at him like a lost child. He asked, “What is the relationship you share between Abhi and Pragya ? I heard you call Abhi as Jiju (Brother-in-law), If that is so then is Pragya your sister? If so why you never spoke to me about your sister? Why I never found even a small picture of her in your home? Answer me Bulbul.” Tears started to flow from my eyes making a path towards my chin. Di (Pragya) said, “ I know your Jiju would have told me everything but still he wants to hear it from you.”

I nodded and got back to Purab. I said, “I am sorry Purab, we know each other for a year now right? It’s been two years since my di and Jiju passed away. I was in depression for a year after my di passed away. I waited for her for 16 years when I saw her I wasn’t even able to recognize after we recognized each other my fate had other plans. She died in front of my eyes Purab. Our parents don’t want me to think about my di after that. So they removed all the pictures we both took after we met.” Purab said, “I don’t understand! She was your sister right? Why did you wait for 16 long years to see her? Was she in some other state or country?” I said…

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