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So this is an idea given by my sister also known as Prabhish aka Ayesha on tellyupdates. Might be a little cliché but I don’t give a damn so here is another one shot.
Ok fun fact
My sister and I were trying to decide a name for the story and she said how about Gunga love. Voiceless love and we were rolling in laughter.
After a few minutes we came up with “love you no matter what”
So here we go
Following the pattern of mona aka @
Words in double quotes- talking

Words in single quotes- thoughts
The house was buzzing with activity. The guests were waiting for the bride to come down. Outside the banner read “purab weds bulbul”
When bulbul came down purab was nowhere to be seen. She walked slowly towards the mandap, her eyes searching for purab when a guy came in her way and stopped her. He had a veil on his face.
“wala habibi Mahshallah,” he spoke.

“who the hell are you?” said bulbul.
The guy grabbed her hand and took it under his veil to kiss it but bulbul instantly jerked his hand off and slapped him.
“ow- why did you slap me?” asked the guy.
“you cheeky bastard,” said bulbul
“hey it’s me purab,” he said by removing the veil.

“what was that for?” said bulbul
“fun and testing,” he said and gestured as peace please with a smile.
They then went to the mandap and got married. After the marriage everyone was congratulating them when A couple moved forward on the stage and bulbul’s face brightened with a big smile.
“PRAGYA!! I thought you would never come,” said bulbul by giving a bone crushing hug to pragya.
Abhi on the other hand greeted purab.
Pragya signed to bulbul and purab as “congratulations, may you have a happy married life”
Bulbul thanked her while purab stood there confused.
“what did she say?” he asked

Abhi answered “She congratulated the two of you and whished you a happy married life ahead.”
“but why like that?” said purab still confused.
“well..” said abhi
Bulbul excused pragya and took her away to greet other relatives.
“well let’s go somewhere more private and I shall tell,” said abhi
They want inside one of the rooms.
“well bulbul always talks about you two lovebirds and your immense affection for each other but never told me you love story or about your love,” said purab
“well purab I shall tell you,(he then looked towards you, the readers) and you guys too,” said abhi
FB Begin

Abhi was a charming, innocent boy from a village in Delhi. He came to Mumbai to get a better life. He got admission in one of the best colleges of Mumbai. Although he had enough money to live in a luxurious bungalow but he used it to help others. He and his parents lived a simple and sadistic life. In mumbai he used to stay at the campus hostel. That’s when he saw her for the first time and fell for her completely.
He used to ogle her secretly throughout the class. Day by day his love for her kept on increasing.
Pragya was an innocent, cute, bubbly girl of pune who came here to fulfill her dream of becoming a renowned doctor.

She too lived in the hostel across abhis’s. She knew that abhi used to watch her every move. An unknown attraction for each other was there in abhigya’s hearts.
One day due to renovation the residents of the hostel had to come to hostel 1. Pragya on the other hand was paired with abhi. Abhi was jumping in happiness while Pragya who was happy but a little hesitant. It was their final year and so abhi who didn’t wanna prolong their unnamed relation decided to propose her.

Both of them had become the best of buddies. They always shared everything with each other, Were partners in crime. On the prom night abhi decided that now he was going to do it a week he was going to leave overseas for higher studies.
He asked Pragya to come alone outside and in a romantic ambiance proposed her in the following words. He bent down on his knees and forwarded the ring in his hands and spoke
“Pragya I am not very good with words But, all I know is that, I love you. If you allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life.” He spoke.
Pragya who was shocked agreed with happy tears. With Abhi’s determination Pragya ‘s family too agreed to get him them married. Before abhi left they got engaged.
Then abhi left abroad. Abhi then continued his studies overseas while Pragya started to work as an intern at the hospital. She then got a job too and soon became a very good young doctor.
They sent their love through video calls and emails. Though it was hard but both of them never thought of giving up.

One day Pragya was on her way to work when her car was knocked down, she had met with an accident and lost control. When she woke up after her surgery she found her parents beside her bed. She realized she was badly injured but had survived. Seeing her mum cry, she wanted to comfort her but she realized that all that could come out of her mouth was just a sigh. She tried to speak but was unable to. The doctor came inside. She had lost her voice. The doctor said that the impact on her brain has caused her to lose her voice.

Upon reaching home everything seemed the same except for the ringing tone of the phone which pierced into her heart every time it rang .Pragya was really sad.
’he calls me every day but I can’t answer him. It breaks my heart to see this but I have nothing in my control,” thought Pragya
She did not wish to let the guy know and did not want to be a burden to him. She then decided and wrote him a letter
Dear Abhi

I can’t wait any longer. We both can’t be together. It’s high time that we get separated .I am sorry
Your chashmish
When abhi received the letter he was astonished. He didn’t understand why Pragya was doing this. He in return sent her a numerous number of replies and countless number phone calls but all Pragya could do was to cry. She slept at night in his thoughts crying bitterly.
Her parent decided to move away hoping she would eventually forget everything and be happy but if you can’t get you love you will never be happy.

With the new environment, Pragya learnt the sign language and started a new life, Telling herself every day to forget abhi, or try too.
One day her best friend, bulbul came and told Pragya that abhi is back in India. Pragya asked her not to tell about her to abhi, and what happened to her. Since then there wasn’t any more news of him.

A year passed and one day again bulbul came with an envelope containing an invitation card for Abhi’s wedding. Pragya was shattered with the news and grabbed the card with trembling hands. Her heart was already broken, now it broke more. But when she opened the card she saw her name in the bride’s spot .

When she was about to ask her friend what was going on when her eyes fell on the door. Abhi stood there leaning against the door. Bulbul had told him everything.
He used sign language to tell her: I’ve spent a year to learn sign language to be able to communicate with you and just to let you know that I’ve not forgotten our promise. Let me have the chance to be your voice. I Love You.”.
Pragya just ran and hugged him tight.

FB end
“and then we got married and are standing here in front of you,” said abhi
Purab was in tears.
“you guys are amazing,” said purab when pragbul returned.
“there you are come for the photo shoot,” said bulbul and took purab with her.
Abhi then with Pragya, arm in arm moved out in the ahll and looked at them in the photoshoot.
“aren’t they cute,” signed Pragya.
“like us,” said abhi.

“I want to say something,” signed Pragya
“what,” said abhi
“I’m pregnant,” signed Pragya
While abhi looked at her in shock.
“really,” jumped abhi in excitement while Pragya nodded.
Abhi just kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tight. They then gave everyone the good news and got congratulated. They then lived happily ever after.

Note: When You think all hope is lost that’s when your Helper will appear. Prayer! May you also find that person who will stick with you no matter the situation. . .

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