LOVE : One that gives pain & cures pain (Kkb-Intro)

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Abhishek prem mehra : 28 yrs old, a very handsome, hot man. He is the most successful businessman in india. Very very rich. Has a mother , Radha mehra. Best friend of Purab and Bulbul purab (purab’s wife). Arrogant, screwed. Very strict. Hate the kapoor’s so mich as they killed his dad. Wanna take revenge on kapoors. Currently in mumbai.

Pragya Khanna : 26 yrs old, a successfull businesswoman, only daughter of business tycoon Mr Neil khanna n Ragini khanna. Heart of her parents. All her wishes are fulfilled even bfr being asked. Her best friends are ajay [email protected] aj and priya sehgal. Beautiful is an understatement to describe her. She is so modern (unlike pragya in kkb). Currently she is in Boston, USA looking after her dad’s business with the help of aj and priya. Her parents are in london.

Purab : 28 yrs old, best friend of Abi. Handsome, kind-hearted, husband of Bulbul. Friend with Abi n Bulbul since childhood. Love bulbul so much.. Can do anything for abi.. Lives with abi, n bulbul in mehra mansion. Treats Abi as his own brother and Radha as his mother. He has no other relatives.

Bulbul: 27 yrs old, wife of purab. Friend of Abi. Works with Abi n purab in AM comstructions. Kind-hearted like purab.

Neetu kapoor, sahil kapoor: lik as ema.

Tanu kapoor: 26 yrs old, always in a dreamland thinking of her prince charming… Stubborn.

Nikhil kapoor: 28 yrs old,. Handsome.Arrogant. Hates Abi a lot. Money means everything.

AJ: 28 yrs old,best friend of pragya. Calls her bubble. Can do anything for her. Loves priya.

Priya sehgal: 26 yrs old, best friend of pragya. Loves aj.

Siddarth malhotra :28 yrs old, businessman dev malhotra and ananya malhotra’s only son. A model by profession. Girl die for him. Family friends with khanna family.. Childhood friend of pragya, aj and priya. Calls pragya with a lot of lovable names like baby, sweetheart… Ppl call him sid.

Neil khanna: pragya’s dad, can do anything for his daughter, called fondly as ‘hottie’, ‘handsome” by pragya, Abi’s role model and idol, one of the most successfull business tycoon in the world, love his wife so much. Calls pragya as girlfriend, sweetheart, apple pie..very handsome..

Ragini khanna: pragya’s mom. Her daughter and husband a lot. Housewife. Very beautiful. Kind. Her husband always says she is the woman who is behind his success and pragya is his lucky charm.

Nia kaki: maid in khanna palace. She is treated as a family member in khanna family. Calls pragya as babyji.

Hey guys…hope u all remember me…..sorry…am terribly strucked in works….tis is my ff…hope u all ‘ll lik it…rememing ff’s i ll.countine…
Radha character-madhubala
Neil n ragini- it a karo na mujhe pyaar.
Sahil,neetu- ema
I hope I ‘ve made clear…..if so any doubts pls ask…
Love u..


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