Love never changes by itself (KKB) Shot 4

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Abhi was now trying to act as if he is not affected by Pragya’s words but he can’t.
Pragya was being normal but could feel how Abhi have been affected by her words.

Abhi glancing through the files passed by Pragya asked “Why are u sad Fuggi?” Pragya “Nothing…” Abhi “If there is anything u can tell me….I can feel something is wrong….” Pragya “Haan but still it’s nothing…” Abhi walked to where Pragya was sitting and sat beside her.
Pragya was still not facing him. Abhi “Fuggi! If u never tell now then I will….” Pragya “You will?” Abhi “Carry u to Dadi’s room!” Pragya turned towards him and asked “Why? Why should u carry me to her room?” Abhi “Then tell me na what happened?” Pragya “You tell me why do u think of carrying me to Dadi’s room first!” Abhi “Because I know that u won’t lie to elders especially Dadi!” Pragya smiled hearing that and again looked sad.
Abhi “What happened Fuggi?” Pragya “I feel bad for that day….I shouldn’t have told u like that…I mean I should have controlled myself…I am really sorry…” Abhi placed his finger on her lips and Pragya looks surprised.

Abhi taking his finger away and looking at her said “What u did was not wrong Fuggi….Did I ever scold u?” Pragya shook her head in response to No. Abhi “Did I ever complain to Sarla ji about this?” Pragya again shook her head.
Abhi “Then why are u worried? Then why do u feel sad as if u are guilty?” Pragya “I was sad that u are feeling bad about it….” Abhi smiled widely and said “If I am feeling bad about it then I would have not spoken to u right? But I am still talking to u na…” By saying that he placed his hands around her shoulder making her feel shy.
Abhi “You are always my Fuggi then why do u worry?” Pragya hearing that wished he could always be hers too.
Pragya “I know….so u are not feeling bad?” Abhi “How many times I should tell u that I am not feeling bad!” By saying that he gave a peck on her cheek making Pragya to taken aback.

Abhi quickly got up and went out of the room. Pragya was touching her cheek in shock and slowly her lips curved into a smile.
Pragya, This is the same way that he did before! I feel he is always the same no matter what has changed.
Abhi came back to the room and saw Pragya smiling. Abhi walked to his closet before Pragya could ask anything. In a while he came out and looked at Pragya. He again went inside the closet and Pragya “What happened to u now?” Abhi “Wo..nothing….I am just….You go and get coffee for me! I will tell u later!”
Pragya found it weird as he is asking coffee for the third time in a day!
Tanu came inside to Abhi’s room and was looking at Pragya again smiling which irritated her.

Tanu not looking at her asked “Where is Abhi?” Pragya ” In my heart….” Tanu irked hearing that and just then Abhi came out of the closet.

Abhi ” Fuggi! You still haven’t go to prepare my coffee?” Pragya looking at Tanu said “I was about to go but then….” Abhi “Oh I understand….now u go…faster!!!” Pragya quickly walked passed Tanu by stepping her foot and Tanu yelled “Ouch! Ouch!” Abhi laughed hearing her yell in pain and Tanu stared at him and ran out of the room by crying.
Abhi, Why did I laugh when she yelled in pain?? Now I need to pacify her!
He went after Tanu and stopped her by holding her shoulder. Tanu stopped walking and turned to face him. Tanu “Why did u laugh instead of scolding your secretary for hurting me?” Abhi “Oh Tanu! U should have move way for her to go! You are the one standing there like statue and she stepped on u accidentally!” Tanu “You are always supporting your secretary!!!” Abhi “I have to if not who will?” Tanu “I am going!” Abhi “Ok then go!” Tanu got even more furious and stomped away from there.

Abhi, I feel pain when Pragya is in pain or gets hurt but I never feel like this for Tanu.
Pragya was back with the coffee and apologised to Abhi for hurting Tanu.
Abhi sipping the coffee said “Fuggi…it’s ok…u didn’t do it purposely!” Pragya “But still….she would have shown her frustration on u…and I am responsible for that….” Abhi “Why do u always have to blame yourself? It’s my fault too as I rushed u for my coffee….”
Pragya remained silent and was in some thoughts.
Tanu called Abhi loudly and Abhi “Now I don’t know why she is shouting my name in this way! She is not even letting me to enjoy my coffee peacefully! You wait here Fuggi…I go and check what she wants!”

Abhi went to where Tanu was and she was standing beside Aaliya.
Abhi, She complained it to Aaliya! Now I have to handle these two!
Aaliya “Bhai! How can u be rude to Tanu? You know right she is going to be married to u soon!”
Abhi “I know yaar but I was not rude to her!” Aaliya “Then stand beside Tanu!” Abhi “Why?” Aaliya “I want to take a picture of both u together! I realized that there is not much pictures of u two together!” Abhi hesitantly stood beside Tanu.

Tanu was trying to hold Abhi’s hands but he was keep on moving away in side-ways to avoid her touch. Pragya was now outside the room and looking at that was smiling away silently. Abhi “Stop trying to hold my hand! Can’t u see I don’t like it???” Tanu “Why u don’t like it?” Abhi “I don’t like it means I don’t like it!!” He said that harshly and walked out of the room. He never even noticed Pragya who standing outside and just walked passed her.

Looking at Abhi’s anger, all the three ladies were puzzled.
Pragya didn’t want to stay there further and followed Abhi who was walking down the stairs.
Abhi stopped realizing someone is following him. Abhi “Fuggi! Just leave me alone….if u want I can drop u at your home…..” Pragya “It’s okay….I am sorry….” Abhi turned back and looked at her.

Abhi “Why do u always have to feel sorry when I should be the one feeling sorry for everything?” Pragya “Why are u telling like this?” Abhi “Leave it! I am going out….” By saying that he walked out of the house. Pragya was looking worriedly as he was walking away.
Pragya, Is he really feeling bad about being having feelings for me but he is committed to Tanu? Is it that’s why he is behaving like this?
For a few days Abhi asked Pragya not to come for work which made Pragya even more worried.
Pragya “Ma…I always want to be beside him….but now I am scared….” Sarla “Why are u scared?” Pragya “I never met him for 4 days….he is not picking up my calls too….now what is he feeling about me?” Sarla with a smile said “Do u feel he never care for u?” Pragya “No…he does care for me!”
Sarla “Then why are u worrying?” Pragya sadly said “I am not sure…but I am missing him badly….”
Sarla “Let me call him and ask….” Pragya “No Ma…maybe he is busy in some works….” Sarla “I will call him now!” Pragya was keep on asking not to call but Sarla ma called him.
Sarla was keep on smiling hearing to what Abhi said and Sarla in response said “All the best!”
Pragya “Ma…Why u said only all the best? All the best for what?” Sarla “He is out of town for some meeting….and he went alone…..after finishing all the works he said he will come back directly to our house to meet u today!” Pragya “Really Ma? He said he will come to meet me?” Sarla patting Pragya’s head “Haan and wait for him!” Pragya became excited and was eagerly expecting for his arrival…..

After a few hours,
The door bell rang and Pragya ran to open it but was disappointed to see someone else.
A man “Abhi sir is in the car as he is very tired to walk over here…He ask u to come over there” Pragya “Oh I see…Thank u Bhai…I will go and see him now…”
The driver went to a tea shop there and Pragya walked fast to the place where Abhi’s car was.
Pragya opened the door of the car and looked at Abhi who was shaking his head to some loud music.
Abhi saw her and said “Sorry Fuggi!! I miss u badly…” Pragya “Reduce the volume!!” Abhi “What???” Pragya “You can’t even hear me?” Abhi “Come in and tell!!!” Pragya went inside the car and reduced the volume. Abhi “Oh u want the music’s volume to reduce….” Pragya closed the door and asked “I felt very bored for the past few days….” Abhi “Same here Fuggi! But I don’t want u to travel very far…..that’s why I travelled with Purab….”Pragya “Oh….then how was the meeting?” Abhi “Cool Fuggi…but I missed u badly again….Especially the coffee u give me everyday!!” Pragya smiled hearing that and Abhi passed her a bag.
Pragya “What is this?” Abhi “Gift for u!” Pragya “Gift? What is the need to buy for me?” Abhi “I saw this and felt this is meant for u….” Pragya was trying to take the gift from the bag but Abhi stopped her by holding her hand.

Abhi by winking said “Not now….” Pragya scrunching her face asked “Why?” Abhi “I know this is not right to say but u have the right to hear this right thing! If not this right thing cannot be told in a right way forever. This is also my right to say this to u and it’s your right to hear this too!” Pragya hearing that, Oh god! What happened to him?
Abhi broke into laughter looking at Pragya’s face. Abhi “You see this when I ask u to see….ok?” Pragya was finding his behaviour very weird again.
Abhi “Anyways about the right thing….it would be told in the right time…” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi “Now u can go!” Pragya “Thank u for the gift!” Abhi smiled in response and saw Pragya leaving with a blank look.
Pragya, What happened to him? Why is he very weird now?

Abhi trying to stop Pragya but Pragya is persistent in walking away from him. Abhi couldn’t control her and pushed her inside the swimming pool!

Thank u for all the support friends and the next shot is the last shot! 😉

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