Love never changes by itself (KKB) Shot 2

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Abhi “Purab!!!” Purab “Why are u yelling my name like this??” He asked as he came out of his room.
Abhi “Purab! You are my friend right?” Purab “I think so… I am still your friend if u never raise your hand again….” Abhi “I am sorry about that Purab but now listen to me…” He made him sit beside him on the sofa. Purab “Is it about Pragya?” Abhi “Yes how did u know?” Purab “You won’t come all the way to my house unless u want to convince me!” Abhi “I am not here to convince u Purab….You are not getting it right!” Purab “I am right Abhi! She is not suitable for me!” Abhi trying to control his anger said “Ok….think in this way….Pragya can change for u but how will u change for her?” Purab “Why should I change for her?” Abhi “Exactly! Nobody needs to change for each other in love….”
Purab , I am not at all in love with Pragya di and this idiot doesn’t understand it!

Abhi “So…even little changes in dressing style is not necessary Purab…You should accept the way she is!” Purab “You will say all this as u have a girlfriend who is hot and stunning! But for me is dull and boring! I can’t accept that…” Abhi still couldn’t believe Purab is back to the senseless point.

Abhi “Fine…I have nothing to say! Bye!” Purab saw him standing up and he said “But Abhi….I have planned a candle light dinner with Pragya tonight…Can u help me arrange some decorations for her? As u are her friend and u know her likes and dislikes…” Abhi hearing that was shocked. He looked at Purab and asked “I thought u said u don’t want to accept her? Then what is this candle light dinner for?” Purab “Ya I want to make it the last dinner for us…At the end of the dinner I would break the truth that we cannot be together anymore….I just want to break up with her in a pleasant way…”

Abhi “Ridiculous!” By saying that he left his house in full of hatred towards Purab.
Abhi, This is totally unfair towards Fuggi….How much she should have expected from Purab and he is just ridiculous. By right he should know what Fuggi likes and dislikes but he is asking as if I am her boyfriend!

Abhi tried to call Pragya and inform about this but her phone was unreachable. Abhi, Why Fuggi is not attending to my calls? Maybe she should be sleeping due to tiredness. But I hope she don’t gets sad after tonight….I should be there too to make her feel better….
He reached home and again tried to call her but she never picked up the call.
He doze off to sleep in tiredness and a few hours later he received a message.
Abhi waked up and saw the message. It was from Pragya.
The message:
I am sorry and I couldn’t attend your calls just now. Purab ask me to meet him tonight and I am getting ready now to meet him.
Abhi reading that became sad and thought how will she even handle this break up now!
Abhi quickly got ready and called Purab “Purab! Where is your candle light dinner taking place?” Purab “Why are u asking that?” Abhi “I would like to see how much u have prepared it for her…I can help in some way too…I know it’s last minute but trust me I would do it in the way she likes…” Purab smiled hearing his concern for Pragya.
Purab in stern tone “At rendezvous restaurant…” Abhi “Okay…I will be there in a while…” He drove to the place with the thoughts of how Pragya would be accepting this situation.
Abhi reached the place and was amazed to see the arrangements going on and he too helped to make some changes in the way Pragya likes.
Purab was already there dressed up in a black suit and Abhi looking at that thought, He dress up to make a break up! What the hell is this!!!
Purab, Who would have expected a Rockstar is helping is decorations!! He is so concerned about Pragya di….I hope this would make him realize his love for Pragya di
Abhi “Purab! Can u like help too? Always sitting down and having drinks!!! At least have some interest na…” Purab mockingly asked “Have interest to break up?” Abhi gave a deadly stare and continued to check whether all arrangements looked fine.
A few minutes later,
Abhi sensed that Pragya is coming and he turned behind to look at her. Abhi was stunned looking at her. Pragya smiled widely as she walked in.
Pragya “How am I?” Abhi was speechless as he never expected her to be wearing this way. He thought she would wear something like the way during their double date.
Pragya waved her hand in front of him and Abhi came back to senses. Abhi “What is this Fuggi? I thought u would come in…..” Pragya “I also thought that way but….this is candle light dinner na…so I thought to be a bit different and your words also made me dress like this…” Abhi was still shocked and she walked passed him as Purab signalled her to walk towards him.
Pragya with a unstoppable smile walked towards Purab. Abhi seeing that was fuming in jealousy as Pragya is seen wearing a saree in the Mogambo style.

Pragya “Purab! Did u see his reaction? He was stunned looking at me this way…” Purab “I know di…now let’s sit down…we should observe his reactions….” Pragya smiled and Purab made her sit opposite to him. Pragya couldn’t see Abhi and Purab was telling about Abhi’s reactions.
Purab “Pragya di…he is still standing far from us…he is just looking blankly…” Pragya “Really? He is not moving?” Purab “No di…he is just looking at u!” Pragya “Do u think he will remember me wearing this saree before?” Purab “Maybe…”
Abhi looking at all this became sad. Abhi, She changed her dressing style for him but what will happen when she knows that he is breaking up with her?
He saw her happily smiling and cheerfully talking to Purab. Abhi couldn’t stand this anymore.

Abhi walked towards to where Pragya and Purab were sitting and Purab changed his tone in talking.
Purab “No matter how much u change Pragya! U are still the behenji type! That is running in your blood!” Abhi “Stop it Purab!! Even now u are insulting Fuggi! I thought u were talking to her nicely but I was wrong u were insulting her but she was covering up with her smile!” Pragya “No…Purab never talk anything bad….” Abhi “Fuggi! You won’t understand all this! He won’t accept u no matter how many time u change for him as he already fixed in his mind that he wants models to be his girlfriend!” Purab “Excuse me…she is still my girlfriend and I can talk anything that I feel!” Abhi “Ya now she is your girlfriend then after a while u are breaking up with her!” Purab stood up and asked “Why are u so concern about her as if she is your wife?” Hearing that Pragya also stood up and wondered why Purab is talking in this way.
Abhi held Pragya’s hand and said “Yes she is my wife! She will be my wife soon!” By saying that he brought Pragya out of that place!
Purab seeing that gave a victorious smile. Pragya was blank and was wondering whether Abhi told that out of anger…..

In the car,

Abhi gave his jacket to Pragya. Pragya “Why are u giving this to me?” Abhi “Wear this…I don’t want u to be exposed in this way….” Pragya gave a smile unknowingly thinking of how possessive he is towards her.
She wore his jacket and looked at him sadly. Abhi “I am sorry….I shouldn’t have said in that way….”
Pragya “It’s okay….i know Purab was talking too much today….I understand that u told that out of anger….”
Abhi, I wish to tell u that I never told that out of anger but I told it out of my feelings towards u….
Pragya “Are u ok? U look very tensed….” Abhi “Nothing Fuggi…if u give me some time I can make him understand about u again….” Pragya “Leave it…It’s better to ignore this for now….let time heal this issue….” Abhi “Are u sure? You don’t want to patch up with him?”
Pragya, I don’t want to patch up with him….I want to patch up with u….
Abhi “You see….u are still thinking about him!” Pragya “No…Why do u think I only think about him? I can also be thinking about u!” Abhi in surprise “You are thinking about me?” Pragya “Yes….I am thinking what will happen to u if Purab tells to Tanu or Aaliya that u told him that I will be your wife soon!”
Abhi with a smile “I don’t think he will do like that…

you don’t worry for this Fuggi…he is still my friend and I just feel he is not understanding your worth that’s why he is behaving like this…”

Pragya, I am sorry but I can’t tell u whatever happened today is being taken as a video and also photos had been taken….I gave u a clue but u are ignoring it…
Abhi with a smirk said “By the way u really look better than a supermodel today! Especially this green saree I feel I have seen this before….and was shocked seeing this before too!” Pragya “Do u remember?” Abhi “Yes…like in some occasion! But can’t remember when Fuggi!”
Pragya, This is better at least this time he is telling me without any strain. He even remembers he saw me wearing this at an occasion! I hope very soon he remembers me too!
Abhi “Are u like lost in my compliment!” Pragya with a smile filled with shyness said “Always….”

Abhi “You better be as it’s very difficult to get compliments from a Rockstar like me!” Pragya “But this is not my first time getting a compliment from u!” Abhi “Oh ya…good point Fuggi!” Pragya “Shall we leave? It’s getting late….” Abhi “Sure Boss!” Pragya in a confused look “Boss?” Abhi “Ya the way u dress up and look is like a boss!” Pragya was feeling glad as the efforts of Purab and her are going in the right direction.

Abhi “But how can u see without your chasma?” Pragya giggling said “There is something called contact lenses!” Abhi “Oh ya…but I like u with chasma only…” Pragya “I know and i will be only in the way u like…” Abhi hearing that was again lost in her and smiled widely.
Pragya “I am in love again…but not with Purab….” Abhi “Then who is that?” Pragya pointed her finger to the mirror in front of Abhi and he turned back to see his reflection. Abhi looks shocked. Pragya ran away from his room.

I know i still have destiny distancing us that is not being updated for quite some time but i will try to upload it from next week onwards….

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