Love never changes by itself (KKB) Shot 1

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A continuation from the current track.
Abhi after having golgappa is now bringing Pragya in car to somewhere.
Abhi, I hope Fuggi doesn’t deny to change herself for Purab.
Pragya: When are we going back? Why are we still going around here and there?
Abhi : I don’t know how to tell you Fuggi!
Pragya: What do u want to tell? I know u have been trying to tell something since u bring me out from my house.
Abhi in surprise asked: You know? How did u know?

Pragya mumbled to herself, How can I not know u when u are always in my heart….
Abhi :What did u say?
Pragya :Wo…nothing…you are my friend na so I know in that way…
Abhi :Okay I will tell u now but u shouldn’t get angry or upset. Promise me Fuggi! Pinky promise?
Pragya : Arrey baba what is that needs promise? Why are u giving so much of tension in asking? Just ask na..
Abhi : I want u to change for Purab! Will u change?
Pragya remained silent and Abhi stopped driving looking at her silence.

Pragya thought, I would change for u….I did changed myself for u before too….but now u are asking me to change for Purab…..
Abhi : Did I ask anything wrong? Why do u look upset for this Fuggi?
Pragya looked at him and said : No…but is it necessary?
Abhi : I am also not sure Fuggi….the way u look and behave is absolutely fine for me…but for others they need a change in you and when I know u completely, it would be better if I do the changes…
Pragya, He cares for me this much and he is saying I am fine for him….what else I need? But it would be better if he thinks he needs me all his life…
Abhi impatiently asked :Again u are silent? What’s running in your mind?
Pragya : You…I mean your words…No I can’t change myself….
Abhi : Why Fuggi? Are u worried how will your family reacts? Trust me I won’t change u in a way that makes them upset….I will make u even more beautiful…I know u already beautiful but this is about making u beautiful for Purab!
Pragya: No…it’s not about that….I don’t feel it’s right to change myself for others who don’t accept me for who I am….I can change myself for those who accept me who I am…like u! You accept me for who I am!
Abhi was taken aback by her words but it was right too.
Abhi : Fuggi! I accept u as my best friend but he will accept u as your life partner na if u change…so he is more important Fuggi…

Pragya : I can’t change for him….No I can’t….
Abhi : Then change for me….
Pragya : You are telling this for him! Why do u care for me so much when Purab himself doesn’t care about me!
Abhi : Because I love u!!
Pragya: What are u saying? U love me?
Abhi with hesitation said : I mean….i love u as my friend…

Pragya: Oh….
Pragya, I know u love me but u are finding it difficult to accept it as u are thinking Purab and me are in love….
Abhi, What have I said…Is this why I care for her so much….is this why I feel she should be with me forever….but how can I when she loves Purab?
Pragya sensing that he is worrying said : Okay…we will do like this…will u listen to me?
Abhi : What will we do?
Pragya: Purab says he doesn’t like my looks and u are saying u like the way I look…..Am I right?
Abhi : Haan….but he is not understanding that na…
Pragya : You make him understand that as he is your friend!
Abhi : How can I? He is very stubborn Fuggi! I was about to slap him when he was keep on telling nonsense!
Pragya worriedly asked :You were about to slap him? Why?
Abhi : Leave that but now how to change his mind? Sometimes I feel I can just marry u to make him realize how good will u be as a wife!!!
Pragya hearing that was feeling happy from inside and looked at him with amazement.
Abhi, Again I have blabbered something like this!!! Why can’t I have control over my words!!!

Pragya : What did u say? Like wife and all that? I didn’t hear it properly…
Abhi let a sigh and said : Nothing Fuggi….it’s not important but how will we change his mindset? It’s all because of that Rocky!!! He never talks this harshly to me before…I know he would give sarcastic comments once in a while but not in this way until he insults others…I hate him Fuggi!
Pragya with a smile said : It’s okay….because of him only I know how much u accept me….so it’s fine….

Abhi :You see even now u are not angry at Purab or him….this is what I like about u! But the others don’t understand this nature of yours….why Fuggi? Why is it so difficult for others to look u from their heart?
Pragya : Because only u have me in your heart and it makes it easier to look me from your heart….
Abhi looked at her and was lost in her words, She is right in a certain way….she is filled in my heart like a pleasant poem….but I can’t express this to her…..
Both were looking at each other and came back to senses when Abhi’s phone rang.
Pragya : Answer the call…it could be an important call…
Abhi looked at his phone and it was Tanu’s call. He just ended the call with irritation and Pragya seeing that realized it was Tanu’s call.
Abhi : Not important…It was Ta…
Before he could complete his sentence, Pragya said : Tanu’s call…I know…
Abhi started to drive the car and was recalling Pragya’s words about changing herself for those who accepts her in the way she is……
Both were silent throughout their drive.
Abhi, She is right…..why should she change for Purab who never accepts for the way she is….and how many times would she be able to change herself if Purab finds fault in her after marriage too?
Pragya was worried about his silence as he was never silent for this long.
Pragya : Where are we going now?
Abhi : To your house….

Pragya : To my house? I thought it’s to meet Andy….
Abhi : You even know that I was planning to bring u to Andy?
Pragya : I just guessed….i mean I know that is he is your designer for most concerts….
Abhi with a wide smile: You remember and know so many things about me….I am impressed!
Pragya smiled and asked : But why my house now?

Abhi : I think u shouldn’t change…be the way u are as this is what u are….even if u change now then what if next time something else will happen and u need to change again? I don’t want my Fuggi to keep on change!!!
Pragya hearing that was beaming in immense happiness that how much he thinks about her.
Abhi : I will try to convince him again…

Pragya realized that they reached near her house and she was about to open the door he stopped driving.
Abhi : Don’t worry too much Fuggi….I will get him to realize about u….
Pragya with a smile said : I am not worried as u are still there to accept me na….and also to realize about me….

Abhi looked at her with a confused look.
Pragya : I mean as a friend u are there to accept and realize about me all the time…
Abhi : Oh ya…ok today you go and rest….tomorrow come early for work!
Pragya : Noted Boss!
Abhi smiled hearing that and drove off to home.
Abhi, It feels nice to hear when she says I am there to accept her and realize about her….even though if it is as a friend….

Pragya in her room hugged the rockstar doll and said : My rockstar is always rocking my world and always make me feel how much he is accepting me all the time!!

Abhi fuming in jealousy when Pragya is seen wearing a saree in Mogambo style and walking towards Purab.

Thanks for your concern friends! Hope u all like this if not I am sorry as usual. I am sorry again to disturb u all with my random scribblings…..

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