Love me till the end part 4 – the first meeting

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So let’s get into the update
“There are 3 types of mutant classes.

The C class has the beginning characteristics and only one quality.
The B class is trained mutants who discover themselves and their powers are prominent but need to be trained.
About A class none has been discovered till date. But they say that the first A class will be the most powerful being on the planet, inheriting every single mutant power like fangs, claws and laser eyes etc.” said Mr. Douglas
Abhi is shown sitting in the library.
“And that man will start to realize it at the age of 18 to 25,”he said
At that moment something twitched in Abhi. He looked around to find the library completely isolated. He again lost himself in the novel. He was engrossed in reading the novel when he heard laughter. He looked up to see a group of girls trying to select a book.

“what is your poo telling you, hahaha,” said kriti.
“no no look at this one type of lesbian haircut,” said Annika while laughing hard.
“guys look into any other section,” shouted bulbul who was eagerly selecting a book.
“aha 13 reasons why is the book I am taking,” shouted bulbul.
The librarian gestured them to be quiet. All of them went silent and went to issue the book from the librarian.
Pragya was looking around trying to find a good book when her eyes fell on a figure on a the table completely lost in reading.

Pragya tried to catch his attention but Abhi didn’t move.
“gosh so rude,” she thought. She was about to pat him when a group of boys entered the library.the librarian hushed them.
“dekho wo raha,” said shivaay pointing towards the spot where Abhi was sitting.
“am I dreaming or do you too see some hot girls,” said Purab pointing towards bulbul, Annika and kriti busy in issuing the book.
“let us do the work we are here for and then do flirting nd checking out,” said sushant.
“now I think libraries are more interesting spot to hang out,” said Purab and walked ot wards the girls. Sivaay and sushant went to Abhi. They called him out. Abhi set the book off his face giving way for Pragya to have a look at him.
Wow he is so cute and good looking
“ hey man you are still here its time for class,” said shivaay.
“and I heard you got beaten up by raghav but a girl saved you, hahaha, man up yaar,” said shivaay.
Abhi frowned. “lets get to class shall we,” said sushant.
“ we even have to check out our dorms,” he said.
The trio moved towards Purab who was flirting with the girls.
“you know if you are new here then I can help you out,” he said while the girls heard him and were smiling sarcastically but bulbul was smiling wide showing her attraction towards him.
Shivaay saw Pragya and asked her if she knew them. she said yes. “a could you…………” said shivaay and whispered something into her ears.
“well we are new here but what about you,” said Pragya. Purab turned around to see Pragya. “ well hello there beauty and you are,” he said by kissing her hand.

Pragya took back her hand immediately which in turn ended Purab in kissing his own palm.
“do you know me and Annika love to break noses of flirts like you,” she said.
Kriti walked up to him “ and would you mind counting the number of girls againt one charming guy here,” she said. He looked around to find the girls rounded up on him.
“hey guys mind some help,” said Purab.
“are you with him,” said Annika ,staring at them in anger. They gestured as in we don’t even know him. “guys how could you, beau…. I mean beheno mujhe maaf kardo,” he said.
The group of boys were heading to the class while Purab was holding his head. “you cheats who leaves their friend like that,” said Purab. “arrey sahi kutta hai tujhe (you got beating for the correct thing)” sadi sushant.
“always flirting, your type will make you on the right path,” said shivaay. They reached the class and Abhi who had already arrived was seated on the first seat. The rest of them were the back benchers.
(what were you guys ,back benchers or the first seats?)
The girl then came to class.
“oh no there aren’t any seat together,” said bulbul.
“so sad,” said Pragya sarcastically. Bulbul hit her playfully.
“I see some spots on the back empty lets go,” shouted kriti and the three left. Pragya was left alone.
“arrey yaar going to have fun on the back bench now what about me, in plain sight of the khadoos professor,” she said and the three laughed. She then saw a seat in front and went and sat there.
A boy sat there reading a book. His face wasn’t visible
“hey,” said Pragya
He didn’t reply.
Strange guy she thought.
“bello,” she sad by waving her hand in front of him.
He without taking his eyes off the book “ hello.”
“excuse me what you are doing is considered bad manners,” said Pragya. She tried to snatch his book but he kept a tight grip on it.

“aha trying to stop me,” she thought.
Pragya was irked by his behavior looked at him and smiled mischievously .
she then pinched him on his thigh and he jerked forward and his book fell on the table.
“hi there I am Pragya,” she said by forwarding her hand.
“you pinched me,” said the guy.
“ hi I am Pragya,” she said. Her tone indicating that she was irritated. She showed her hand.
He without shaking hands “ leave it I am abhishek, abhishek Prem Mehra,” he said.
“who are you? Taking your name like 007. Hey the name is Bond, James Bond. Hi I am abhishek , abhishek Prem Mehra” she said with a laugh and hit him on the back.
“nice to meet you,” he said by forwarding his hand which was literally shivering.
“well thank you for the shake,” she said by shanking his hands sending an unknown shock in him.
“so I see you are a nerd,” she said.

“well I study a lot,” said Abhi.
“ no problemo we can still be friends,” she said
Abhi had heard this word for the first time from an girl.
“friends? That to with me?” he said.
“what’s the big thing, yeah friends,” she said.
Screen freezes.
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