love me till the end part 3 – now the girls

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So guys time for the girls
The episode starts with two girls rushing to the college. The gate keeper stops them.
“You’re late again,” he said.
Both of them turned around.
One of them was dressed in a green shirt and white jeans. The other wore a jeans jacket over a red top and jeans.

“uncle its our first day how can we be late,” said one of them.
“oye Pragya we were late for the last 5 seminars remember,” said the other in her ear. It was audible to the gatekeeper.
“arrey shut your mouth bulbul,” said Pragya by poking bulbul.
“ouch,” said bulbul.
“please let us in na actually on our way our bus stopped working and we had to take a rickshaw to come to college,” said pragya.
“well what is that,” he said by pointing towards the scooter
“acha na you caught us now please let us in,” pleaded Pragya.
“Only this time, ok,” he said and both of them got on the scooter and went inside.

Screen shifts
A girl having headphones is seen walking towards the café humming the song and jumping around
Mere mehboob
Yeh dekho sadda move
when she receives a call.

“WHERE ARE YOU?” shouts someone. The girl kept the phone away for a while.
“acha stop the long scolding Annika,” she said,
”be quick I am very angry kriti be quick as I might explode,” she said.
Screen shifts to the ground a few minutes ago. A girl having a camera around her neckis moving around clicking pictures. A guy nearly hit her with his car.
“hey are you blind,” she shouted.

“hello lad looking good,” said the guy coming.
“flirting ah,” she said and got hold of a brick and broke his headlight.
“hey your car looks good,” she said and moved.
She then moved towards the café.
Prabul received a message from kriti telling them to come to the café. Both of them reached the café. The saw kriti trying to calm down Annika. Both of them sat down.
“bello girls,” said bulbul.
“annika you are very short tempered control,” said kriti.
“yeah he only flirted,” said Pragya.

“arrey dehko wo patakha,” said one of the boys sitting in the café.
“oye that’s it,” said Pragya and stood up.
“hey man speak again,” she said. The guy backed off.
“aha I am short tempered, look at you,” said annika.
“guys lets move” said kriti.
“lets get to the library for those books god I hate them,” said bulbul.
“same here,” said Pragya.
“why hate books,” came a voice from the back.
They turned around to see a girl approaching them.

“hello guys I am pratheeksha, you can call me prathi,” she said forwarding her hand.
“prathi I think I have read this name,” said kriti while thinking.
“pleasure to meet you prathi the book lover, amazing ff writer on wattpad. I like the Genres of your stories, “ said Pragya.
“oye how do you know,” said bulbul.

“googled it?” said Annika.
“shut up guys,” said Pragya.
“well I was passing by have to attend a writers seminar here and heard your friends who hate books why?,” she said
“so many words,” said bulbul

“and pages in novels,” said kriti.
“well guys book take one to another world. A world one imagines to be in. it might be fantasy or reality. It increases ones knowledge and ideas. Ones perspective on life might change. Books are a place where a few find their life in. don’t hate them because of textbooks just found your genre like horror or romance and have fun living in another characters boots.” Said prathi. Everyone clapped for her.

“well it looks like I am good for the speech in the seminar,” she said.
“well i see a camera there,” she said.
Annika handed it over. “I love photography, well you go get it girl,” she said. “now I shall leave as its time for my seminar and I have to meet up with hari hope I changed your perspective about books, adios” she said.
“I like her,” said kriti.

“well who doesn’t,” said Pragya. ”now shall we get to the library.” Said Annika. “ I want a book,” shouted bulbul and everyone stared her. She calmed down. They burst into laughter.

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