love me till the end part 2 – introducing the boys

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The scorching heat of the sun heated the earth. The light blue sky full of white clouds and birds chirping around. Well none cared about them cause its start of the new semester. The older students were busy, rushing to their respective classes. The best word to describe them is Robots.
But a new semester meant new students. The freshers were roaming around trying their best to avoid being ragged.
Let’s change the scene.

A queue of girls is standing in the basketball court staring at a guys playing basketball. A six feet tall guy shirtless, wearing cargo shorts. A piece of cloth tied around his head. He was busy in taking shots. After a while he headed over to the bench. Dried himself up, Wore his jacket and left the court. He received a call. “hey man where are you sushant? Shivaay and I are waiting for you at the gate “he said. “I’ll be with you Purab,” he said.
Now let’s show the entry of our other heroes which happened a few seconds ago.
The gates of the college opened to let in a dashing Ferrari Sergio and a KTM 390 duke ABS. after parking the car and bike. Two handsome boys got out and off them. Both of them took of their sunglasses and greeted each other. “shivaay my man.” said the man by hugging him. “Mr. Purab Khanna looking good,” said shivaay moving back. “so semester start day one,” said Purab. “well what are we looking for,” said shivaay by pushing a little. “Areey Purab always thinking about girls stop for some time ,” said shivaay.
“well I don’t see the whole gang here do I ,” said Purab. “call sushant man tell him to come to the gate,” said shivaay. Purab called him and asked him to come to the gate.”what about Abhi?” asked Purab. “I know where to find him,” sadi shivaay.
Now time to showcase the last hero

A boy wearing specs comes out of the library carrying a huge pile of books. He coorects his specs and moves forward. “thank god Abhi you took these books or else you wouldn’t be able to study and get marks even last time you got 95 out of 100.
A group of seniors, well a gang is passing by. Their leader raghav stops.
“hey look book worm,” he said by pointing towards Abhi.
“let’s rag him man,” said one of his member.
Abhi was walking with a lot of difficulty when he bumped into someone and all his books fell down.
“can’t you see,” shouted raghav. “he bumped into him purposefully,”
“I am sorry but you bumped into me and made these fall,” he said by adjusting his specs and pointing towards them.
“ek to bumps onto me then blames me too,” sadi raghav. He is about to slap him when a girl shouts from the back, “hey boys.” They look back and run away. The girl walks to him and gives him a hand.
Abhi grabs her hand and gets up. “hi I am hari the green one short for haritha,” said the girl. Abhi adjusts his specs and shakes her hand. “the story writer haritha who has wrote about 22 stories , is a very big chatter box,” he said in one go.
Even she was amazed. ”yes I am,” she said. “but you have finished college right,” he asked. “well beta you are in luck. The author called me here to get a few things of mine and attend a seminar. Oh and exclusively for an episode to help you man.” She said.
“in your ffs my role is of a rocking rockstar. Handsome, arrogant but kind hearted but what about me why do I need to change,” said Abhi.

Haritha hit her head with the wall. “ ok so I have an hour until my seminar so I shall tutor you,” she said.
Abhi nodded his head took out a note pad and followed her. “So firstly you need to get yourself dressed up man be trendy hippy,” she said. Abhi noted it down. “use contacts man or better specs ,” she then said. “get yourself a haircut,” she said. “be more social, witty, confident and develop interest man oh and yeah boys are very flirty,” she told. Abhi kept on noting down. “be charming and develop skills ,” she said. She then turned around and threw his note pad. “well I would conclude myself that just be yourself and follow my tips,” she said. Abhi picked it up. They had roamed around the whole campus.
Haritha looked at her watch. “Well I have to go do think about my words,” she said and left. “what a gal,” he said and left to his second home.

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