Love me till the end – Dorm Mates – part 5

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Well guys in MM I am really sorry about the songs being too much but it was a concert soo there were more songs and about ATY I have something to say but in the end let’s get done with this. I am going to try to give equal weightage to all the characters but in the end my main focus is abhigya and all the other roles are supporting characters.

Precap: Abhi had heard this word for the first time from a girl.

“Friends? That to with me?” he said.

“What’s the big thing, yeah friends,” she said.

Suring the class Abhi was busy in listening to the lecture keenly whereas Pragya was looking at the clock continuously. She peeked back to see the girls who were laughing and having fun.

Well what happened with them let’s see

Annika, kriti and bulbul went to the back benches.

“poor Pragya has to sit in the front with that dork,” said kriti.

“Hey who did you call dork his is my friend,” said Purab who looked up.

“You!” the girls exclaimed.

“arrey behno maaf karo seriously,” said Purab.

“hey leave him, I am shivaay,” he said forwarding his hand to Annika.

“Annika,” she replied.

“So I see you both have introduced yourselves I am sushant,” he said.

“And they are my friends. Shivaay, the reserved and cool guy, and Purab the flirtatious, hits every girl he sees don’t know when will he be serious and that guys up front is Abhi, the nerdy geek of our group,” said sushant.

“well myself kriti, I love chocolate and baking, that over there is bulbul the bubbly flirtatious girl and Annika the short tempered can be very violent,” said kriti.

“And the poor soul sitting up front is Pragya. She is beautiful, attractive, charming, and has a good sense of humor, but is also shot tempered like me sometimes” said Annika.

“Interesting gal,” said Purab.

“You started again,” said shivaay.

Purab put his finger on his lips and gave a when did I speak look.

“That’s good,” he said.

“That was a long class,” said bulbul while coming out.

“Think about me up in front gosh,” said Pragya.

“Well how was Abhi,” said Annika.

“Aha a nerd who has great potential,” said Pragya.

They moved out of the corridor to the hostel area.

Abhi was walking through the corridor. Everyone was staring him as in he had committed a crime. He just looked down and kept moving forward when he heard voices in his head.

“what a freak?”

“I didn’t know these type of men were still here,”

“is he gay?”

He looked around shocked and just walked out of the corridor.

At the dorms

Everyone was peering at the huge board in front of them. on the top it was stated


Our girls and boys were searching for their names.

“noooo,” shouted Purab. “I can’t be paired with shivaay,” he gasped.

“Don’t worry my buddy we shall get along well,” said shivaay by patting his back and grinning.

“well I am with you Annika,” said bulbul and hugged her.

“ah ah move back personal space bubble,” she said by dusting herself.

“you and your stupid personal space, I shall invade it,” said bulbul and jumped on her back.

“I see it’s you and me kriti,” said Pragya and side hugged her.

“Looks like I am stuck with you,” said kriti and poked her.

“Ouch, I was kidding,” she said and both of them laughed.

Abhi arrived there looking at the huge crowd. He was claustrophobic and had panic attacks in crowded areas. Sushant walked out of the crowd towards him. “hello dorm mate,” he said.

“I am sorry mate that you are with me,” said Abhi.

“I am happy to be with you as it is way better than being with that idiot raghav,” he said.

“okay then,” said Abhi.

Then there was an announcement in the corridor speaker that “everyone please report to the college hall.”

Both of the gangs and the students moved towards the hall. A fat lady in the suit of a police officer stood there with the college principal.

“god morning students,” said the principal but was cut in between by the fat lady.

“with all due respect cut the crap sir. my name is radha, your hostel warden. My name is related with kindness and I assure you that I will be kind as long as you abide by the rules and if caught not doing so then…….. you know what will happen,” she said in a stern yet loud voice which scared everyone.

“so now I shall start with the rules, only a few. No. 1 the hostel gates will close by 9 anyone outside shall stay outside. No. 2 no one is allowed in anyone else’s room after 10 and I will come to check myself so don’t think to dodge me, and last but not least please avoid unethical activities in the hostel get it,” she said.

There was a nod of heads by everyone.

“GET MY POINT,” she shouted and everyone shouted YES.

“thank you miss radha , now students you may disperse in an orderly manner and don’t forget assembly every day at 9am,” he said.

“so now I shall be announcing the room numbers,” said radha.

After some time

“ok Purab and shivaay room 501, and parallel to it is your room bulbul and annika room 502, then Pragya and kriti room 517 and right beside it are you sushant and Abhi room 515,” said radha.

“oh and there will be a common room for 8 students so you all should decide yours and pick your members,” she said.

Everyone started to move out of the hall. “like hell am I following the rules man coz the are meant to be broken,” said Purab. “did you see her hey listen to me I am Hitler’s sister,” said Purab and laughed while everyone was laughing but stopped. “she looked like a monkey,” he said by jumping around and when her turned around his world fell upside down. “Mr. Purab Khanna I would love to see you in the office,” said radha by folding her arms. She had been approaching Abhi to talk to him.

“sorry ma’am it won’t happen,” said Purab by looking down while everyone else smiled. “That’s better,” she said and approached Abhi. “your special arrangement for the room has been done,” she said, patted him on the back and left.

“well that was awkward,” said shivaay.

“let’s go people to our rooms then meet up in the common room,” said Purab. All of them dispersed.

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