Love me till the end – Breakouts part 6

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“Breakouts!” said Mr. Douglas as all the students nodded there head.

“mutants who just emerge up with the 3T’s are refered by us as breakouts. every mutant will possess the 3T’s and some specical quality as i told you back in the last class,” said Mr. Douglas.

“sir what are the three Ts?” asked one of the new students.

“Telepathy, Teleportation and telekinesis,” he answered.

“we here at Mutant Academy search for breakouts so they are safe,” he said.

“Sir how does one come to know that he or she is a mutant?” asked one of them.

“well these are triggered by a certain emotion usually anger or could be fear from one and to protect yourself,” answered the professor.

at that moment he received a message then a call.. he looked at the screen.

“class dismissed students,” he said. he then attended the call.


In the hostel
All of the, went to get their keys and rushed to,their respective rooms.

@ Abhishant’s room

“nice room na?” said sushant by throwing his bag on the floor and jumping on the bed. abhi followed in holding his bag and books to himself looking around.

“you can have the top one,” said sushant by pointing upwards. abhi smiled and jumped like a child. He then climbed up and saw that his arrangement was there.

Sushant peeked up and was a little surprised.”Is this what that Hitler was talking to you about, the so called special arrangement,” said sushant.

“yeah,” said abhi but then he realised that radha had told him this by bringing him a little furhter from them so how did he know.

“hey how did you…..” but before he could say anything sushant cut him off “well why do you need these arm restraints?” he asked

” but before he could say anything sushant cut him off “well why do you need these arm restraints?” he asked
“a….. i actually end up in other peoples room at night,” he said by rubbing his head from the back, he was embarrassed.

“you mean to say that you sleepwalk,” said sushant.

“call it that,” answered abhi.

They then set their things up in the room.

Sushant had a poster of his favorite NBA star Micheal Jordan on the wall and hanged his bag with the crook on the bed bunk. His side table had loads of music CD’s, his beats and his boxing gloves.

abhi on the other hand had an empty wall with his table full of novels and textbook. He was currently in the washroom placing his items.

“hey man be quick,” said sushant as he peeked inside to see abhi placing an orange bottle. He decided to check that later. Abhi and sushant then left for the common room.

(time for pragya and kriti)

Kriti unlocked the door and the both of them inspected the room.they then glanced at each other. while kriti tried to take out the key, pragya quickly ran and climbed up the top.

“haha now this is mine,” she said

kriit pouted in sadness while pragya giggled. “this is so unfair, you purposefully let me have the keys you CC,” said Kriti.

“CC?” pragya looked at her quizzically.

“chalak chipkali (clever lizard),” she said and ran to the washroom and locked the door.

“you got away for now but won’t survive for long,” said pragya. Kriti then came out with a puppy dog face.

“it won’t work,” said pragya by unpacking her stuff, having her back to kriti.

she didn’t even look thought kriti

Kriti then walked close behind when all of a sudden
She moved back and here hair were like Medusa’s at that moment.
Pragya who had smacked her with a pillow couldn’t hold and burst into laughter seeing her hair and expression.

“You (she said by pointing her index finger at Pragya) hit me ( then herself ) with a pillow, you are dead,” she said and took another pillow and hit Pragya hard across the face. They then stared each other intensely and then broke out into laughter.
” although I wouldn’t say it but I deserved that,” said Pragya by getting up and helping kriti up. Kriti dusted herself and then they both headed for the common room after putting aside their luggages.
Shivrab were walking through the corridor looking for their room. Shivaay was busy in checking his phone continuously for the directions he had wrote. Purab on the other hand was flirting with every single girl he met through the corridor.

One of them was passing when Purab winked at her and she just gave him a disgusted expression and moved ahead.
” tu baaz aja warna pittay ga,” said shivaay as he stopped at the intersection and then his eyes fell on the room door stating room 501.
” found it,” he said and moved towards the room and Purab followed. upon reaching the room shivaay was unlocking it when purab who saw two girl parallel to them trying to unlock the door.

“wow such a beauty,” he said a whistled. both of the girls turned around while purab kept looking somewhere else with pride.

“come to me ladies,” he said when he got slapped by someone. he then looked up to see bulnika. “you, here,” said purab by holding his cheek. shivaay was laughing at the back.

“I hate flirts, ” said annika. bulbul just kept laughing at the back like shivaay.
“but iwas just kidding as a friend,” said purab innocently.

“even I treated you like a friend,” said annika by folding her arms.

“kya friend? by slapping me across the face,” said purab.

“friend hai islye sirf thapar para warna bahut kuch hota,” said bulbul from the back making purab to remember the events of the library and shiver.

they then went into their respective rooms. after freshening up the four of them headed to the common room


well my mind stoppled working and due to food poisoning i wasnt able to update any of my stories

really sorry. i’ll be posting out MM and the next part soon.

about MM there is going to be a different update for wattpad and different for tu

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