Love me till the end – Abhi part 7

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after a little chit chat in the common room and teasing all left to their rooms.

pragya and kriti were walking back to their room.

?I was busy thinking about boys, boys sung kriti.

“isn’t he cute,” said Kriti as they reached the door.

“that tall guy,” said kriti with shyness.

“who? sushant,” said pragya

“yeah sushant or sushie,” said kriti and giggled.

“someone likes him i guess,” said pragya by nudging her as they got inside the room.

“he is tall, handsome, s*xy as hell so yeah i don’t mind,” said kriti.

“well do u like anyone,” asked kriti.

“currently that part is off limits as i am focusing more on other things rather than boys,” said pragya

“such a nice, nerdy boy is abhi. Always stuck in books, stupid” said kriti

Pragya didn’t know why but she couldn’t stand a world against abhi and so spoke sternly “kriti mind you words.”

kriti just silenced herself and said sorry. She then went to the washroom.

what’s wrong with me, why did i scold my best friend for him, abhi. She said the truth only. God whatever. she thought and moved towards her bed

with annika, bulbul, shivaay and purab

they were walking down the corridor when purab decided.

“lets prank someone on day one, haha,” said purab earning a slap on the back of his head by shivaay.

“why not said,” bulbul and they moved towards a door.

“so yeah we will knonk and then hide or act as we were not here ok,” said purab.

the guy in the room came out upon the knock to fin annika walking through the corridor behind the door. next time purab was walking alone and the last time they threw water on him and ran away.

they reached their room doors,panting.

“well he might be in pursuit do bye, see ya tomorrow at class,” said bulbul and they went into their rooms.

With abhi and sushant

“so abhi you never told me about these tablets,” asked sushant as he caught hold of them.

“they help me to stay away from panic attacks,” he said as he took one in.

“but these aren’t good, they are restricting you,” said sushant

“what the hell are you speaking,” said abhi.

“nothing,” he said as abhi left. He then got hold of the pills and dumped them all replaced them by food poising pills as he had seen something the day before.

At Night

abhi slept by putting up the bed restraints.

In the morning a shout was heard through the corridor.

everyone came outside the door to find radha ma’am escorting out abhi of the room.

“what happened,” said Purab as he walked in on the scene.

“abhi was found in the room of sara. I remember he was with me last night, but even if he did how did he break 3 locks to get inside,” said sushant.

In the office

Radha had abhi’s mother on the line

“Mrs. Mehra this is too much,” said radha

“radha i am really sorry for the inconvenie but this is a problem going on from the past few years, he sleep walk,” spoke Mrs. Mehra

“but maa if i sleep walk then how did i get inside the room,” said abhi

“radha i’ll send a doctor in a while, you just take care of him,” said Mrs. Mehra and ended the call.

“mr mehra you ma go,” said radha and abhi left the office.

everyone was staring at abhi with creepy eyes. Abhi on the other hand could again hear voices in his head

“what a creep,”

“you know he was found in Sara’s room”

“must be this guy trying to rape her”

“he gives me the negative vibes.”

“STOPP!!!!” shouted abhi by holing his head as everyone stopped in their tracks, whatever they were doing and looked at him. Abhi on the other hand pushed his hands in his pockets and walked out of the corridor.

He was then collided into raghav.

“Eh man, that day i got those pills from you, where they at?” asked abhi

He scanned abhi and found the pills in his pocket. He grabbed them from the pocket. “Thanks man,” he said and walked away leaving abhi smirking at him.
Abhi then walked out into the campus grounds looking around.
“What has my life become, a patient, freak, creep. That is what I am considered eh?” he thought as he walked around.
After a few hours abhi walked back into the campus hall. He saw Pragya having a chat with one of her fellow classmates. He pushed his frame up his nose and walked pass her and turned into an empty corridor. Upon walking past one of the door abhi felt a punch on his face as he came crashing on the ground. He looked up to find raghav holding his stomach in pain as he stared at him furiously.
“you prick, what was in that?” he grunted and kicked abhi while abhi smirked remembering what he had done.
FB shown
On the other day abhi had bumped into raghav and he as a drug intake had taken away his meds-pills which pissed of abhi so in the morning today abhi emptied of his jar and put in some stomach problem pills.
FB end

“you ba***rd,” spoke raghav and beat up abhibut abhi couldn’t stand his beating for long and when he was about to punch him on the face when abhi caught hold of his arm. He pushed it and started to punch him repeatedly on his face.
He then backed off while raghav got up and spoke “you freak, creep, can’t stand it nerd huh. Scared. Everyoe hates you, no one will ever accept you, did you mum ever have the guts to face you.” He spoke.
This pushed abhi over the edge, “YOU!!! RAAAAH!!” abhi shouted as he pulled back his hands and motioned them forwards releasing a shock wave from his arm causing raghav to hit the wall and fall unconscious. Abhi’s eyes turned white, no eyeball as he held the back of his head by both hands, retreating to the ground, falling unconscious.

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