Love makes life beautiful episode 26

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Hii all thank u so much for the comments I was overwhelmed first lets go to the story I know all r waiting so lets hop on to it, JAI BABA ROCKSTAR
Suresh & abhi : what???
Pragya: cant u understand when I say in a simple language I am pregnant meh maa banne waali hoon do u get that?
Suresh : but how?
Pragya : what how? Do u want me to explain?
Suresh : ahhh stop it I want to know how do u accept it?
Pragya : accept what?
Suresh : don’t irritate me pragya when u love me how did u accept abhi’s child?
Pragya : did I say I love u ? no na? then y u r asking me?
Suresh : I know u don’t love me but I will make u love me for sure after all we have a life time with us.
Pragya ( with sarcasm) : yaa right
Suresh : but tell me when did u confirm it?
Pragya : before 2 days when he went to delhi I confirmed it when we were returning only u scared me and made me accept I wanted to give my buddhu a perfect birthday gift but u ruined it u stupid
Suresh : fhat the wuck. What about me? U like me right?
Pragya : yes yes I like u but I want this child too
Suresh : u will abort this child when we go to pune come now itself its time.

Abhi who was shocked by pragya’s revelation sttod numb and dint hear anything. He was thinking abt “ why this fuggy hide about her pregnancy fro me? Am I not that much trustful? She should tell me right, after all I am the father I will not let suresh take my fuggy or my child” thinking about this. He saw suresh and pragya talking. So he listened to it. He listened the last line that suresh is taking pragya for abortion. Abhi fisted his hands and said “ I will not leave this double battery how dare he talk and decide about my child and this fuggy she is standing there silently as if nothing happened?” when he was about to go e heard a siren sound.

Same time,
Pragya “ no I will not abhi will want this child. He loves children if he knows that I am pregnant and u want to do abortion mark my words Mr. shrivastav the place ur standing will be ur tomb leave me I want to have this child for my abhi for my children.
Suresh : not so easy sweet heart. He started dragging her hands.
But all of a suddedn they heard a fire sound “ HANDS UP MR. SURESH SHRIVASTAV”
All turn and see police there.
Suresh : who the hell are you?
Pragya interrupted and said “ aah they are called police, my love I told them to come. You are so crazy in my love so to reduce ur craziness they have come here. Inspector take this love sick puppy
Suresh : what ? what are you saying darling?
Pragya : what did u think of me suresh that I will leave my abhishek and my children just for a stupid brainless man like u never. If u say I love u I will also reciprocate the same. U r wrong mr. suresh are u mad? But I am mad in my buddhu’s lve. Do u know how much he loves me? U cant even imagine that kind of love even in ur next seven births. And what did u think of the criminal mid pragya abhishek prem mehra do u think she will leave u forgiving u ? no not at all I am not sanskari type and u know that u cant even imagine what I will do to u so stay away from me and my family if u dare to think of hurting my family u will see the other side pragya mehra got it? Inspector drag him away I don’t want him infront of my eye sight.
Inspector nodded and dragged suresh away. Abhi who was shocked beyond expression was standing numb but he even didn’t know how his legs carried him to pragya.
Abhi : fuggy
Pragya : abhishek how did u come here?
Abhi : tell me why u did this fuggy?
Pragya : I havt to abhishek because u r my everything u r my eternal soul whom I will even sacrifice my life our children are my heart beat without which I cant even live abhishek I am sorry I hurted u beyond repair. She started sobbing. Abhi hugged her immediately as his eyes itself was moist and told,
Abhi : no fuggy don’t cry u should not cry in this state.
Pragya : what state?
Abhi : arrey u told that double battery na that I am.. I am going to be papa and u mama
Pragya : ohh come on abhishek u believed him
Abhi : why not
Pragya : abhishek I just said that to stretch the time to make him hold on here for some more time as the police had to come.
Abhi : then it is not true
Pragya : of course it is not don’t imagine a lot Mr. abhishek prem mehra
Abhi ( with sad face) : ok but fuggy u instigated the paternal instinct again so shall we give a partner to riya also? And pulled her towards him
Pragya : Mr. mehra be in ur limits u r already a father for three bratty children u cant manage this force itself and u r expecting another child
Abhi : why atleast this one will support his father right?
Pragya : no way Mr. mehra hold on ur horses I cant manage another abhishek ok stop ur dirty mind I know its working a lot come u hv left the kids alone in the party
Abhi : ya ya always ur kids before ur husband that’s why I am saying to hv another cutie so that he will be a support for me. But I must say fuggy in this hot saree u r looking like my chemistry teacher. Shall we work out the chemistry between us? ( and again pulled her to kiss her)
Pragya pushed him and said : in ur dreams Mr. mehra. And ran towards the car and sat on the front seat. Abhi smiled by shaking his head at her childish antics. They went to the party hall. When they entered the hall rishab aditi and riya ran towards them in a high speed and hugged their legs. They too hugged them back. Abhi knelt down to their eye level.
Abi : hey champs why r u all sad cheer up guys.
Rishu : papa u know how we r scared u left us just like that.
Abhi ( by keeping his hands on ears) : sorry buddy ur mama disappeared suddenly so went to pick her up sorry buddy
Rishu : its ok buddy I forgave u but mama where u went ?
Pragya : arrey beta my friend came so went to meet him.
Abhi ( in a mild tone ) : ya ya awesome friend…. Everyone needs that type of friend to live long life hey na.. pragya poked in his chest.
Rishadiya : ok ok fine leave it all r waiting for u come on papa come and cut the cake.

Abhi and pragya nodded.they went to the centre of hall where the cake hv been kept. A thre tier chocolate and butterscotch cake which was abhi’s favorite. He cut the cake and fed the first piece to his fuggy for repentace for his act at the night. Then he fed all his family members then they all insisted abhi to sing asong as hhe is the centre of attraction today. Abhi too relented to it. He started singing and the spot light fell on him,
tu safar mera, hai tu hi meri manzil
tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil
tu mera khuda, tu hi duaa mein shaamil
tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil

you are my journey, you are my destination too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
you are my god, and you are in my prayers too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
junoon hai mera, banoon main tere kaabil
tere bina guzaara, ae dil hai mushkil

your not being there tests me.
you are necessary for every scarcity that I have.
[that is, every scarcity, every shortage in my life is fulfilled when you are there.]
it’s my passion that I become good enough for you,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
ye rooh bhi meri, ye jism bhi mera
utna mera nahi, jitna hua tera
tune diya hai jo, wo dard hi sahi
tujhse mila hai to, inaam hai mera

this soul that is mine, and this body that is mine,
neither of them is so much mine, as they have become yours.
what you have given me, even though it’s pain,
it is a prize for me, since I have gotten it from you.
mera aasmaan DhoonDhe teri zameen
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
zameen pe na sahi, to aasmaan mein aa mil
tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil

my sky looks for your earth, (that is, I’m sky, looking for you, earth.)
you are needed for every shortage of mine.
if not on earth, at least meet me in the sky,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
maana ki teri maujoodgi se
ye zindagani mehroom hai
jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
na mere dil ko maaloom hai
I get that this life of mine
is bereft of your presence,
but then my heart doesn’t know
any other way to live.

tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahoon
chaahe to rehna tu bekhabar
mohtaaz manzil ka to nahi hai
ye ek tarfa mera safar..

I love you with so much intensity,
if you want to remain unaware of it, remain so.
this one sided journey of mine,
is not dependent on reaching the destination.

safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi..
adhoora hoke bhi, hai ishq mera kaamil
tere bina guzaara, ae dil hai mushkil

this journey is more beautiful than the destination,
you are necessary tu fulfill every scarcity of mine.
Even though incomplete, my love is complete (because of you)
It’s difficult to live without you, O my heart.

As he finished singing, pragya ran to him and hugged him tightly leaving no space for him to breathe
Abhi : fuggy fuggy leave me yaar all r seeing us u only told me no PDA in any parties. See what u r dng? Our children are seeing us
Pragya : I don’t care Mr. mehra I am just hugging my buddhu who is only.. only mine he is my everything.
Abhi smiled at this, abhi : so what about ur husband? Did u leave him for ur boyfriend?
Pragya : yes he is not at all spending time with me nowadays he loves his children so spending all his time with them I am not jealous of the children but I miss him buddhu
Abhi : ohh shall I tell ur husband to leave his children and spend his time with u?
Pragya : no no I am hvng my boyfriend with me he will spend his time for me my husband is a best family man let him be himself.
Abhi : ohh really? Come now am ur boyfriend we will spend time together and lets give ur children another sibling.
Pragya hit him on his hands, : don’t u dare abhishek u r hvng press conference now go
Abhi : arrey what is this yaar u only instigated me nope I will not go for conference come we will go to our room.
Pragya : we will spend time after press meet ok go fast all r waiting I will go and check on the kids. And pushed him. While gng abhi shouted,
Abhi : this is not fair.
Pragya : everything is fair in love and war Mr. mehra now go.
Abhi went smilingly and sat in the press meet.
All were asking different questions about his concert and his new album on youth.
R 1: sir, why did u choose the title BALCONY DREAMS for ur last album?
Abhi : the title says u that it is a dream. My dream. My balcony has given me a lot. My first experience as a father, my first love, my loveable moments with my beautiful wife, mu naughty moments with my children, my secret place to hide from my wife if I do any mischief,(all chuckles) , my punishment place for my children and my wife, and my family’ get together place. In short it is my short home where I feel only I wanted to dedicate this song to y balcony for being my secret savior.
All smiled at this,

R 2: sir, when are you gng to launch the new singers u hv chosen?
Abhi : very soon , I have decided to do a live concert its been a long time, so at that time I will launch them.
They were continuously asking questions. That time, pragya came with riya in her hands half sleepen.
Pragya : abhishek can u pls do me a favour?
Abhi : arrey fuggy y r u asking just order I am always at ur service madam 24/7.
Pragya smiled : it is over scene ok just have gudiya with u she is half sleepen and she will not sleep without u I have to check on rishuor else he will skip his dinner already he has eaten 4 pieces of cakes, juices and snakes he filled his stomach with that itself so I have to feed him pls will u take riya she is not sleeping in bed also she wants to be in arms pls abhishek will u?
Abhi : oh come on fuggy for that u r asking for this now go she is my gudiya u go fuggy
Pragya : aisa nahi hai abhishek its just that u r in mid of meet so only I asked like that or else who will ask u don’t feel bad abhishek
Abhi : ok ok fine u go I will take care. He took riya from her arms and sat with her in his lap. He made her sit towards his chest hiding her face from the cameras. He was continuously patting her.
R 3 : sir one qes abt ur personal life?
Abhi : ( with smile) yes u can
R 3: sir u r a rockstar celebrities like u wont even think of children at ur age but u r hvng three children and..
Abhi interuupted : may be other celebrities are like that but I am not even though I am a rockstar first of all I am a son, a grand son, a brother, a husband and a jiju. So I have my personal responsibilities for all my relations they will expect some happiness through me and top of all that I am also a human being I love children so whats the point that u think celebrities don’t have children If u think like tha t I am sorry u r completely wrong I am not like others I am abhi, abhi the rockstar so rockstar has its own way mister.
R 3: but sir this is ur second marriage and we all know ur wife pragya mehra is one of the famous criminal lawyer of the country she doesn’t faces defeat her career is important and to the top of it u r also not dng any lie concerts isn’t that ur wife has made u a baby sitter for ur children and looking after her career..before finishing his question, abhi roared.
Abhi : what the hell…. Because of the sudden sound and sudden jerk in abhi’s body as he stood to scold the reporter riya started crying suddenly. As always abhi couldn’t see his gudiya’s tears. He sat down immediately and patted her back continuously to assure her that her pap is here.
Abhi : arrey arrey gudiiya don’t cry don’t cry papa is here only don’t cry ababy u know papa hates tears don’t cry. Slowly riya stopped crying abhi again placed her inhis lap and was patting her back continuously and turned towards the reporters.

Abhi : oh hello Mr. whatever first of all u have no right to say anything about my wife and my children. Secondly u all know the fight and fact about my first marriage. As i said earlier I am also a normal man wont you look after ur children when ur wife is looking after ur other family members needs? Haan? And if u think for me my career is important for my wife also her career is important just like me I am not selfish she had pursued her degree with great effort and she made herself in the top most lawyers of the country. I am so proud that my wife never accepts defeats. Amny tough cases have been solved by her in a swish of her fingers. If u still have any doubts look over there… he showed his hands towards the other direction, all reporters turned there.
Ther pragya was feeding rishu and aditi who were continuosly speaking to pragya about something and pragya was reacting to them. Suddenly bulbul came and complained about purab not being attentive to her. She was silently listening to both of them while feeding the kids. She finally patched both and helped the kids to clean themselves as they have finished eating. She went to dadi and insisted her to eat medicine and took her to room while helping her to climb the stairs. While gng aaliya was continuously speaking to her how awesome the party was. Dadi and pragya smiled at her while climbing. Then they three disappeared from the view making the reporters turn towards abhi.
There abhi was pampering riya and literally begging her to sleep but riya being the little rockstar didn’t budge at all. Then he saw reporters looking at them. He told looking at them.
Abhi : so now u all know the another side of the great pragya mehra defence lawyer every coin has two sides buddy u should see the another side too. And as a husband I will always support my wife. She has left her family her friends her relatives her emotions attached just for the sake of living with me. She works 24/7 looking after me and our children. Even if u taunt me as I abay sit my abies I don’t care. As how much mother has a role ina child’s life even a father too have. Our job doesn’t end when our wife gives birth we also should have to take part in the innocent childhood of our children. If u aske me before 6 years what is ur fav place in the world? I would say my music room. But now if u ask the same ques I will answer definitely it is my kids room. There I will be able to see their childhood their love for their parents. I am ale to live again as a child. Because of my wife my children has great love and respect for me and I am forever thankful to her for that.
While he was speaking riya cooed at him distracting him abhi smiled at her and hugged her. He saw pragya coming down the stairs so he called out for pragya.
Abhi : fuggi fuggi come here I wanna make an important announcement. While he was calling her rishu and aditi too came near them. Pragya sa in a chair next to him with aditi and rishu in her lap.
Abhi : so guys meet Mrs. Pragya mehra wife of abhishek mehra and u all know abot her the great defence lawyer of the country. U all asked me na pragya is making me as a bay sitter and concentrating only in her career. Well add a feather to her hat she is gng to teach the new interns in the supreme court for a workshop and she has been specially invited by the supreme court judge Mr. mohan kundra who wanted pragya to teach the new interns so my fuggi my pragya will be gng to kolkatta for 1 month workshop and I abhishek mehra her husband will fully support her.
Pragya first smiled at his description on her and slowly slowly her face turned to shock when she came to know of the offer.
Pragya : abhishek how did u know this? I refused to the offer to Mr. Kundra and I also told him the reasons. I cant go how did u expect me to go leaving u and our kids?
Abhi calmed her down and whispered to her
Abhi : come on fuggi calm down I will take care all r showing their hands at u that u r a hindrance to my career so I showed them ur place in my heart I will do anything for u and for ur ques my lord our kids are cmng with u I will visit once in 4 days as I am hvng my upcoming concert.
Pragya :but.. immediately abhi pressed her nose to stop her.
Pragya stopped abhi smiled at her and told the reporters.
Abhi : so for all who r thinking my wife as a hindrance in my career I am sorry she is the only reason now I am able to give hit song she is my musicso thank u all for ur support and special thanks to my fans who have been supporting me loving me unconditionally through out my journey soon abhi the rockstar wil bang in a concert thank u all.
R 4 : sir one family photo please?
Abhi pragya and the kids stood for a family phot while the reporters cameras cried for being clicked so many times as the mehra family is looking at its best…

Precap : as ur own wish…

So hii all thank u so so so much for the comments I am really overwhelmed I was just amazed even I have so many readers thank u so much again I am running out of time maya dii I am not worrying abt the no. of comments even if there are no comments I will torture u all by posting the story its just that I thought even my regular readers didn’t comment so I am not gng good with the story so it took me time to think of the episode.

And one imp thing, as u all know 12th exam schedule has been announced and mu public exams starts on march 2 as like all parents my mom started telling me to read even though I score good marks but I cant deny that also she is worried abt me I cant say abything abt that its just that I am sad that I could not update like other writers I know I am not at all regular and I cant affore for that I want to ask u all that if u want to continue this story or want me to finish this. If u want to continue means u have to wait for 3 months as when my exams are over I will be fully spending my time on the ff but if u want me to finish this then I will be really happy to finish this as I don’t want to disappoint u by telling I will try to update regularly so guys read at ur own risk and pls tell me ur opinions love u all stay blessed…..

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