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HI, GUYS…This is my Last episode…Hope u all will like it..!!


Abhi went to office and Pragya get’s busy in kitchen along with Radha..! suddenly she heard Ansh’s crying tone and runs towards room…Ansh cries and shout’s for his papa..! Pragya comes and took him in lap and start consoling him..but Ansh cries hard for Abhi..! Pragya tries to control and say’s”Bacha! Papa office gayata…aajayengi whoO..chup hojav bacha! Plz .”[bacha! Papa went to office he will come soon…don’t cry] ansh nodes No and say’s”Mujh..ey ..papa!!”Lastly, Pragya took her mobile and call’s Abhi..She makes Ansh talks with Abhi..!

Ansh say’s”Papa! App kaha ho..mujhey darrlagrahey..ajaav..!”[Papa! Where r u?? I’m feeling scared..come to me..] in crying tone..Abhi say’s”shhh..Bus bacha ronaa nehi! Papa ajayehgi..aur Mumma hey na tumharey saath..who bahut strong hey..kk don’t cry..i will come early..kk u r my rock star na..? Now, stop crying..!”Abhi slowly convinces him and Ansh stops crying…Pragya get’s relieved and slowly cares his hairs..Ansh cligs to Pragya and hugs her tightly and passes her mobile..Pragya: hello! Abhi..don’t worry may be he had a bad dream kk..!”

Abhi: “sweety..It’s kk..he will be fine..i know u will handle him..kk bye..Meeting gonna start..!”and passes a kiss..Pragya blushes and ends the call..she turns to Ansh and slowly cares his back to make him comfortable…slowly say’s[in mind]: Abhi! Today I’m feeling very happy by seeing ur and Ansh’s bonding and love towards each other…I’m very Proud of u Abhi! Becoz, U have fulfilled not only a Father’s duty..but A Mother’s too..! Love u Abhi..!”by thinking this she slowly kissed Ansh’s forehead and lay’s him on bed..

I and all r chatting in Living Room…suddenly Purab runs inside with a girl..! I see’s him tense…and again talks with all..Suddenly, Mr.Raizada[ A police officer…My father’s friend ] enters worriedly..WE All greets him and ask him to take a seat …They all r talking with him..but he still looking here and there worriedly..! My dad ask’s”What’s the problem?” Raizada uncle say’s”No..nothing..vikram!” I slowly comes to him and say’s” Uncle ur looking very worried..! Pragya bring juice for uncle..!”Just then, A lady enters with juice in a tray and gives to Mr.Raizada..! he get’s shocked and say’s”Bul..bul!”yes, it’s bulbul!!
Bulbul smiles and passes juice to him saying ”Have it sir..!”Raizada say’s”Sir??” I say’s”Then? this house’s bahu will call u like this only na uncle ?” Raizada uncle say’s ”She can call me papa too!” I goes to bulbul and say’s ”Hw she can call u?? U didn’t accept their love?”.Raizada Uncle say’s ”Who said no?? Just then I came to know about purabh…Now, Let’s begin Marriage Preparations..!” We All smiles and hugs each other with excitement..!

NEXT WEEK : Purab and bulbul’s wedding ceremony takes place happily with all elders blessings..!! All r very happy for RABUL..!!
Bulbul comes to me and say’s”Bhayya! Thank u so much for everything..! U convinced everyone..!” and hugs me .. I cups her face and say’s”I have to do this…I don’t have any sisters na! so Ur My Sister !!” Bulbul cares my hand and say’s ”Now, on every RAKSHABHANDAN…I will tie u RAKHI..!”and hugs me ..with happy tears

AFTER 1 YRS: Me and pragya were living very happy with Ansh!! Now, Ansh is 4 yrs old…he’s very interested in Music as well as studies..!
AT NIGHT: I slowly entered my Room and saw Pragya sitting on bed worriedly..! I slowly sit’s beside her and ask’s”What happen Pragya? U r looking worried from past 2 days!! What happen?” while caring her hairs..Pragya slowly leans on my chest and say’s”Abhi! Pata nehi…phar mujhey tumhari jarurath hai..! tum mera saath hogi na..??”with tears in her eyes..I slowly cups her face and say’s”Hey stupid girl! What type of a question is this? Ofcourse, Mei hamesha tumhari saath rahungi..! “ and slowly kissed her forhead while wiping her tears..I then kissed on her puffy eyes and slowly smiles at her.. Pragya cares my arms which r on her face..and again leans on my chest…

She slowly say’s”Abhi! Tum papa banneywali ho..!”I freezes for a sec and turns her face…she signs yes..! I happily hugs her tightly and kissed all over her face..! Pragya just admiring my happiness..! I’m just behaving like Mad and jump here and there in room…! I again runs to pragya and hugs her tightly and say’s”Thank u..pragya ..thank u so much ..! I love u..”Pragya slowly cups my face and say’s”Janthi ho..jab Ansh ki time mei mujhey pata Maa banneywali hu..! Tab mera kush share karnehkehliyeh koie nehi tha mera pass…Abhi! Mujhey bahut bala bura kaha…Mujey force kiya..Jaha thak ki Mujhey Abortion karneh ko kahatha..! [ U know what Abhi! At Ansh’s Time..when I came to know I’m going to become Mother…At that time, there was no one for me to share my happiness…All r just blaming me they scolded me..They force me..They force me to do Abortion!!] Saying this she burst out in tears …I quickly hugs her and say’s ”Now..Everything is changed Pragya..! Now, We R together..and No one will make us separate..! And Now, U have Ur Family..! Ur Husband! Ur Abhi!! So, u don’t want to be afraid..I’m Always there for u..kk..

Just forget this Pragya..! I slowly places my hand on her tummy and say’s”Abb hey hai hamari future..! Apni Past ko chodo..tabhi tho aggeyban pavungi Pragya..!”[ Pragya! Now, this is our future..! Try to leave ur past..Then only u can move to future pragya!] .Pragya slowly smiles and nodes Yes in response and again hugs me tightly…Just then, Our Rockstar came and shout’s”Papa! App ithna shoor kyu bajarahi ho??”[ papa! Why r u doing this much noise?] by rubbing his eyes..! We both smiles at him and I say’s”Champ! Terey saath kelneykelihey BABY aneywali hai..!”Ansh repeats “BABY” and get’s very happy he runs to us and hugs us tightly and say’s”I’m so happy papa..! Baby kab ayyengi?”Pragya say’s”Bahut jaldi..!”by caring his face..

Pragya is tensely waiting for someone and keeps on walking her and there with her baby bump…yes, she’s 7 months pregnant now..!
Suddenly, she heard car sound..she hurriedly walks to living room…Just then, Ansh comes running by calling”mamma!”and hugs her tightly…Pragya smiles and cares his hair ..!
Ansh shout’s”Mamma! Dekho mera prize!!”[ Mamma! See I have won 1st prize!!] by showing his trophy to his mamma!
Pragya smiles and took trophy in hands and say’s”Arey whah!! Bahut bada prize aya mera ansh koo..!”[ wow! My Ansh had achieved very big trophy!]
She then notices Vikram and Radha were coming inside…
Vikram see’s pragya and say’s”Arey beta..! tum abhi tak jagriho??”[ Beta! u r still awake?]

Pragya smiles and say’s”Ji papaji! Kysey sovungi.? Aaj meri Ansh ka competition tho hai…! “[ Yes papa! Today is My Ansh competition na..that’s why..]
Radha say’s”Haa! Phar doctor neh mana kiyatana?beta Tumhey koie tension yaa stress lehney ka? Issliyeh hum jayatha Ansh ki competition mei!!”[ Yes , but doctor have told u that u shouldn’t take any stress or tension..that’s why we went to his competition..!]
Pragya say’s”Maa! Oh..Ansh kuch upset lagrihey islihey..! Aaj unki papa bhi nehi hey na..! bahut disturb lagrihyeh ooh..!”[ Yes mom! But I felt Ansh is very disturbed..! Even his dad is not] say’s by caring his hairs.
.Ansh still clings to her by hugging..! Purab enters and say’s”ha..Saab tho bahut disturb lagrihey..! phar phir bhi 1st ayaa!!”[ yes, boss was very disturbed..but he won 1 st prize]

Pragya smiles and say’s”Ha..ha.teekey..phar jo kaam meiney tujhey diyaatho..uska kyaa?”[ kk..but what about that work which I gave to u?]
Purab smiles and side hugs her and say’s”Ha..meri MAA! Eh loo C.D ..meney Ansh ki saari performance ismey record kiyatha…dekhloo!”[ Ha..bab! take this..i have recorded his full performance in it..!] by passing C.D to pragya…Pragya smiles…
Vikram say’s” Acha! Pragya beta..abtum sojav..bahut late hoyieh..!” [ Beta! now go and’s getting very late]
Pragya nodes and slowly left to her room with Ansh.. Purab , radha and vikram too left to their respective rooms..
Pragya slowly settles on bed and took Ansh in her lap. She say’s ”Ansh bacha! Eh loo..tera favorite dish hai..dekho..Wow sweet corn soup bhi hey..!” Ansh leans to her chest and looks somewhat upset.!

Pragya see’s him and slowly tries to cheer up and say’s”Kya huva mera bachey ko?? Upset kyu hai..? First prize bhi jeetha phir bhi ithnaa moody??” [ What happen to my baby? He has won 1st prize..but still he’s upset?] by caring his hairs.
.Ansh say’s”Papa nehi ayaa! Aur tum bhi!!”[ Papa and u didn’t attend my function]
Pragya pecked his forehead and say’s”Arrey bacha! Papa trip mei hey na..isliyeh nehi aapay!! Aur tum jantehney aunty neh mujhey mana kiyaa travel kehliyeh..isslihey nehi ayaa..phar Daddu, dadi , purab mamu ..ayyana !!”[ Ansh! Papa is on trip na? that’s why he didn’t came..And u know na doctor aunty ordered me not to’s for baby..that’s why couldn’t came..but dadi, dadu and purab chachu attend na?].

.Ansh nodes yes and say’s”Phir bhi agar papa ayatho..kitnaa maza ajataa..!!”[ But mamma! If papa would will be full of fun..!]
Pragya say’s”Ha..papa ko bhi bahut buraa laga..! oh mujhey phone kiya..aur kaha hai ki..Whoo bahut sad hai..!”[ Ya..u know papa also feelling very bad for nat able to attend ur function..he call’s be and said that he will come very soon for u..!]
Ansh say’s”Mamma! Pap kab ayehgey?”[ mom! When papa will come?]
Pragya say’s”Ayengey na..! aaj raath ayengey..kal tumdonno bahoot masti karengi..kk ?“[ He will night..and tomorrow u both will enjoy a lot..kk??]

Ansh slowly smiles and hugs her tightly…Later, Pragya feeds him food ..Ansh still holds his trophy in hands and talks with pragya..! Pragya tries to take it but Ansh say’s” Nehi Mamma! Mei papa ko dikavungi.plz..” [ No mamma! I will show it to papa!]
later, they start playing his performance C.D..Pragya is watching with full excitement while Ansh still leans towards her and slowly drifts to sleep…! After sometime pragya too drifts to sleep while leans towards head board..

Abhi slowly enters with baby steps and scene behind him brings a bright smile on his face..!
Pragya is sleeping by leaning to headboard..while Ansh sleeps by leaning his head on pragya’s tummy with trophy in his hands..!
Abhi slowly goes towards them..He sit’s beside pragya and slowly cares Ansh’s hairs later, he cares pragya which makes pragya awake..! Pragya smiles seeing Abhi and gestures to see Ansh.. Abhi smiles and slowly see’s Ansh’s trophy. He smiles and kissed on Ansh’s forehead..Abhi still admires trophy..Later, he notices pragay feeling, he slowly took Ansh in arms..Ansh murmers”Papa! Mei first prizd….jeeta”Abhi smiles and kissed him again..Later, he lay’s Ansh on bed and covers with blanket..

Later, Abhi goes to fresh up..Pragya about to leave to bring food..Abhi stops her and say’s”I have my food in plane!”He makes her sit carefully and ask’s”Did u took ur medicines??”Pragya gives an oops expression. .Abhi glares at her and make her have medicines. and they both talked for sometime…Later, both watched Ansh’s performance C.d and felt very happy..Abhi is on cloud nine…! His eyes r filled with happy tears..Pragya notices this and slowly leans on his shoulder… they talked for some time and slowly drift to sleep

Ansh wakes up and slowly rubs his eyes..he looks around and finds Room empty..! he then remember about Abhi’s return…he gets excited and jumps from bed and runs to hall…He see’s his daadu is reading newspaper…he didn’t find Abhi anywhere…he slowly goes to kitchen and hugs pragya from behind..Pragya cares his hair and say”Wow,,aaj mera bacha ithni jaldi utgaya??[ wow! Today my son wakeup very soon??]
”Ansh ask’” Mamma! Papa kaha hai??”[ Mom! Where is papa?] Pragya smiles li’ll and say’s”Who..! Papa ayanehi..! unko kam tha..isliyeh..!” [ Oh..papa didn’t have return ..he has some work..dear]
Ansh becomes very upset and slowly goes to their room…Pragya smiles and signs someone..!
Ansh reached room and upset and seated on bed…he then finds a gift box and slowly opens it and finds A Big Remote car set..with a note..Written on it”To my ROCKSTAR..!” his face is lightening with full happiness..! He runs and to Vikram khanna..and shakes him and ask’s”Papa kaha hai? Papa kaha hai..??” and left from their shouting…

He enters kitchen and keeps on jumping and asking papa kaha hai.. batav mamma..!! papa kaha hai? By shaking pragya…Pragya starts shouting..Änsh stop it..tum pagal hoyavo..stop it na..plz..!”But Ansh is not all in listening mood..his happiness is on peaks..just then he Heard his hero voice” Ithna itazaar hu apni papa kehliyeh..??”[ U r waiting this much for ur papa?]
Ansh turns to that side and shout’s”Papa!!” Abhi smiles and kneels down and expands his Arms ! Ansh runs to him and hugs him tightly…he then remember something and slowly goes and stands behind pragya..! Abhi goes to him and say’s”What happen to my Rockstar??”Ansh pout’s and say’s”I will not talk with u…u didn’t come for my competition..!”and turns to other side by folding his hands across..
Abhi say’s”Who..! so mera Rockstar mujhsey naaraz hai??”[ Oh God! So..My Rockstar is angry with me??] Ansh turns and say’s”Bahut naraz hai..!”[ I’m very Angry!] and turns again..Abhi starts teasing and say’s”Kithna naraz hai??”Ithna?? by showing his figure..Ansh nodes No..! then Ithna?? Ansh again nodes no..! Like this Abhi keeps on irritating Ansh..All r smiling seeing their drama…Finally, Ansh got Angry and start to beat Abhi..After sometime, he again tries to leave..but Abhi holds him and took him in lap saying”Ab tak papa kehliyeh papakey saath ladrahahai..?” [ Till now my Ansh is fighting with everyone for his papa..Now, see he’s fighting with his papa!!] and winks at Ansh…Ansh smiles and hugs him…then, Abhi presents A trophy to Ansh which written as “WORLD’S BEST FRIEND”..Ansh happily see’s all and hugs Abhi…All smiles seeing them.


Ansh sit’s on Abhi’s stomach and they r very busy in playing and talking with each other…Pragya enters with clothes and starts arranging in cupboards..Ansh suddenly Jumps from bed and stands behind Pragya while thinking something…He comes to Pragya and talks something my placing his head towards her tummy…Pragya say’s”Arrey kya huva..? kya karrahey?”[ what r u doing Ansh? What happen?]
Ansh say’s I’m talking with baby..don’t disturb us..”Abhi slowly get’s up and say’s”” Acha! What r u talking?”Ansh runs to abhi and sit’s in his lap saying ”papa! Mera baby.. boy? Or girl? mera brother ? yaa sister?” Abhigya smiles and say’s”Tummey koun chahiyeh?”[in chorus][ WHOM U WANT]

Ansh starts thinking a lot by keeping different faces..lastly say’s”I want sister..!” Abhi smiles and pragya say’s”Why sister?” Ansh say’s”Becoz, baby sister tho mamma zehsa hogina..!isliyeh..!”[ becoz, My sister will be like my Mamma na..that’s why!] Pragya had tears listening this and hugs Ansh tightly and kissed him..Abhi too smiles seeing them and joins into hug..

After 2 months:
Pragya screams in pain..soon Abhi and Purab took her to hospital…Ansh sit’s in Radha’s lap and cries worriedly for his mamma..while RADHA and VIKRAM tries their best to console him…! Doc informs Abhi about some, have to do surgery..Abhi tensely signs forms and OPERATION begins…! All r tensely praying for Pragya…While Abhi tries his best to behave normal..becoz, he has full faith on his LOVE..!
Later he took Ansh in hands and put’s him to sleep…

Doc informs they r blessed with Baby girl..!! All r very happy and congratulate Abhi.! Abhi is on cloud nine…Ansh too wakes up by noise and get’s happy for getting Sister..!! All came inside..Pragya is still unconscious….Abhi slowly took Baby who is rolled in a white towel…She’s looking soo lovely with pink cheeks and innocent face..! Ansh see’s her and say’s”Papa! She’s just like Mamma!”Abhi smiles and slowly peaked her forehead..! Ansh goes to pragya and sit’s beside her caring her hairs.. After sometime, Pragya slowly gains conscious and see’s Ansh beside her…she slowly kissed Ansh palms which cares her hairs and kissed them with happy tears..Ansh hugs her happily and say’s”Mamma! I got a sister..!” Pragya smiles..Soon Abhi passes her baby…Pragya happily hugs her child and admires with happy tears…
Pragya ask’s Abhi”what will we name her? “Abhi thinks for a while and say’s ”Ariyaa.!!” All say’s”Wow! Ansh and Ariya..! great names..!!”


ABHi [in mind]: This is my Life !! Firstly I thought I have lost everything…but My Faith on My Love never die…Now, I have own everything in my Life..! Family, Money, Fame..and My Pragya !! I have to tell u all ”MY LOVE LEADS MY LIFE…!!”

Hi, guys..I know this is very big episode..but I’m so sorry for this much long update. plz bear me this time…but, I really Hope u all will like this…Thank u..

Thank much guys..for showing ur love and support on me..I always be thankful to u all..becoz, U guys r always gives me Energy and Encourage me to core…Thank u on and all..for Being with me in this wonderful path..!!
Plz don’t feel Bad. dears…I will be back soon for u all..for irritating u all with my crazy ideas and stories…I know u all will be ready bear me..Hahha!! Bye guys…Love u all…and Miss u..!!

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