love, friends, family sad story of mine (kkb)

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Hii guys vanakamm to all my tamil friends.and hi to all other friend I am writing this short stories by taking pragya and abhis is a real life happy reading.
please drop your comments whether it is good or bad so that next time I could improve my writing skills. And most importantly bear my typing and grammatical mistake as it first time I m writing a ff.

Why did god created me when he couldnot take a good care of me?.A girl of her mid 20 is shown talking to herself and writing a diary near a sea.tears is shown in her eyes.she is reaveled to be pragya.she writes 8 yrs ago and fb starts. Someone was asking to god by looking at sky,why god why everyone hates me?why everyone doesn’t like to have me in their life.why cant I tell anyone my own?why the person whom I loved to the core hurted me more and went away from me? The person was revealed to be the little pragya of 12 yrs. Even you separated me from my people.the person who were my world,whom I trusted to the core my mom dad they betrayed me.who raised me up to 12 yrs they just betrayed me.even they were not mine.WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO BEAR EVRYpain.the one with whom my world started were not mine they too betrayed me……MERA bhai jo meri gurror hai wo bhi mera apna nahi hai.wo bhai jisme mri duniya suru hoti thi aur jisse me apne maa baap se bhi jyaada pyaar karti thi usne bhi mujhe dhokha diya.{my brother who was my pride wasn’t my own,the brother with whom my world starts and ends and whom I loved and respected than my mom dad isn’t mine own}Isnt it a heartbreaking thing when you know that your own family,your own brother,mom,dad weren’t your own and had betrayed you.How does it feel when you get to know that the 12ys of your life with whom you spend betrayed you?what does it feels when someone else knocks your door in the place of your loved ones?.what happens to you or how do you feel when the best day of your life becomes the worst day in your life?…this is my story.fb is shown.1month was the august month.

A bunglow is shown and a voice of girl and boy is heared.the girl is shown she is our pragya and her brother aagam.pragya is angry.she tells”I hate you bhai,I hate you,I don’t want to talk to you please go from here”.Aagam says in a baby tone”sweety plz listen to me once ok baba I soory”pragya yells”bhai plz don’t try same trick with me,I hate you,you know what you have done bhai,you have destroyed my ipad,my all assignment and everything is gone”and pragya’s tears are in verge to fall.Aagam”sorry baba it was just a mistake I will repair it plz don’t cry you know na I hate your tears plz if you want you can destroy my phone”saying this aagam forwards his phone.pragya says”no bhai its okay “she leaves from there.she goes to her bedroom and soon drifts to as morning pragya is shown waking up and it 7:00 clock.she realised it was her bday.pragya says to herself,”today is my bday and as always mom dad and bhai and aadvika di(she is a orphan raised by pragya mom dad.she was there as made but due to pragya she became member of family and is a nutrient by profession) used to come to my room to wish me but today they didn’t came.did they forgot my bday.pragya goes to be fresh and comes in her uniform for school as she realized she was going to be late for school.pragya comes down and goes to kitchen by shouting mom,dad bhai.pragya sees someone working there.the person turns with a plate of breakfast and she is revealed to be aadvika.

pragya shouts di you are back omg I missed you so much and she hugs adhvi.{adhvika}.you came for something special na tell me na.adhvi,”yes surprise baby h… before she could complete her sentence aagam says what are you two sisters talking or are you plotting against me.he signals her not to tell.pragya”bhai did you know what is today”aagam”no nothing is today you are being late for your school and I am being late for work.pragya thinks that they forgot my bday it okay she asks the same to her mom dad but they says the same.she sadly wents to her school with her was annual program today so she had half holiday.the pragays best friends were seher,tanu,aaliya,abhi,purab.they were also told not to wish her.she asked her best friend they behaved as they didn’t know.the program begin the program were organized by her friend mom dad was a dance program.but seher wasn’t present there.but pragya didn’t know that,they were sehers mom dad.pragya was called in principle office as her mom dad came she was told.she went their but to her surprise there weren’t her mom dad but seher’s mom dad.she was confused.she thought abhi was playing prank with her.she asked principle sir why he called her.principle told her that her parents came.she asked principle where are they?.He told they are right infront of you.she told sir you know I am whose daughter then how you can say that they are my parents.they aren’t my parents.saheena(pragyas biological mom),beta I am your ammi beta.pragya was in verge of crying.staff came and told her family came,they are in gate.she ran from there towards gate followed by her friend tanu.pragya hugged her bhai.she asked her mom dad whether she is their daughter.they nooded in affirmative.her bhai gave her a present which was an ipad pro 10.1 she was happy to core.her mom presented her a box full of toffee and a watch that she wanted.Her dad gifted her a bracelet.her tears were about to fall from her eye which was noticed by brother.aagam,”what happen my choti why is this tears in your eye”who hurted you?.pragya”mom dad some two people came and told me that you aren’t my real mom dad and my bhai but instead they are my mom dad.plz come with me plz tell them that you are my family”.aagam”who the hell is that person who has guts to get tears in my babys eye I wont leave them”agam and pragya went to principle cabin followed by her mom dad.aagam started to yell at saheena and Irfan(pragyas biological parents).

saheena phoned police as well as someone.soon police came they told them that school is a peace environment they took pragya’s both parent with them.aagam with pragya went to police station.there was a huge discussion.after a nurse came pragyas dad not Irfan face clour went.and then he told it is true aagam just shouted at his dad.his dad told that nurse exchanged their death child with pragya.after listening to this pragya felt like the ground below her leg was pulled by someone.aagam felt like his whole world was lawyers came and pragya was given to her biological parents aagam tried a lot to stop pragya going with them but his dad stopped him.screen shifts to a mansion.a room is fully decorated in pink colour everything is white and baby pink with soft toys and some Einstein,princess and some quotes hanging in wall of room with a pic of pragya,pragya and her friend.pragya with saheena and Irfan enters the same mansion.pragya was not able to handle the fact so she was sad.saheena showed her room she wasn’t seher too came back her home.saheena told seher that there was a surprise in the room.seher followed by saheena went to her surprise she saw someone playing guitar with a tune that was played by her bf pragya.shaheena told her that she is her sister and told her story.seher went with tear eyed near her she didn’t knew till now her sister was her best friend pragya.seher”, don’t cry sweety let past be past.pragya stooped crying as the voice was familiar to her she turned and saw it was seher without wasting a time she hugged her.seher said pragya are you my sister in one side seher was happy get her bestfriend as her sister but was feeling bad that such stuffs happen with her friend.she assured her everything will be fine.pragya to irritate the family member she didn’t even called shaheen as mom instead she called her as aunty…after that pragya tried many thing to irritate them.they even tried to change pragya name to aara as they even told pragya to accept quran but pragya did not wanted.pragyas aunt uncle forced to accept after 8 yrs pragya is 21.pragya went somewhere without informing anybody.she is hugging some man.his face is reaveled to be abhi.Both abhi pragya love each other but pragya thinks that her abbu ammi wouldnot accept her and abhis relationship so she didn’t proposed abhi and her nikah(marriage) was fixed with her khalla khali younger son.pragya says it the only happiness in my life abhi after that tragic are the only one after bhai who cared a lot about me and love as afriend unconditionally..shhh don’t tell such things yaar you know na I hate such mind, I love you so much don’t even try to tell such stupid thing otherwise I forget that you are my fuggy”abhi says.pragya was once again happy with abhi’s company.she loved abhi to core but she didn’t proposed him so here samething happinenig with abhi.abhi thought that He will propose her at midnight without doing any delay.abhi was practicing to propose pragya he was saying I love you 11 o clock at night abhi called pragya and told her that he was in pragya being alert went out of house it was noticed by her khalla khalli.they called their son who was partying at club when he heard that he was obsessed about he came out of club and drove toward the place where pragya was going to meet abhi as he was abhi’s bestfriend and he knew abhi proposed pragya.pragya to tease abhi told that she will Say Her answer in sometime.she went to the other side of the road and abhi was other side of road.she was buying a ballon with heart shape and she was crossing the road when a car with full speed came and it was about hit her but I mean time abhi save her but abhi was hit by the car.the driver of the car was her khalla khalli is shown abhi is shown in icu he is shown in ventilator his heart rate decrease and doctor comes outside the abhis dad and mom and pragya ammi abhu seher and aaliya tanu are who are crying and pragya is dumbstruck she is lifelessly comes out of icu and tells that abhi is no more.the truth is bearded by pragya and she rans towards abhis dead body and cries and tells him to wake up.she leaves from there.present.I am pragya no no sorry I am so called world came to end first I was separated from my family my dad my mom my bhai my adhvi di.and now hardly a happiness came in my life but you god you took that also. First the persons whom I loved my mom dad then bhai adhvi you made me away from them and now you took a happiness my abhi also from me I don’t want this life I am going away from this problem I cant live more she was going toward the sea but suddenly she stopped by a voice sweety will you leave when your stupid minion will tell you not to leave if you are leaving then plz take me with you.another voice is heared my crittle will you leave your cuti brittle alone .pragya turns and sees her aagam bhai and her adhvi di with her dad but her mom was missing.she immediately ran towards them and hugged a crying tone,I heared that you people were died in car accident and I tried your no but it didn’t reached.shaahen aunty and Irfan uncle told me and where is ma.aagam with teary eye says that mom had a bp attack and she is in coma when you went we tried to reach you but shaheen told me that you donot want to see our faces.pragyas dad”bhai lets forgot it and can we start a fresh start”.pragya similed and noddeded in ha kyu nahi(ok why not{assertive})


How will you guys feel when at childhood you came to know that the persons whom you called your mom dad weren’t yours your bhai who is your everything is not your own you are not allowed to be with the person with whom you want live?when every happiness life vanishes how do you feel?what do you feel when your birthday which is best day of life becomes your worst nightmare?.what do you feel when your dad who raised you betrayed you your own family betrayed you?.It doesot takes a second to bring a steom in your guys live your life happily,always respect your parents and brother and sister.Very fortunate people only get parents siblings love in their guys stop your fighting with your family.

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