Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
Finally the day came SUNDAY,Pragya left the home in dawn to avoid Abhi and made herself busy in their cafe.It was almost evening and Abhi was firm that he wanna have words with her so he just stood in the door itself where the door was locked from outside.He doesn’t wanna open and go in so he decided to wait there till she come.
He was waiting there over hours and it became night but he didn’t lost her patience for the first time in his life.He pulled out his mobile and called Tina.
“Tina,Is Pragya is there” asked Abhi calmly.
“Hey,Abhi we closed the cafe just now she leave to home” said Tina.
“Oh okay thank you Good night” said Abhi and ended the call.

Abhi kept mobile in his pocket and said “Okay let her come” and glued his eyes on entrance.
There she comes after a week he is seeing her.He saw her during his concert day that was the last time he saw her.He couldn’t explain what he feels right now he just wanna run into her arms and wanna hug her tight but he wanna sort out everything before.
She just saw him he was leaning in locked main door she became tensed as she wanna handle him ‘Why he is standing outside why did he slept yet,Did he lost the key that’s he is standing outside’ like this numerous questions running in her mind.
She just ignored him and walked towards the door and took the key and pushed it on key hole.Just he came besides her “Do you remember me..I’m Abhi.. Abhishek Mehra” he said with anger in his eyes yet to manage to keep him cool & calm.
She just lifted her head and looked at his face and didn’t respond anything and shifted her gaze towards the door and opened the door and got in and Abhi followed her.
“Hey,Dont you remember me” he asked her again.
“Abhi stop your drama” she said with cool words and kept the grocery filled bag on dinning table and about to move towards her room.
“Who is doing drama here” he asked her by stopping her in Midway.
“Abhi..I’m tired lemme fresh up move” she said and tried to move.
“What you wanna show me know nothing matters you right” he asked.
“You wanna pick fight with me” she asked in bit loud tone.
“I don’t wanna pick fight with you but wanna sort out the problem between us” he said sincerely.

“Problem when we had problem” she asked him.
“Then what’s all this we are in same roof but we didn’t see each other over a week..If there is no problem why you are sleeping here not in our room..Why you are leaving me alone every morning before I woke up..why you are going to bed before I come.. Why you are locking yourself in this room when I’m in home..Why you are not facing me what I had done” he asked now his eyes were filled.
She looked at him in his eyes and her eyes were filled but she ignored that and turned away from his face and said “Nothing like that Abhi..its all your imagination I’m just getting tired of work that’s why I’m going to bed earlier and leaving earlier” she reasoned him.
“Why can’t you sleep in our room” he asked by controlling his choking voice not to break down.

“I’m not comfortable there Abhi..I wanna sleep peacefully you ll come late and you ll switch on the lights it ll disturb my sleep and that’s it” said Pragya as she didn’t wanna mean it and she didn’t mean what she said.After saying this she really wanna regret it after seeing his pale dead face.
He immediately moved from her and left the home immediately.Pragya gone weak on her knees she trembled down and tears flowed from her eyes she never wanna hurt him but she didn’t get the courage to tell things to him even she told he won’t understand it he ll behave like an adamant kid.
2 hours passed still he didn’t came back to home she was keep on calling him back to back but he didn’t respond to any of her calls she was getting panic.Suddenly she heard a noise from entrance she ran to the entrance.
Abhi was losing his balance and about to fall Pragya ran to him and held him to make him stand then she realized he was drunken.She couldn’t tolerate the heavy alcohol smell she hold her breathe for a minute and took him to room despite of minding his blabbering.
She dropped him in room and about to leave but he held her hands “Why are you doing this jaan do you think I ll disturb your sleep is this is the reason why are you doing this to me You know na I can’t live without you please don’t go away from me” he said pleadingly.
“Abhi..You came drunk home just sleep now we can talk about this later” said Pragya and about to leave.

“You are not going anywhere and we are going to sort it out now” he said by grabbing her hands and pulling her close to him where she feels suffocated.
“Abhi…leave me..I’m suffocating let’s talk in morning” she said and pushed him.
He again grabbed her and pressed her towards the wall and “Enough is enough…I can’t take it anymore just leave me Abhi” shouted Pragya.
“Stop screeching you are not going anywhere before sorting it out” shouted back Abhi by pushing himself close to her.

“Abhi you are hurting me I’m suffocating please move” she said by catching her breathe and voice is drowning and choking.
“Don’t you heard it Pragya I’m Not leaving you before we could sort it” he told where his hot breathe hits her face.
“Abhi I’m swear we could sort it in morning now leave me” she said pushing him and about to leave.
“I can’t wait till morning already I had waited every morning over this week now I can’t” he said pressing himself onto her as she was really find difficult to breathe but he is not in sense to sense that.
“Abhi….” she shouted in almost draining voice and tried to push him.But he is firm in his grip.

Just she can’t take it anymore *THUDDDDDDDDD* she slapped him hard and pushed him as he fell on floor she sat on bed by catching her breathe.
He was shocked he never think in his weird dreams she ll do this to him.She was feeling bad for slapping him and saw him with a pitty eyes.She ran towards him and tried to make him stand but he pushed her.
“Abhi..I’m sorry Abhi..You know right I can’t breath over alcohol smell knowing that you came drunk and getting closer to me I was really suffocating Abhi” she tried to say something.
“I don’t need you or your help just get lost” this what the word escaped out from his mouth.

She immediately ran out of his room and gone towards her room and locked herself tears were flowing hard from her eyes she Never thought she ll see this day in her life.
She packed her stuffs in hurry and stuffed all her things in her case and decided to leave this home she knew that it’s wrong but she wanna do this and she wanna sort out everything with Abhi once she feel this is the right time.
She doesn’t even looked to his room which is No more their room and left the home.
Love to be continued..

By Srimathi.
Thanks for reading and drop your views.
I very well know this is somewhat we never want.But I assure something different ll happen.And it’s lil short update comparing to previous one but next time I ll give you guys long update.

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