Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Pragya got into a room as she couldn’t control her tears and his Dadi’s words were echoing in her mind. ‘Why Dadi didn’t like me,She had told that to me directly this means Abhi too know about this why he hided from me’ she thinks and lots of thoughts were circling in her mind she doesn’t know what to do again and again she thinks his Dadi’s words.She doesn’t know when sleep overpowers her.Eyelids became heavy and her eyes closed unwillingly.
Abhi came to home by whistling something “Jaanu…Jaanu..” he called out for her as he entered the home.He didn’t get any reply he straightly gone to kitchen but she was not there.
“Jaan..where are you” he called out yet again in reply he didn’t get any reply.
“Arey..Where did she gone,well she ll be in our room..This girl na how happy I am but this pragz bhi na she left the stadium alone” muttered Abhi and got into her room.
Without touring the room he shouted in joy “Jaan I’m back” after he realized she was not in their room he was surprised as he couldn’t see her anywhere.He came out of the room and glanced their home and he noticed another room door was slightly opened.He thought she ll be there.

He got in to the room and he could see she is sleeping there.He slowly took baby steps and gone near the bed.He surprised yet again as she know how important was the day but she slept and didn’t wait for me.Then he convinced himself by she may be tired as today is her first day of work then she ran to my concert and sure she ll be tired.But he thinks ‘Why she is sleeping here in this room’.
He slowly took his fingers and ran his fingers through her hair and ogled at her lovingly “I love you jaan” he said smilingly and placed a peck on her forehead.
And slowly lift her in his arms and carried her to their room and carefully dropped in the bed and covered with blanket and smiles at her “You are looking tired yet you look so cute my jaanuuuuu” he said happily and pressed his lips on her forehead and left to change himself.
He came back after freshing himself and settled in bed by cuddling with her.He was ogling at her and said “Hey,Why did you slept so early you know how much I wanna share you today,but you sleepy cat slept early.I know I’m late but you should wait for me na,I feel like waking you right now and wanna share how I’m feeling now after doing the concert but you look so cute while sleeping so I won’t wake you and you too know that na I won’t wake you from sleep..You are bad jaanu” he pouted.As sleep over powered him he too slept with her.

Next morning,Pragya woke up and she could find herself in their room and was sleeping with Abhi.For a moment she forgot everything and looks at him sleeping peacefully immediately her lips curved to a smile and kissed his forehead.
Within an instinct she realized what his Dadi said yesterday she immediately pulled away from him and got up to leave for work as she needs some time to think something in peace of mind and she decided not to discuss about Dadi with him.
She got refreshed and prepared Breakfast and took a minute for prayer,soon she left the home before Abhi could wake up.Abhi was sleeping peacefully and his mobile rang,He slowly waked up with irritation and saw the caller ID it was Brad.
“Hello,Tell me Brad” he said sheepishly with a yawn.
“Hey Abhi you are still sleeping uh?? You forgot today you have meetings na” said Brad.
“Oh..ya I forgot I ll see you soon” he said and hang up the call.
He took a quick look at the clock it was 9:30 AM “Oh god it’s 9:30 she didn’t woke me” he said and got up “Jaanu..” he called her.And couldn’t get any reply he glanced the whole home he couldn’t find her in home.
“Where she gone” he wondered and took his mobile and called her.
Pragya was sitting in her cabin lost in thoughts,At the time her mobile rang she glanced the caller ID it was Abhi.Already she gone through her thought process and she concluded and decided herself.While seeing the caller ID she thinks for a second to attend the call or not.As she was trying to come out of her dilemma the call ended she sighed in relief and decided not to call back.

Abhi panicked and said “where she had gone,Why she is not picking the calls” he called her once again.
Once again her mobile rang it was Abhi again.She took a deep breath and attend the call but she didn’t give a moment for him to speak as she attended the call she said “I’m in office and I’m busy” as she said firmly she hang up the call and unknowingly she felt hurt by herself eyes were filled.
Abhi was amused by the way of her words and stared at her mobile. “what happened to her” he asked himself and said “May be they are giving heavy work as she is a fresher…Umm poor jaanu” he smiled himself and thinks ‘but whenever she leaving before I wake she ll leave a note na why she didn’t stick the note’ he puzzled and got in to freshup.
As he got ready and came to living room and saw the breakfast was placed in hot packs he smiled himself “Aww my jaan is the best” he said proudly and had breakfast made by her and left for meeting.
Finally the day ended,After her encounter with that man she decided what is better and which ll be best for him.It was very hard to take this decision but she wanna take this as she had no other option it was hurting her like hell may be more than hell.
She reached the home and could see he is not there so she decided to retire to bed before he comes.So she started to prepare dinner quickly.

Here Abhi was waiting when the final call out meeting ll end “Hey Brad how long yaar” he asked impatiently.
“Just few more hours man have some patience” said Brad with a smile.
“Fine” said Abhi irritatedly. ‘I thought to reach home early atleast today but luck is not in my side hope jaan won’t sleep early today as she doesn’t spoke with me since yesterday evening and still she didn’t make me a call and not even asked where I am what i am doing…Too bad let it be once I reached home I ll teach her lesson what ll happen if she mess with Rockstar’ he said himself and chuckled.
Finally it he reached the home but it was too late and he knows that.He looked up the table as dinner was kept hot in hot pack as same in morning.He slowly walked up to their room with a hope that she would awake but she is not there.He was confused and suspicious on Pragya’s behavior.He immediately walked up to another room to check Pragya but the room was locked from inside.
“What the hell” he muttered.And started to knock the door as he has no patience.

Pragya heard the knock actually bang on door but she maintained to ignore it as she doesn’t wanna him to face her,love her.She felt hurt every second to hurt him every second takes her to the death.But still she ignored.
The door didn’t opened he took his mobile and called her she was hesitated to attend and he was clearly hearing her mobile ringing from the room.She decided not to pick the call and let the mobile ring to the end.
He puzzled and said “Why she is not picking his calls” he muttered and convinced himself she may fall asleep but why she is sleeping there this was confusing his mind alot and decided to ask her in morning before she leave and decided to woke earlier before her.He wanna know and finish the reason behind this even if there is no reason he wanna Know the reason why she is sleeping there.
Pragya clutched the pillow and took his picture in hand and said “I’m sorry Abhi..I love you” she said and she slept she doesn’t know when she slept.
Abhi had his dinner and stood before the room where she was sleeping and knock the door again as he couldn’t take this.He was feeling dead as he didn’t saw her the whole day.
“What happened to you jaan” he asked before the door eyes were filled unknowingly and kissed the door and moved towards his room.

She was all in his thoughts he couldn’t sleep that night and he didn’t wanna sleep he needs an answer from her.He decided to stay awake so that he can have words with Pragya when she woke up.
The sun raised,Pragya woke up and unlatched the door lock and slowly walked to their room she saw he was sleeping with lots of worries and questions in his face.She slowly walked to him and held his hands and said “I’m sorry Romeo and I love you,You know that na” she asked him with teary eyes and kissed his hands and leave to get ready.
After some time,He woke up with a jerk and ran towards her room and saw the room is unlocked and he got in but he couldn’t find her.
“Is she left again” he asked himself and banged his foot on bed.
He sat on her bed and clutched the pillow towards him he could smell her still he kissed the pillow and laid on her bed for some time.

He was getting restless as the same thing is repeating for a week he had tried alot but all ended in vain.Once he had an encounter with Tina too.She said him there was some work stress but Pragya is managing it well without any problem.But still it doesn’t convinced him he was broken completely as he didn’t saw her for whole week and she too doesn’t bother about that.He was shocked confused and mainly hurted.He was firm that he wanna talk to her this Sunday,hug her cuddle her,or even if she wanna slap him for some unknown mistakes which would have been hurted her and that leads to her this behavior.
She was sitting in office and thinks how to hide from him as tomorrow is Sunday she has no work and she doesn’t know what to do even though it hurts her to death she decided to do this which ll end up in best for him.After all he is her everything,Finally she decided to make herself in their cafe so she could make herself busy.It was whole week since they had words but she stoled his glimpse while he was in sleep and completely hided herself from him and that’s what she gonna do tomorrow too.
By Srimathi.
So what’s gonna happen next………..
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