Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“Romeo wake up…wake up..wake up…” she alarmed him.
“Soney do na jaanu..Pls 5 minutes” he said like a baby.
She came back after 5 minutes “Abhi please wake up” she pleased almost.
“Umm…Good morning jaanu” he said with an yawn by widening his broad chest.
“Good morning Romeo” she said by ruffling his hair.
“What’s the time” he asked with another yawn.
“It’s already 5 AM” she said by placing a kiss on top of his head.
He stared at her with utmost disbelief “What it’s just 5AM..Have you gone mad jaanu” he leaned back again.
She stopped him “No.. just go and take bath I turned on the heater go hurry up.. hurry up..we wanna do Pooja na” she said which she looks extremely cute.
“Oh my cutie pie..I’m going” he can’t speak any word before her cuteness.
“Make it soon” she said and he nodded.
She was making the stuffs for pooja.
“Jaanu..Jaanu…Jaanu..” he alarmed as he came out of restroom.

She slowly paced to the room as she know why he was shouting.
“Come sit down.. don’t scream” she said by making him to sit on bed.
“’s so chill jaanu..why you are torturing me like this” he asked by peeping from the towel as she was toweling his hair.
“Shut up..” she said smiled at him and dried his hair.
“Okay chalo come come lets do Pooja and then I ll leave for my work and wish me the luck” she said as he got up and followed her.
They both get infront of the lil Mandir in their room and Pragya took the pooja plate and does arti Abhi sighed and said “When you ll finish all this pooja” he asked lil irritated.
“Shhh..” this what her reply and continued her Pooja and Abhi was just ogling at her with love and he looks at the God’s idol and said himself “Hey,You My jaan’s god hear me I don’t believe you but my jaan believes you if you are exists then give her all Happiness in the world and make this smile to stay with her always” he said himself and turned towards his jaan.

After doing Pooja she gives him the prasad it’s prasad for her and it’s just a sweet for him he opens his mouth and got the sweet she feeded and smiled “Now ur pooja over” he asked with raised brows.
“ and let’s have breakfast” she said by keeping the pooja plate besides.
“Hmm.. yeah well I have to make a call to Dadi and I ll back” he said.
“Okay..” she smiled and about to move.
He held her hands and “Wait jaan..Today you have to speak with Dadi how many times I had tried sometimes you ll be unavailable sometimes Dadi so today I have to get both of you together” he said and dialled dadi’s number.

She smiled “Okay baba” and stood by crossing her arms to her chest.Abhi smiled and pulled her towards him wrapped his arms around her.
“Hello budiyaa” he said excitedly as the call connected while Pragya was seeing at his excitement when he talks to his Dadi he became 5 year old kid.
“Abhi..beta how are you” asked Dadi excitedly.
“I’m fine Dadi.. How are you” he asked in return while Pragya guessed what Dadi ll think if she talks to her.
“I’m fine when are you going to come here..See you finished your studies come home soon I wanna see you get married soon” she said happily and ordered him after hearing this his face lil bit sad that was noticed by Pragya she raised her brows in ‘what’ manner he nodded as nothing..
“Dadi..see today I’m gonna do my live concert wish me luck budiyaa and Pragya also gonna join her job today wish us” he said excitedly.Pragya smiles at him.

“Pragya?Kon Pragya” asked Dadi which hurt Abhi he doesn’t know how to say when Pragya was besides him and looking at him with excitement and smile.
Abhi tried to cover up and said “Uffo..Budiyaa”
“Abhi..I Wish you the best for you and you ll rock the day my wishes are always with you and that girl I even don’t know stop talking about such random girls” she said.
Abhi was hurt as well he can’t explain his Dadi so he maintained “Thank you Dadi I will tell her” he said and ended the call and thinks ‘This Dadi bhi na don’t know why she is still in 60’s drama queen’ he thinks and turned towards Pragya seeing him with a big question mark.
“Kya hua Abhi..what she said” asked Pragya.
“Nothing jaan..She wished us luck and she was getting to health check up in hospital so she hanged up the call” he lied her.
“Oh…” she said disappointed.

Abhi noticed this and wraps his arms around her waist and asked “What happened to my baby doll seems to be sad suddenly” he asked her softly.
“I thought today I ll speak with her but see destiny is always in opposite side” she pouted sadly.
He tightened his grip “Oh…hello..You know your destiny is always in your side that’s why you got such a hot happening charming hubby”
“Hey..stop stop..Who is hubby and who is ur wifey here hmm” she asked with a blushy cheeks.
“Ofcourse you and me” he said smilingly.
“ are not my hubby and not even finacee” she said by pushing him.
“Almost hubby and I’m Your finacee you forgot this” he asked while tracing ring in her hand.
“Oh..this ya I remember by best friend come soulmate’s first gift” she said by tracing her ring.
“Exactly that makes me your finacee and Ms.Pretty you don’t have escape from me got it” he said pulling her to him.
She blushed and smiled “Okay Mr.Romeo enough of your claims come let’s have breakfast” she said.
They both munched their breakfast and Pragya was lil bit tensed and happy.After finishing their breakfast she got with her bag and called Tina and said “Tina meet you in junction get ready” she said and hang up the call.
Abhi dragged her towards him and held her close “Hey,Why you are so tensed” he asked while she was keeping her head down and silently blushing.

“Nothing.. Just nervous of first day in work” she said while playing with his buttons.
“You wanna me to take off this now” he teased her by pointing his shirt.
“” she said blushed.
“Don’t worry jaan…You know you are the best in your way and it’s your dream job Mr.Pragya Arora or To be Mrs.Pragya Abhishek Mehra Psychology consultant you made it so just kill it baby and I know you are the best” he kissed her forehead.
She hugged him tight “Thank you so much Abhi..If its not you I ll never be here you supported me in every term thank you so much” she said as her eyes were filling.And she looked at his face and sees his eyes were filled too.
“Jaan stop this and you deserve it and you made it where do I play role in this Its all your hard work” he said by rubbing her tears with his thumb.
“No Abhi you don’t know how you play role in this I’m sure if it’s not you I ll never able to achieve this thanks for everything” she said by holding his hands.

“Stop this jaan..See I hate your tears and stop Thanking me you are such a drama queen u know what if I started to thank you then I have to thank you for my life time because you are my music and today I’m gonna do concert na its all coz of you..You made me do you feel If I keep on thanking you hmm” he asked.
“I ll kill you” she said by poking his chest.
“Exactly you getting anger ryt that’s what I feel when you thank me now stop this and get ready for ur work I think you are getting late and Tina ll be waiting for you” he said while twirling his fingers over her curls.
“Okay I’m leaving” she said with a pout.
“Go” he said with the same pout.
“That’s it?” she questioned him.
“Okay.. Don’t go be with me today as I need you today as my first live in” he said by holding her hands like a kid.
“But… This was my first day na” she said sadly as she too doesn’t wanna leave him.
“Hmm..” he pouted.”Okay come here” he widened his arms.
That’s it she ran to his arms and hugged him tight and he was continuously placing kisses on her head “Romeo..Shall I leave now” she asked breaking the hug.
He immediately pulled her to a passionate kiss of few seconds and said “Now you can go and be on time for my concert don’t be late okay”
“Okay meet you there” she said and walked towards the way.
“Come soon as I want your boost before the performance I wanna it to be more than my boost got it” he shouted.
“Haan..haa..” she replied back and vanished.

“Abhi come on it’s time to go to stage” said Brad while it was time for his concert.
“5 more minutes” said Abhi.
“Come on yaar it’s getting late” said Brad and left the green room.
‘Where she had gone I said her to be here before time but she didn’t came yet’ muttered Abhi as Pragya didn’t arrive.
Brad comes again and said “Abhi come else sponsors ll feel the worst come on”
Abhi nodded and got his guitar in his hand and got in to the stage.There was huge crowd evern Britishers also there and his first rows occupied by his fellas and they were screaming madly and chanting at his name he stood silent then he got her glimpse she was running near the stage his face immediately glowed and smiled at her.
She reciprocated the same smile and shows thumbs up and it was noticed by their fellas and they screamed “Awwwwwwwwww” Pragya saw them and passed a smile and Abhi too smiled and strummed his guitar to flow his divine voice.Pragya closed her eyes for a second and prayed the almighty and looked back to the stage.

Abhi with a smile sings eyeing Pragya……
Meri Rooh Ka Parinda Phadphadaaye (The bird of my soul is flapping its wings)
Lekin Sukoon Ka Jazeera Mil Na Paaye (But it is not able to find the island of peace)
Ve Ki Karaan, Ve Ki Karaan (What to do? What to do?)
Ek Baar Ko Tajalli Toh Dikha De (Give me a sighting/glimpse of Yours just once)
Jhoothi Sahi Magar Tasalli Toh Dila De (Give me solace/satisfaction, even if it’s a false one)
Ve Ki Karaan, Ve Ki Karaan (What to do? What to do?)
He waved his hands towards Pragya she was blushing and turned to crimson red and admiring him.
Raanjhan De Yaar Bulleya, Sun Le Pukaar Bulleya (O friend of Raanjha(lover)! Listen to my call, O Bulleh Shah!)
(Referring to Heer-Raanjha, a famous romantic couple in Indian History, similar to Romeo-Juliet)
Tu Hi Toh Yaar Bulleya, Murshid Mera, Murshid Mera… (You’re my only friend, O Bulleh Shah! You’re my guide/teacher)
Tera Mukaam Kamle, Sarhad Ke Paar Bulleya (O crazy one! Your destination is beyond/across the border)
Parwardigaar Bulleya, Haafiz Tera, Murshid Mera… (God is Your guardian, O Bulleh Shah! He’s(God’s) my guide)
She was looking deep into his eyes and only she could notice how his eyes were glistening and fixed on her.
Main Kabul Se Mitti Titli Ki Tarah Muhajir Hoon (I’m a refugee like a butterfly from Kabul(Capital city of Afghanistan))
Ek Pal Ko Thehroon Pal Mein Ud Jaaun (I stop for just a moment and the next moment I fly off)
Ve Main Taan Hoon Pagdandi, Labdi Ae Jo Raah Jannat Di (I’m like a narrow lane that is searching for the path to heaven)
Tu Mude Jahaan Main Saath Mud Jaaun (Wherever You’ll turn, I’ll turn in the same direction)
Tere Karwaan Mein Shaamil Hona Chaahoon (I want to be a part of Your caravan)
Kamiyaan Taraash Ke Main Kaabil Hona Chaahoon (Removing my flaws/shortcomings, I want to become a better person)
Ve Ki Karaan, Ve Ki Karaan (What to do? What to do?)
Raanjhan De Yaar Bulleya, Sun Le Pukaar Bulleya
Tu Hi Toh Yaar Bulleya, Murshid Mera, Murshid Mera…
Tera Mukaam Kamle, Sarhad Ke Paar Bulleya
Parwardigaar Bulleya, Haafiz Tera, Murshid Mera
O Raanjha! O Raanjha!

Abhi’s concert song performance is similar to this.
He finished with a huge bow and she was clapping hard and was extremely happy by seeing crowd’s response.He waved his hands towards crowd all were cheering him and he waved kisses and said “Thank you all” and left the stage by leaving the crowd overwhelming.
Pragya was happy by seeing crowd’s huge response suddenly some one taps her shoulder she turned and looks at the man in confusion.
“You are Pragya ryt” asked the man.
“Yes,you” she asked confused
“Hey..I’m Brad I think you know me Abhi’s organizer” he said forwarding his hand.
“Oh..Hi..I’m sorry I never met you ryt” she briefed.
“Yeah..It’s okay btw Abhi asked you to come to his green room” he said.
“Yeah..come let’s go” she said and both walked towards the green room.

“Here you wait Pragya he ll come in seconds” said Brad and left the place.
“Okay thank you” said Pragya with a smile.
She was waiting for him Suddenly she heard door’s sound and she turned towards the door.
“Hey…Hey..Jaanu..Wohaaaa” he shouted and ran towards her and hugged her tight.
“Hey Rockstar you made it” she said by hugging him tight.
“We made it jaanu” he corrected her and broke the hug and looked her with full of happiness.
“Yeah…I’m so happy for you now bend urself lil” she ordered.
“Falling head to toe for you baby” he said poetically and bends his head.
She smiled and placed a deep kiss in his forehead “Muaaaaaaahhhh”
“Whoaaa Jaanu much of energy” he said.
“Idiot..You know how crowd enjoyed your performance” she said proudly.
“Hmm..yeah I noticed and what about you…You liked it na” he asked even though he knows the answer.
“I love it the words it touched my soul” she said with a proud grin.
“You love the song alone???..what about me” he asked with a pout.
“.I hate you” she said with a smile.
“I love you too jaan” he said and placed kiss on her forehead.
She smiled and slapped his chest.
“Ouch..” he whined in pain and removed his dog tags and wrist bands.
“Jaan..keep all this these are irritating I’m feeling hot even in cold lo pakdo” he said and handover his things to her.
“Wait..Wait drop all this in bag” she said and opened her bag.
Brad comes there and said “Abhi..come man our sponsors wanna meet you”
“Oh ya wait..” he said Brad and “Jaan here you manage” he said and dropped his things nearby table and ran out with Brad.
“Hey idiot…Abhi..” she shouted at him for dropping all the things she collected the things and stuffed in her bag.
While she was doing this his phone rang she took his mobile and looked at the caller ID it was his Dadi her lips made a small smile and decided to attend the call.


Dadi : Hello…Abhi.
Pragya : Dadi..It’s me Pragya.
Dadi : Pragya?? *She puzzled*
Pragya : Haan Dadi how are you?
Dadi : Haa..Good but why you are attending the call where is Abhi.
Pragya : He had gone to meet the sponsor Dadi.He is not here.
Dadi : Then it’s fine actually I thought to talk with you alone.
Pragya : Ofcourse Dadi even I wanna talk with you.
Dadi : I donno what you wanna talk with me but I wanna say that there is a wedding alliance for Abhi and I decided it ll be perfect for him and his future.
Pragya : *gone numb didn’t utter any word gasped in shock*

Dadi : I donno why he is always behind you but I didn’t like it.I don’t want a bahu who has no cultural values who stay with a man without any wedding relationship.But I really don’t care about it I only care about my son.The wedding alliance is from CEO of big music company they really want Abhi to get married to his daughter.He ll be big support for
Abhi and his career more than that even they live in London they are highly cultural and has more traditional values.So that’s better for Abhi and our family.
Pragya : But Dadi… *her words are stammering and eyes were filled completely she gone pale in a moment by hearing all this*
Dadi : Do you really care for him or you are looking for your betterment by being with Abhi.
Pragya : Enough Dadi.. I care for him *she shouted in a rage of anger & disappointment*
Dadi : If you really care for him then you have to accept for this.Its better for his future I’m his Dadi and I know what’s good for him.And I know he won’t refuse what I’m saying.If he says no then you ll be the only reason.If you really want him to be happy all through his life then go away from him.I have seen world better than you guys so I know which will work and which won’t work.So I’m saying with this alliance Abhi ll be happy if you really wanna Abhi too happy then think and decide yourself.
By saying this she ended the call.Pragya startled and don’t know what to do.Her mind was not stable she wanna cry out loud but she doesn’t wanna break down in road.She saw Brad coming towards her she immediately handovered Abhi’s mobile to Brad and she left the place immediately.Her mind was tossing around the words of Dadi.She doesn’t know how to manage herself with heavy thoughts and running eyes she reached home she immediately get into a room and closed herself.

Love to be continued…..
By Srimathi.
Thanks for reading!! Drop your views!!

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