Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Pragya stood there with teary eyes she doesn’t have any idea what had happened and why he is behaving this way but she sensed something was really wrong as he never ever showed this much anger on her she was about to knock the door but she decided to let him alone for some more time so she stepped back and started to set the living room.
An hour passed she was still looking towards the room but it remains locked she even finished setting the living room another half an hour passed her eyes again turned towards their room it seems to be unlocked but still closed she goes near the door and pushed it she could see Abhi sitting in bed.

She slowly got in and placed her fingers on his broad shoulder he immediately turned towards her and encircled his arms around her waist by burying his face to her abdomen and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes She was shocked and seeing his sob her eyes were filled she calmly run her fingers through his hairs and calmed him.After some minutes he parted away.
“Nothing..I was just…..I’m sorry jaan” he said by looking down.She sat besides him and held his hands.

“Tell me what happened..Why you are crying like this I can’t see this you are really scaring me please Abhi tell me what happened” she asked really in a scared worried tone.
“Jaan.. Yesterday Brad called me na I gone to meet him then only I came to know here in London it’s quite difficult to do live-in independently we need more sponsors to launch me so there is less chance of doing concert here that’s it pragz everything is over I’m good for nothing everything is finished jaan I lost it..I lost it jaan I lost it” he said and sobbed hard and hugged her.
Pragya consoled him and broke the hug and cupped his face “Hey,Romeo look at me” she lifted his face.He looks at her.
“Romeo you are the best,first stop cursing yourself I know what u capable of and you know that too” she tried to make him understand.
“No jaan stop convincing me” he was so disappointed.
“Abhi look at me and hear me..You said it’s difficult to do live-in independently but it’s not impossible ryt..You said there is less chance but it doesn’t mean there is no chance..Now we have less sponsors it’s okay we have talent na..If you rocked today sponsors ll line up in queue for your next..I can understand it’s your first live in and you wanna make it big success in a big way but trust me you ll make this a big success even though it’s a small start don’t lose hope..You ll be the one who always motive me but now why are you losing your hope” she make him clear.
“Do you think this concert ll bring many more in the row or shall I wait for some more time to make a grand entry” he asked confused.
“Abhi.. Always mind only one thing in your mind,you have to give your best leave about sponsors and the show’s cost.. Whatever it may be your performance gonna speak there so if you did your best you ll make many more in the row..So now you decide you wanna do it or you wanna wait to make a grand entry now ball is in your court” she leave the decision with him.
Without speaking anything he hugged her “Thank you so much..You are always a sunshine to my darkness..See I’m gonna make my entry grand even in this small concert I’m gonna give my best and rest it ll happen by time..Thank you for making me understand,you are the best” he was more confident now.

She smiled “My Abhi is back” she said and hugged him back.
He broke the hug “And I’m sorry jaan..I shouted at you madly” he said by holding his ears.
“Its okay I forgive you my baby” she said and pulled his cheeks.
“Oh…Okay Mumma now get ready soon we planned to go for shopping today remember” he asked her.
“Hmm..ya I remember” she nods.
“Then come on get ready fast..jaldi..jaldi..jaldi..” he said and moved towards the closest to get ready.

“Abhi..let’s buy for you first then we can go to ladies section okay” she said and he nodded.
While they were going in a voice called him almost a scream “ABHI…..”
They both turned and they could see Meetu there and they both know she is well obsessed with Abhi.
“Hey babe..” greeted Abhi earning a glare form Pragya.
“Abhi..You didn’t attend my calls what happened baby” she asked while hugging him.
Pragya always irked of her behaviour but she doesn’t have words to tell her to stay away from him as Meetu won’t mind her so remain to acknowledge
her presence.
“Woh..Meetu nothing lil mood off” he said.
“I know baby Pragya ll always make your mood off” she said staring at Pragya.
Pragya stared both she was anger and also irritated she let deep breath to calm herself which made Abhi to chuckle and it was noticed by Pragya and it irked her more and sge left the place.And this is what Abhi doesn’t expected.Abhi excused himself from Meetu and followed Pragya.
She was already looking outfits for him he stood infront of her but she didn’t mind him.
“I’m sorry yaar.. Don’t get mad at me because of her” he said but still she was on her work.
She picked a tee and placed on him to look whether it looks good or not.She then keep that aside and took another one she was doing with various tees but she didn’t satisfy with anything.
“I said sorry na..Then why you are showing your attitude” he asked as he couldn’t tolerate her silence.She just glared him and moved towards another corner to select tees.
Finally she took one and placed it on him and she smiled as she like that.
“I don’t like this” he said mockingly.
“Well,okay if you didn’t like this select by yourself or ask your Meetu select for you I’m leaving” she said and handover the tee in his hand and turned to leave.
Immediately he pulled her to him as her back hits his chest he wrapped her with his strong arms and rested his face on her crook “You know very well I won’t wear the dress if it’s not selected by you” he said seductively that send shivers all over her spine.”Don’t get angry this much i really love this tee lemme try this” he said and dragged her to changing room.
“Arey what are you doing I ll wait outside” she said.
“No you are coming” he said and dragged her in and locked the door.
“You had gone mad okay make it soon we wanna shop many more” she said strictly.
“Still you are in anger mood my angry bird” he said by pulling her cheeks.
She pulled his hand “Stop flirting and don’t do time pass make it soon” she said sternly.
“No I won’t until you be normal” he said like a stubborn kid.
“Uff…I’m not anger on you okay happy now make it soon” she said with a forced smile.
“Prove me” he asked.
“What” she exclaimed.
“Prove me that you are not anger on me” he briefed it.
“Stop getting on my nerves Abhi” she yelled.
“See you are still mad at me” he pouted.
“Uff..No I’m not” she told him.
“Then prove me” he said it again.
“How” she asked uninterested.
“Kiss me here” he pointed his forehead.
“Listen try this tee if you want I’m leaving” she said.
“I know you won’t because you hate me and you are always mad at me you don’t love me anymore” he started his nautaunki.
She sighed and murmured “Itna badi dramebazz” and she stood over toes and kissed his forehead.He smiles as his plan started work.
“Now here” he pointed his cheek.
She understood his plan and cupped his face and gave a quick peck on his lips and said “Okay.. satisfied..I know you ll end there” she said.
“No I’m not satisfied” he said and pulled her to him and pressed his lips on her.It was growing to a passionate one after a while they broke it while both were breathing heavy.

“Cheater” she smiled and slapped his arms.
“I need some more smile” he said with a naughty grin.
“What” she exclaimed and he again came towards her and bring his lips towards her suddenly she moved and he end up in kissing the mirror.She burst out in laughter.
“Oye Rockstar its the first time or you had already kissed the mirror” she teased him in between her laughs.
He smiled at her and cupped her face and said “I just need you like this..Your smile is my everything” he said sincerely she hugged him happily and he placed a kiss on her head.
“Finally we are done” said exhausted Abhi and sat over the lounge.
“You are exhausted it’s just 5 hours” she said sat besides him.
“5 hours” he said exaggerated.

“Just 5 hours” she repeated again.
“Leave it I’m so hungry come let’s have something and we ll leave to home” he said.
“Okay shall we move to restaurant” she asked.
“Yeah.. stay here I ll keep our bags in car and I ll come back” he said and stood up with all those shopping bags.
“Come soon” she said and he left to parking.
She was waiting in lounge suddenly she sees Mrs.Khanna aka Sheela aunty one of a charity member in Indian association.Pragya walked towards her and tapped her shoulder she turned and she was holding a baby in her arms.
“Hey Pragya what a pleasant surprise how are you how is Abhi” she asked with a care.
“I’m fine aunty how are you…And if I’m not wrong this is your grand child ryt” said Pragya.
“Ofcourse she is my grand daughter” said Sheela.
“Wow aunty she is so cute as mother..How is Bulbul and Purab” she asked.
“They are fine they are on a trip” said Sheela.
“Oye baby..Come come come to me” said Pragya and the baby smiled at her and Sheela passed the baby to Pragya.
The baby was giggling and pulling her duppata from her neck.
“You are alone here” asked Sheela.
“No I came with Abhi he ll be in minutes” said Pragya.
Abhi came and saw Pragya with baby and moved towards her then only she saw Sheela.
“Hey hot aunty” Abhi greeted Sheela.
“Badhmash you came” laughed Sheela.
“How are you aunty” asked Abhi.
“I’m doing great..And I know you ll be on cloud always” she said.
“Why” he asked.
“Haan.. when there is a girl like Pragya then you ll always be on cloud nine hey na” teased Sheela.
“Arey aunty ji it’s the problem na” he teased to earn glare from Pragya.
“ are you” he asked the baby.
The baby smiles and played with Pragya’s fingers.Abhi smiled at the baby.
“Pragya..If you don’t mind can you help in buying some accessories for Bulbul as she needs post delivery I’m not quite adaptable with modern things I was thinking how I’m gonna manage but for my fortunate you are here” said Sheela.
“Ofcourse aunty I ll come let’s go and Abhi stay here” said Pragya.
“Why I ll come” he said.Sheela nods her head in disbelief and said “Dheko..Kids are not always there so” her words are interrupted by him “I’m not a kid aunty” he said almost like an innocent kid and looked at Pragya with a pout.
“Arey hear me completely..Kids are not allowed there so you sit here with baby okay” said Sheela.

Pragya smiled at him and handover the kid to Abhi who carefully got from Pragya and moved towards the lounge with a sigh.
Sheela chuckled at his expressions “Such a baby hey na Pragya” she said Pragya.
Pragya chuckled and said “Exactly aunty he is” and they both got into the shop and they came out after 30 minutes buying some necessary things.
They both came to lounge and Pragya noticed he was playing happily with the baby and the baby was tapping and patting his cheeks and nose and pulling his dog tags.For a moment she imagined that how he ll be with their very own baby and she immediately snapped out of that as there is more time for that and she consoled herself by saying ‘but it’s not wrong to imagine’.
“Hey aunty you guys are back” said Abhi by standing up from the sofa.
“Thank you Abhi..Did she troubled you” asked Sheela with a concern.
“Trouble not at all she is so sweet” said Abhi by pulling her cheeks and the baby made a giggle.
“Okay thank you Pragya and it’s the time to leave,baby come come let’s go home” said Sheela.
Abhi smiled and passed the baby to Sheela and the baby held his dog tag and smiled.
“Oh you don’t wanna leave me..Oh sweety” he said and kissed her cheeks.
Then the baby left his dog tag and Sheela left the place.
“Okay shall we have our lunch I’m already starving” said Abhi.
Pragya smiled and nods they both walked towards the restaurant.
“You are going easy with babies and kids” she said praisingly.
“Oh so some one is praising me” asked Abhi with a wide smile.
“I’m not praising you I’m saying the truth” she said.
“Fine it’s true because practice makes a man perfect” he said smilingly.
“What” she asked confused.
“When I’m handling a grown up stubborn baby why can’t I handle small babies” he said chuckling.
“Abhi..I’m gonna kill you” said Pragya with a stern.
“Haaha..Relax baby just joking” he said and encircled his arm over her and walked into the restaurant.
“Abhi go to bed soon we have to wake earlier remember I’m gonna do morning Pooja before I leave for work and thats you should be there besides me in Pooja..” she was keep on going but he seems to be fidging his mobile.
She was irritated and snatched the phone “Abhi I’m talking with you,You not even heard a single word stop being such baby” she said by starting at him with her arms crossed over her chest.
“I heard everything jaan give back my phone really important” he asked pleadingly.
“Okay here you go” she throwed the mobile on bed “Lay back soon got it” she said again.
“What do you mean by lay back soon..You are not gonna sleep” he asked raising his brow.
“Ofcourse but I have lil work I have to clean up the mandap and you sleep soon then only you ll wake early” she said and moved out.
He blinks at her and laid down.

After an hour she came and laid besides him immediately he cuddled close to her by throwing his legs over her waist.
“You didn’t sleep yet” she asked by turning to face him.
“No..” he said by staring to her eyes.
“Why are you looking at me like this” she asked raising her brows in amusement.
“I’m nothing without you” he said by placing a kiss on her forehead.
She smiled at him “Close your eyes and sleep” she said by kissing his cheek.
“Hmm…” he said still staring at her.
“Abhi…sleep now come on close your eyes” she said as she couldn’t take his piercing gaze making her to blush.
“Very strict Mumma…” he said chuckled and closed his eyes.
She smiled at him and cuddles close to him and dozed off by caring a beautiful smile.

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