Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Post dinner they both retired to bed and she was engaged with her mobile and he was so engaged with his music.
Pragya : Thank you so much Anusha for all your love I’m really glad you love my E-Novel this much.*Texted Pragya to her one of the fan of her E-Novels*
Fan 1 : Di..why are you saying thank you I should thank you for giving us such a wonderful novels and I think you should publish this as a book.

Pragya : Thanks again but I don’t have much time and content to publish now may be I ll try in future.*She smiles while texting which didn’t gone unnoticed by Abhi but he continued on his music*
Fan 2 : Hi..I’m diya a big fan of you thank you for giving such wonderful novels I really love it and I wanna see you and I think one day I ll meet you praying to my stars.
Pragya : Aww…It was so sweet thank you even I wanna meet such a cute fan.*Keeps on smiling*
Fan 2 : And how you got such wonderful lines I really love the line “I don’t wanna be anyone’s need I just wanna be someone’s wishes” wow it’s so precise but it has deep meaning it was awesome.
Pragya : Thank you diya some lines ll be there when you feel that in your life and thanks again for your love..Take care 🙂 *She was still in smiley mode and this time Abhi unplugged his headphones*
“Jaanu can I ask you onething”,he asked her laying besides her where she is resting her back in headboard.”Hm…”,she said and still her eyes glued to her mobile screen.”Have you gone mad why you are keep on smiling at your mobile”,he asked her by scrunching his nose.She smiles and kept her mobile aside “Im not mad actually I was chatting with my fans”,she said.”Fans??Oh..ya your novel’s fans ryt Acha Acha..But let me tell you onething I have more fans than you”,he said with proud like a little kid which made her to made a smile at his childish behavior.”Its okay I’m happy with my small number of fans and I’m not writing this to gain fans it’s just for my passion towards writing”,she replied calmly.”Then I’m singing to gain fans?”,he asked with a glare.”I didn’t say like that”,she said.”Okay leave it… Which gender is more in your fan club male or female”,he asked.”Female…I think most of them are female fans”,she said him.He laughed at her “I knew it..I knew it”,he said in between his laugh.She irked “What you know and why you are laughing”,she asked irritatedly.

“Kya na jaanu..Some girls na will be a book worm like you only they ll be your fan and most of the boys and most of the girls ll be my fans ROCKSTAR’S fans..Jabra fans…”,he said with a proud and made swag.She smiled at him”But most of the girls love your attire”,she said.”Its common na..”,he said innocently.”But my fans didn’t even saw my face even they love me so fans won’t love only by looks their first impression to love is our talent after that looks character and everything comes”,she explained him.”Oh.. Really”,he asked after understanding her words.”Haan… Really”,she said.”But whatever I don’t know how people are reading books novels.. Even if I die of boredom I won’t touch novels or books and especially yours”,he said exaggerated.She smiles at him “Every one has unique interest”,she said.”Well may be but I’m not interested in books or novels.. Anyways I’m feeling sleepy good night jaanu love you”,he said and laid comfortably and hugged her lap and cuddles close to her.She runs her fingers to his hair stroke and covered him with blanket and kissed his forehead “Good night Romeo”.He lifted his head and said”You too sleep soon yaar”.She smiled and said “Okay now sleep”,said and carres his hair.

And a week passed and they are post graduates now and everyone is waiting to start their career.Abhi was rehearsing for his concert which was gonna held a week after.Pragya goes to Abhi and asked “Romeo..You know what day is tomorrow”.He puzzled and asked “Tomorrow….Its not your bday na”.She stared at him.”Acha..its not you birthday and it’s not mine too and even its not our love anniversary”,he looked at her while she stared at him by crossing her hands towards her chest.”Independence day… Republic day…”,he keeps on guessing which made her to irritate more.Abhi recognized that and smiled coyly like an idiot and said”There is no Independence Republic day in London ryt”.She stared him.”Just joking yaar”,he said.”Abhi thum bhi na you idiot tomorrow is karvachauth”,she said.He immediately said “Oh.. Karvachauth the stupid function ever I had seen and no fasting no drama okay and end this topic”,he said strictly.She was disappointed yet she know it ll be his answer but she won’t give up in this and said”But Abhi…I wanna keep fast”,she pleaded.He turned towards her and asked”Don’t you hear what I said just now”,his words came sharp.She immediately replied back “I heard and I wanna keep fast that’s it”,she said firmly.

It made him to irritate more and said “Look this is not India that moon ll come in evening and you ll end ur fast soon.. last year what happened the moon came at 10 PM and you are still in empty stomach from 4AM to 10 PM and your eyes were so dull you looked so tired and still u manage to be happy”his words interrupted by her words “I’m not managed to be happy I was happy”,she said.”Oh..but I was not happy and that stupid Indian women assosiation ladies washed off your brain about virdh sati Devi savitri and you too encouraging all this”,he said almost with a disappointment.”Abhi stop this even you kept fast na”,she asked. “Haan…I kept fast because I can’t fill my stomach when you are sitting there with almost empty stomach”,he was lil irritated.”But Abhi..”,her words was interrupted by him this time “And you remember ryt last time when you was about to broke my fast I told you ryt I ll finish my fast if you promised me that you won’t keep fast next year and you promised me remember that”,he remembered her which she didn’t even forget.”Some promises are made to break Romeo”,she said casually.He sighed and said “Hey..Look you are not keeping fast that’s it”,he started to walk.”But I wanna keep”,she shouted which makes him to stop on way and turned towards her and said “You are not got it”,his tone came even sharper than before.

“Abhi why don’t you understand Sanju is fasting Tina is fasting even Tanu is fasting so I also wanna do”,she said by counting with her fingers with a cute pout which made him to melt down but it won’t work much this time on him as he was firm in his decision he said “But last time they didn’t kept any fast but you did”,he asked raising his brows with an anger.She stammered for answer and said “I wanna keep fast because I trust the myth and I respect the ritual I ll do it you know it’s how good for you and our relationship and it’s good for us”,she explained with a hope he ll accept.”But I don’t have trust in all this got it you are not doing it”,he said finally.She was much irritated and disappointed and said “So if you didn’t like something I too wanna dislike it isn’t it”,she asked with fire in her eyes but she ll never mean what she blabbering in anger.He looked at her and said “It’s not like that and you know it well…And I don’t have trust in God but still this home has lil Mandir and you still doing Pooja did I said anything”,he catched the point.She gone numb he came towards her and held her hands in his and said “Look I was never against your wishes but I don’t wanna you to hurt yourself okay”,he said softly but she is not in mood to give up “But its not hurting Romeo actually i feel good karvachauth evening is very special for couples”,she tried to explain.He can’t take it anymore “PRAGYA….you are not keeping any fast that’s it”,he said and left the place.She stared at the way he gone and a part of her brain understood that he really got anger and that’s why he took PRAGYA because he ll take her name when he was in irritated with my adamant and when he was in extreme anger and today he was in the first mood.
After sometime he came to her and said “Chalo let’s have dinner”.She looked him for a while and thinks he is normal now and she doesn’t wanna argue with him so she decided to drop the topic for now and deal with tomorrow’s problem tomorrow.She nodded and joined him in dinner.While having dinner “I’m sorry..”,he said.She lifted up her head and asked “For what”.He held her hand and said “For that harsh words and taking your NAME”,he said sincerely.She smiled back to him and said “Its okay Romeo it’s not at all comes under harsh section”.He smiled at her and said “My baby”,said and pulled her cheeks.She smiled and said “But you have to do me a favor”.He puzzled and asks “Favour..Order karo I ll”,he said.”Okay I’m ordering you to feed my dinner tonight”,she said.At the moment he feel he was the most happiest man and he knows he was the happiest man to have a girl like her in his life he immediately took a piece and feeds her she smiled and said “Its my turn”,and feed him back.

And it was almost 4 AM in the morning she woked up slowly by unclutching his arms and moved out of the bed after a while she come fully freshed and got into the kitchen and prepared kheer and prepared herself for the vrath finally she was all setted and started her fast.Later it was around 9AM she slowly woked up Abhi and he stirred lil.
“Lemme sleep jaanu” he muttered and covers his face with pillow which made her to feel his cuteness.
“Wake up Romeo” she said and pulled the pillow.He slowly came out of his blissful sleep and looked at her.She was wearing complete red with silver laced simple and elegant anarkali suit.
“You are not doing this” he yelled as he understood her intentions of vrath.
“I’m doing this Ofcourse after all I wanna do this” she replied back very calmly by setting his outfit for today.
“Go to hell I’m not gonna support you this time and I’m warning you to end this crap ryt now and you insane don’t you know it’s winter snow storm here did you think you ll able to see moon soon” he yelled from the core.
“I believe it ll end in good way” she replied in normal tone.
He sighed at the adamant g-i-r-l before him and got off the bed.

“Breakfast is ready” she mumbled slowly once he came out from the shower and he seems to be going out now.
He didn’t seems to be interested “Have it yourself if you want” he said coldly and collected his keys and moving out towards the door “And one more thing I ll be really late tonight don’t wait for me” he said in more cold tone and left the house leaving a tears bound Pragya behind him.
Such a brute she thought how he be so rude on her is that way he ll behave with zero kindness she wiped up her tears and just collapsed on sofa.

It was past 9 in the night she was dying of boredom her long day he didn’t even leave a call or message suddenly her phone rang and the name blinked as Tina.
“Yes..Tina” she asked in almost sad tone.
“Leave mine seems to be we gonna have glimpse of moon in minutes did Abhi called you or he is at home” she asked with care.
“No..” said Pragya.
How rude even Tina is worrying about her but not her man.
“Well Pragya..then finish off the fast with his picture” she said clearly.
“Are you kidding me” she asked annoyed.
“It looks like kidding for you,well from your words it’s clear that he won’t come don’t starve just finish it okay…Hey,girl seems the moon gave it’s glow catch you later mind what I said” said Tina and ended the call.
She walks towards the balcony where she had kept the Pooja tali with water and a sweet and now the moon is also ready but not the man is there how could I end my fast without him.Tears started to brim up while she look deep into the moon she was thinking only about him by looking at the moon in the cold night by rubbing her tears while having her eyes on moon she turned the first sight she saw is him.He was standing just besides her she saw him finally he was standing wait a tight face even she couldn’t trust her eyes and luck that she saw him after the moon she was surprised.
He slowly took the water and gave that to her where her eyes glued on him and she unknowingly opened her mouth to sip the water and followed by a bit of sweet and finally she ended her vrath as she wanted but the thing she unwanted most is his anger in morning for denial for her vrath tears flowed off he rubbed the tears with his thumb pad and cupped her face and made a smile to console her.
She balled her fingers to fist and hits his chest repeatedly with much rage and tears were flowing continuously by shouting at him “How dare you to scold me and leave me like this u idiot what you did in know how I felt bad you know how I felt so alone you know how you make me to feel like an idiot you know what you are a jerk brute” she shouted repeatedly and hits his chest where he couldn’t help but smile at her lovingly.
She tired of hitting him and looks at him with a bagged eyes still he was smiling at her and said “You know what jaanu every reaction has an opposite and equal reaction” he said with a smirk.
She dwell in anger and shouts “Don’t dare to tease me you know you are such a brute and you don’t have any….” her words gone off when he pressed his lips onto her.
She was gone numb her eyes widened in shock less than a second she responds him for the kiss it was not an hungry kiss it was so sweet and passionate one he further pressed him to her and their fingers were intertwined there was no gap even for air with almost Lossing of breath he pulled away from her could see her glistening face in the moonlight.
He immediately pulled her to him with a tight hug and lifted her in arms for the second surprise of the day for her she couldn’t protest and both fall onto the bed where she is unger him and he caged her without hurting her petite body.
He started to kiss her from forehead Followed to her impressive eyes she closed her eyes with the warm of his lips all she could do is wrapping her hands over his waist tight.He pressed his nose onto her nose where his hot breathe teasing her skin she came out of his trance and snapped out and pushed him and sat up where he again came close to her which leads him to gain a hard slap on his face.He wasn’t shock and manage to smile by rubbing his cheek.
“How dare you.. Do you think I ll forgive you ..if you did this way” she asked.
“You called me brute and I’m showing what brute ll do” he said sheepishly.
“I hate you” she said with a glare.
“I love you too baby” he said and came closer she pushed him irritatedly and went off from the bed which made him to chuckle.

Here she comes with a plate of food and settle in bed and fed him a spoonful food.He didn’t opened his mouth she slapped again on another cheek with a glare he immediately opened his mouth and munched the food offered by her.
“I’m sorry” he said with a puppy pout.
“Shut up you idiot you almost hurted me” she said and keeps on feeding him.
“I’m sorry I can’t concentrate on my work so returned evening and waited outside to surprise you when moon comes” he said now took a spoon from her hold and feed her.
She munched the food and pecked at his cheek said “I’m sorry for the double slap”.
“Its okay jaanu you have all rights head over toe” he said with a wink immediately she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

“I think we should part now else I couldn’t hold on with the freaking prettiness of yours” he said nuzzling her neck.
“I don’t wanna to part from you” she said from his crook.
“Well you are caged tonight baby girl” he said while scooping her to his lap and started to nuzzled deep on her neck and his lips move towards her lips and his lips was about to touch hers suddenly his phone rang her eyes snapped open and said “Your phone..” she said in husky tone he sighed and moved away and attend the call
“Yes Brad.. wassup man”he asked in phone.
“Shit..I ll be there now” this what the next line immediately he stood up from bed and turned towards her and said “I’m leaving now I might be late tonight don’t look for me sleep well” by saying this he gave a quick peck on her lips and he left the home.
She was trying to have sleep after turning and tossing she manage to sleep and after hours she realized there is no warm today around her she opened her eyes and came to realize he was out tonight she was worried and she knows he was out for his concert work which gonna happen day after tomorrow she took a quick glance on clock it was around 2AM she again tugged to the blanket and manage to fall asleep.
Sun slowly peeped and the sun kissed her cheeks she wanna tug in further then only the fact hit her brain that tomorrow was his concert and her first day in job so she wanna do Pooja tomorrow morning and wanna clean home today lots of work after all this self reminder she tried to open her eyes then she realized she was under a warm cage she immediately opened the eyes where he was sleeping by holding her with his arms around she struggled to move “Stay some more time” came his voice.
“When you came” she asked.
“At 4AM” he said still in sleep she kissed his temple and slowly moved from him and just freshed up and moved towards the living room and glance their room keenly now only she observed it was in total mess.
“What the hell” she muttered and wondered how and when it happened why it happened why it’s all full of mess.
“What the hell is this Abhi..what you have done have you gone nuts why you messed all these don’t you have any idea how I ll set up all this things are you mad” she yelled from the core and throwed the pillow on his face and shouted “You sleepy cat you are a brat idiot you” she shouted at him which made him to irritate more he immediately snapped from the bed and moved towards her and held her shoulder tight and shouted “What the hell is your problem you idiot what’s your biggest problem setting this shit home you know what I almost in verge of losing my dream and this hell mess is bothering you alot okay then go with your uttermost problem I have many more to deal with it just get out from here” he yelled and dragged out of their room and slammed the door in her face.

Love to be continued…
Story by Srimathi.

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