Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
“Okay I ll prove you” said Pragya proudly.
“That’s perfect come” Abhi said Victoriously.
He took her to male outfits section.
“Why you took me here” asked Pragya with a glare.
“To prove” he said.
“What” she asked with confused face.

“Well,See here lots of cloths are there na” he asked.
“” she was still confused.
“So..You have to choose one outfit for me without looking my face & I ll choose one from this collection but i won’t say you if my selection also the same one which you selected then you win I lose” he said with a wink.
“If you done cheating then” poor Pragya doesn’t understand his intentions yet.
“I swear I won’t cheat” he promised.

“Okay challenge accepted come” she said and moved inside the section.
Abhi smiled and followed her.
“Come and stand here” she said by pointing the place besides her.
He smiled widely and stood besides her happily.
Pragya took the a shirt and just keep that on him and made *Not okay* face and kept that again in the place.Abhi was smiling at her and his eyes fell on a dark black threaded shirt and ge likes that and he looks at Pragya ‘I know jaan you ll select the same shirt which I like the most’ and smiles.

Pragya was keep on doing the same and finally took the black shirt and keep it on him and smiled which was noticed by Abhi and he smiled at her.
“This one” she said as she already forgot the challenge and she was drained to select best for him.
“I know” he said with a bright smile.
That’s Pragya came back to reality “So that’s it this what you too like na then I win and you lose so don’t disturb me ever” she said in a breath and turned to leave.
Abhi held her wrist and pulled her towards him where her back hits his chest and he turned her to face him.

“I know Pragya you can’t hide your love for me then why you are trying to make it” he asked softly.
She didn’t expect this from Abhi and she struggled to relive from his grip “I DON’T LOVE YOU” she said sternly by looking away.
He made a sarcastic smile “If you repeat the lie again and again it won’t be true and i know you can give me only the best in my life” he said sincerely.
“Oh really then you have that trust I ll give you the best” she asked.
“Ofcourse jaan” he said smilingly.
“Then hear me..That girl is the best for you,If you really trust I can give you the best then that girl ll be the best and fit in your life” she said looking to his eyes.
He relieved his grip and looked to her tear filmed eyes “YOU ARE THE BEST THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE” he said in soft tone.

“And no one can replace you in my life,You are the best in my life and you ll be the best,I had gone with all your choices till now but in this I won’t you know why because it’s my life dammid i know what’s best for me and it’s my jaan” he said in a rough time with a calm voice.

She was dumbstrucked by seeing him in too much of anger and yet so calm.
“And I’m gonna do concert today and I know you will have lots of work it’s okay if you don’t wanna come no problem but whatever me and my music is all because of my jaan and this concert is also for her and I have the hope that one day I ll get her back” by saying this with much confidence and anger frustration he left the place by leaving tears rolling Pragya there.

Pragya was sitting alone in her room with a huge oscillation whether to go for concert or not.
Abhi was sitting before his green room mirror.He has full confidence that Pragya ll come for sure because she knows very well what his music means for him.
Pragya got up immediately and change her outfit and took her bag and started towards the venue.

Abhi just heard the host announcing his name.He stood up and moved towards the stage.
Pragya got out of the train and walked towards the stadium.
Abhi just glanced the crowd and he could feel that she is near around him.
He strummed his guitar and Pragya heard that and increased her pace to reach the place soon.
He started to sing..
Apne karam kee kar ataayein (Bless me with your love grace)

Yaaraa, Yaaraa.. yaaraa.. (O dear..O dear..O love)
Just Pragya entered the venue and stood there with crowd.
Mujh ko iraade de (Give me intentions)
Kasmein de, vaade de (Give me promises,guarnantees)
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de (Support the signs of my prayers)
Dil ko thikaaney de (Give shelter to the heart)
Naye bahaaney de (Give some new excuses)
Khwaabon ki baarishon ko (Give the peg of weathers)

Mausam ke paimaane de (to the rains of dream)
Pragya stood there with an amazement as his voice came with his own music and a heart piercing love words which are made for her.
Just he catch the glimpse of Pragya who looks him with love and amazement filled eyes which made him to feel the music more for her and only for her.
Apne karam ki kar ataayein (Bless me with your grace)
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein (Look this way too)

Where,Abhi looks into her eyes.
Sun rahaa hai naa tu (You’re listening,right?)
Ro rahaa hoon main (I am crying here)
Sun raha hai naa tu (You’re listening to me right)
Kyun ro raha hoon main (Why I am crying here)
Her eyes were filled now she was going through the best feeling of her life where her man is in the mission of making unforgettable moment in her life for that moment she forgot the rest of the world.She & him with his music alone exists in her life that moment.
Manzilein ruswa hain (my destinations are not cared for)
Khoyaa hai raasta (the path is lost)

Aaye le jaaye (Someone,You actually comes and takes me away)
Itni si iltijaa (only this is my small wish)
Ye meri zamaanat hai (This is my surety)
Tu meri amaanat hai.. (You are mine)

He sang by pointing her in the crowd.Pragya noticed that and she feels a magical feeling of love when he identifies her and pointing her.
Apne karam ki kar ataayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein
Sun raha hai naa tu..
The crowd was cheering him which makes Pragya happy to feel his steppings to the success and her happiness in her face made him to make that smile to stick on her face forever.
Waqt bhi thehra hai (Time is stopped too)
Kaise kyoon ye huaa (How and why it happened)

Kaash tuu aise aaye (May you just come)
Jaise koi duaa (like some prayer)
He was losing his control on his tears as the pain of being separate from her is coming as words along with his music from his guitar.
Tu rooh kee raahat hai (You’re the peace of soul)
Tu meri ibaadat hai.. (You’re my prayer)
He dropped on his knees where there is no control over the pain he going through.
Apne karam ki karatayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigahein
Sun raha hai naa tu..

He strummed his guitar atlast with a full force as he had hurt his finger and never mind to bother his bleeding hand but it was noticed by Pragya.
The crowd gave him the best and cheerful applause which made him to feel the success yet again.He just waved the hands towards the crowd where his eyes glued only on Pragya and the applause or the Cheers made the musician inside him happy but not the real him.He couldn’t came out of the pain which he poured just now in the way of music he just walked in to his green room.

Pragya was just looking towards his bleeding fingers and she made her way out of the crowd towards his green room as he didn’t seems to be mind his bleeding fingers.The whole atmosphere and the moment made her to forgot her stubborness and everything the only thing she could remind is their love.So she just wanna be medicine for his external and eternal wound and pain he going through right now.

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