Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Abhi got ready to see Pragya to take her to shopping for night’s concert.He just came out saw Dadi and smiled at her.
“Where are you going Abhi” asked Dadi.
“Well Dadi I have an important work” said Abhi hurriedly and about to leave.
“Okay I asked them to come after the concert got over” said Dadi with a wide smile.
“Who” asked Abhi in confusion.
“Arey I told you yesterday na your to be wife Sana and her family” said Dadi happily.
“Kya..Dadi have you gone mad why you are doing all this my life is getting like hell when I said okay to that alliance why you women are complicating my life I donno where I ll go and end my life” shouted Abhi.
Dadi was worried and became sad “You only said do whatever you want so I invited them to meet you,What I ll do see I’m already getting old day by day I just wanna settle you that’s why I said okay to that I thought you ll accept my decision and wish but you are no more the same Abhi” cried Dadi which made her pulse down.
Abhi panicked and took Dadi to her room and made her to lay on bed “Dadi.. please don’t stress yourself please” pleaded Abhi to Dadi.
“Then you have to accept for this proposal please” begged Dadi.
“Dadi what you are saying you very well know I love Pragya” he said in shock.
“So she is more important to you than me,I agree you love her if she too loves you she would have came to see me na but she didn’t came,I know the world better than you,She doesn’t fit for u or our family” said Dadi.
“Stop it Dadi” he shouted.
“Dadi you don’t know anything about her,I agree she didn’t came to see you but she is not kinda girl what you are saying” said Abhi defensively.
“Then you are saying she is important” Dadi did a melodrama.
Finally Abhi agreed to her with no other option and left the home in anger.
“What this Dadi is thinking in her mind whatever it may be I won’t agree to this Dadi” he muttered himself while driving the car.

Almost it was evening…
“Pragya…Pragya… Pragya baby” called Riyaan sheepishly.
“What’s your problem Riyaan, Pragya is already upset don’t tease her” Tina warned Riyaan.
“I’m just trying to make her happy” said Riyaan with a flirty smile and earned a glare from Pragya.
“Pragya don’t mind him yaar” said Tina mocking at Riyaan and left the place.
“What happened Pragz” asked Riyaan.
“Nothing just upset” said Pragya.
“Oh really wait lemme come in a minute” said Riyaan and left his seat.
Riyaan came after a minute and said “Come let’s go”
“Where” asked Pragya with a sad surprised face.
“Come I ll tell you” said Riyaan.
“We have work to do we won’t get off” said Pragya.
“Here it is we got off” said Riyaan and shows the day off letter.
Pragya sees it “But why” she asked.
“Come na I ll make you feel better I have responsibility after all I’m your friend” said Riyaan with a wink.
“I’m not coming anywhere you go” said Pragya disinterestedly.
“Arey come” said Riyaan and dragged her.
Tina laughs at them.
Riyaan made Pragya to sit in his car and started to move.
“Where you are taking me” asked Pragya irritatedly.
“I’m just kidnapped you” said Riyaan with a smirk.
“Bad joke” said Pragya and looked towards the window.
Her phone rang as she took the mobile and saw the caller ID it was Abhi.She hesitated to pick the call.
Riyaan noticed her “Pragz..Your mobile is ringing you are staring at the mobile instead picking the call any problem” asked Riyaan.

“Nothing no problem” said Pragya and attends the call.
“Hey,Dont get into my nerves by showing attitude and come for shopping” said Abhi before saying a hi or hello.
“I’m busy I’m not coming anywhere” she said and ended the call.
She was dieing each and every moment when she spoke harsh towards him.She was dieing to attend his concert her wish is just to be with him.But fate is always playing blind games in her life.
‘Whomever I love and I wanna live my entire life with them they won’t be with me.I lost my parents in the age before I realized who am I then Abhi came to my life he gave me everything what I didn’t get from my childhood and today I even lost him.Maa and Papa why you left me alone in this world’ thought Pragya and unknowingly tears were brimmed up in her eyes.
“Madam..We reached” said Riyaan as he stopped the car.
“Where we are” asked Pragya and looked outside the window.
“Mall??why you took me here Riyaan” asked Pragya.
“Come let’s do some shopping Tina is waiting for us” said Riyaan and got out of the car.
“Tina but she didn’t came with us” asked Pragya.
“Meri maa how many questions you ll ask come now” said Riyaan and opened the door for her.
Pragya got down and smiled at Riyaan this was noticed by Abhi who just came there to buy outfits for his concert though he trusts her he couldn’t see her with another man when especially she said she was busy and hanging out with some person.

Riyaan and Pragya got in and Abhi followed them.
Tina spotted Riyaan and Pragya,she called them and the trio end up in coffee shop and they were standing in counter to order coffee.Abhi too stand a bit far he could hear them.
“So Tina you are going for that Rockstar’s concert” asked Riyaan.
“Well,I donno if Pragya came I’ll go else I won’t” said Tina while looking at Pragya.
“Tina I’m not coming better you go” said Pragya.
‘How stubborn’ thought Abhi.
“But Pragya” said Tina.
“What but and if she didn’t like to come there na leave,Pragya we ll go for Movie,even I don’t like that Rockstar what kinda song he is singing” said Riyaan.
“Riyaan if you don’t like him just leave you don’t have rights to judge him got it” said Pragya in anger which made Abhi to smile and Riyaan confused.
“But Pragya” said Riyaan.
“Drop the topic Riyaan” said Pragya.
“Okay relax let’s have coffee then we ll go for shopping i really wanna buy some outfits for me..Tina said you ll pick fantastic designs” said Riyaan with a smile.

“Okay” said Pragya with a smile which irked Abhi as he can’t take it anymore he walked towards them.
“Hi Tina” said Abhi as he gave the shocking entry to the trio.
“Hi Abhi” said Tina surprisingly.While Pragya gasped in shock.
“Tina you know him” asked Riyaan in surprised and shocking tone.
“Well Ofcourse everyone knows me hey na baby” said Abhi looking at Pragya and pulled her close to him by keeping his arm around her waist.
Pragya was shocked and tried to relive from his grip.
Riyaan looks puzzled.
“Woh Riyaan.. Abhi is Pragya’s” Tina was about to complete the sentence.
“To be husband” said Abhi with a grin.
Pragya looked at him in disbelief and shock.
“Anyways will you guys please excuse us” said Abhi and dragged Pragya.
“What are you doing here Abhi” asked Pragya while pushing him.
“Well what are you doing here this the way you are busy” he asked with an anger dwelled face.
“What’s your problem..wait are stalking me” she said with a raised brow in anger.
He laughed “Stalking you.. crazy girl don’t over imagine okay” he said while looking away.
“I know you well Abhi don’t try to fool me your face itself saying that you are stalking me” said Pragya in disbelief.
Abhi rolled his eyes by making puppy face and said “I’m not following you I just came here to shop and I saw you with that monkey then only I start to follow you what’s wrong in that” he said to cover up himself.
She just stared at him “ just go to… forget it..” she sighed and walked away.
“Wait..pragz..” he called her by running behind her.
She didn’t mind him and increased her pace.
“Jaan..” he called her.

She stopped immediately and turn towards him.
He smirked at her “Wahh..still you responding to that name I thought you forgot that too with your love” he spoke out piercing words intentionally.
She felt hurt and said “listen.. don’t over imagine yourself okay there is nothing between YOU and ME” she repeated those irritating stupid words again which would make Abhi to lose his cool.But he determined to be cool anyhow.
“Oh really if everything is over between US why you stopped while I called you as jaan” he started his mission.
“Woh…Woh.. just for the sake of our relationship in the past” she tried to cover up.
“Ohh.. relationship in the past well,what relationship.. Friendship no no it’s not Friendship i think” he said while she stared at him.
“Well it’s not Friendship then it’s love..” he continued while walking closer to her.
“Well I think it’s not love too..hey na..then what relationship it was” he asked while he was really closer to her as both of their hot breathe touch each other.
“If it’s not love then it is BANDH KAMRE relationship” he asked her by leaning closer towards her ear which made her body to shiver.
She back off and pushed him “Stop your nonsense” she said while moving a bit back.
“Oh really I’m nonsense then you have sense” he irritated her intentionally.
“Stop it and move i don’t have any relationship with you nor friendship love or your so called BANDH KAMRE relationship got it” she said and about to move.

He pulled her towards him where she hits his mass chest “Really everything is over between us it doesn’t seem so” he teased her by slightly brushing his lips on her earlobe.
She felt a shiver in her spine and pushed him and said “I don’t wanna answer your predictions okay.. nothing is between you and me so just.. just stay away” she warned him.
“Well.. your words are saying that but your heart and entire being is responding to me as old then how everything is over between us” he asked her with a wink.
“It’s all your imagination I don’t have any feelings for you got it” she tried to hide again and again.
“Uffo…see don’t try to defend yourself” he said boringly and leaned towards her ear and said “You know what you look cute and hot in anger while you say you hate me..i can’t control myself I just wanna eat you right now so don’t do that okay” he said by blowing near her earlobe which made Pragya shiver yet again.
‘whats going on here i just trying to make him to hate me but instead he is behaving weird’ she thought.
She pushed him and said “Stop it Mr.Abhishek Prem Mehra nothing as you think I don’t have any feelings for you” she said strictly.
“Then prove me” he said immediately.
“What” she asked though she heard it clearly.
“Just prove me you don’t have any feelings for me I ll leave and I won’t disturb you” he said assuring.
“Really” she asked in innocent tone without knowing the fact that she gonna get trapped.
“Really I promise you that” he said.
‘Pragya this is the best chance to prove yourself to move away from him so don’t let it go waste’ she thought herself.
‘I know baby what you are thinking just wait and watch’ thought Abhi.
“Okay I ll prove you” said Pragya proudly.
“That’s perfect come” Abhi said Victoriously.

Love to be continued…
By Srimathi.
Thanks for reading and drop your views.
Thank you all my awesome readers I was updating this story in Wattpad to and this story had won first prize in fan fiction awards 2017 and love of life had won 2nd prize in fan fiction awards.
Thank you so much for all the love…Love you guys….

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