Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Abhi headed back to his home where Dadi was waiting for him.He just lost in thoughts of Pragya.Dadi saw him and called him.Abhi goes towards Dadi and took the seat besides her.
“What happened why you are so sad and disturbed” asked Dadi.

Abhi just nodded his head negatively “Nothing” replied in a monotone.
“Okay listen I had came here for a good cause” said Dadi While caressing his face.
He looks puzzled at Dadi “Good cause?” asked with a puzzled tone.
“Haa..Good thing gonna happen in my laddu’s life” said Dadi happily.
Abhi’s thoughts back to Pragya’s behavior and thinks ‘My all good beings are gone with her how good ll happen in my life’
“Abhi…Where you lost” asked Dadi.
“Nothing Dadi..I’m just feeling tired gonna take rest” he said and stood up to leave.
Dadi just held his hand and make him to sit besides her “Abhi just hear me..I had brought an wonderful alliance for you” said Dadi.

“What alliance..Any business alliance or proposal” asked Abhi disinterestedly.
“Arey Buddhu..I’m talking about wedding alliance” said Dadi.
“Wedding alliance..For whom” asked Abhi in a shocking tone.
“Obviously for you” replied Dadi with a smile.
Abhi immediately stood up and said “Dadi I think you gone mad while getting old..Don’t you know what you are blabbering”

“I’m not blabbering I’m serious” said Dadi in a serious tone.
“Dadi what are you talking about already Pragya is in anger on me I donno why now how could I ask her to get married to me” he said seriously while thinking something.
“Pragya..” asked Dadi with disinterest irritation.
Abhi immediately smiled and said “Oh god Dadi this ll be better na Dadi I ll be back now” he said and about to leave.

Dadi held his hand and asks “Where are you going”
“Arey Dadi I’m just going to say about ur wedding proposal to Pragya..Then all her anger ll be calmed down.Offo Dadi I’m the biggest duffer I scold her last night badly that’s why she is anger on me if I said this to her she ll forgive me..Main hoon na I very well know she has alcoholic allergy but still I hurted her I’m a mad Dadi I had behaved like a brute so only she ll be anger on me..I gone there to take her with me but again I ended up in shouting like an idiot..I’m such an idiot hey na Dadi..well anyhow I ll be back with her bahu” said Abhi happily and pulls her cheeks and about to leave.

Dadi got irked and said “Abhi I’m not talking about Pragya”
Abhi looked surprised on Dadi’s statement and asks “What”
“Yes I’m not talking about Pragya I’m talking about this girl Sana” said Dadi and showed him a photo.
“Who is this Dadi” asked Abhi.
“Sana Malhotra your to be wife” said Dadi.
Abhi laughed and said “Your sense of humor na Dadi..Such a bad joke okay lemme laugh my heart out once I came back with Pragya okay my sweet Dadi” said Abhi and left the home.
“Abhi” called Dadi.
Abhi didn’t heard as he already left.

Pragya was in her room and lost in thoughts of her life had changed in few days tears rolled down from her eyes.She took Abhi’s picture and clutched closely towards her chest.
She heard a knock on her door,she placed the photo on bed and wiped her tears and opened the door.As she opened the door Abhi immediately got in and closed the door.
“What you are doing here won’t you lemme to live in peace” shouted Pragya.
“Live in peace?? With my photo” asked Abhi as he noticed his photo on bed.
“Leave now” said Pragya as noticed his pic on bed.
“Let it be I won’t go without you know as Dadi had came to see us” said Abhi.
“Not us..YOU” she stressed the You.

“What happened to you,See she had thought about our wedding too” said Abhi.
“Our wedding” she asked with a confused face where her heart wants this to be true.
“Yeah..Our wedding but she was telling it indirectly and teasing me with some other girl’s picture” said Abhi with a smile.
Then she realized the fact and said “She said the truth and she is not teasing you now leave please” said Pragya.
“You gone mad or what Pragya.. Actually tell me what’s yiur problem” he asked seriously.

“I don’t have any problem now leave me alone na please” she said by folding her hands before him.
He feels bad and pushed her hands down and sat on her bed.Pragya looked at him “You are not leaving now” she questioned him.
“No come sit here come” he said and held her hand to make her sit on bed.
She sat besides him and asks “What’s your problem Abhi why you are torturing me I’m okay I just wanna be alone for sometime please go now”
While she was saying this he was looking towards her seriously.
She noticed him and asks “What”

“Nothing I’m just looking for my jaan donno where she had gone if you find her lemme know and tell her I’m dead without her and she too knows that very well I can’t live without her I don’t know what happened to her but just tell her I won’t let her alone in pain ever.I just came here to meet her it’s okay just pass the message and you wanna stay alone na you can Pragya I’m leaving but don’t forget to say this to my jaan” he said while tears brimming his eyes and about to leave the room.
“Abhi…” called Pragya.

He just turned towards her.
“Abhi.. please don’t have hopes on your jaan she is won’t come ever..It’s better just hear your Dadi as she will always think of your well being” she said by not facing him.
“Oh really what you wanna say Pragya just like that everything is over between us” he shouted aloud.
“Abhi be calm kids are here” warned Pragya.
“I won’t be calm I can’t be calm” he shouted by pushing the things around.
“Abhi stop this” she said sternly.
“What you are trying to say nothing is mattered to you,You just came here and you are saying that you gonna settle have any idea how I ll feel by seeing you here what’s your problem damid” he shouted.

“Yes..Im gonna stay here because I belong to this place Abhi..Try to understand we had lived in a obsessed world for years nothing is real” she shouted back.
“Obsessed world it what it means exactly our love is not true or my love is fake or you are just obsessed with me” yelled Abhi.
“Listen Im not saying anything about our love just saying that the life we lived na it doesn’t have future Abhi” said Pragya.

“What do you mean by doesn’t have future” puzzled Abhi.
“Abhi..I’m just not interested in marrying you” she made a fake declaration strongly.
“Not interested in marrying me so interested in some other person” he asked in temper.
“I don’t wanna marry any one just stop your non sense and leave don’t get into my nerves” she said and tried to push him out.
“Eyy wait stop pushing me out..You stop getting to My nerves you nerd idiot woman” he shouted.
‘Oh god why he is making me so tough’ she thought herself.
“I wont leave do whatever you want to do” he said stubbornly.
“And one more thing tomorrow evening we have a concert” he informed.
“You have concert why you are saying this to me” she asked.
“You don’t know why I’m saying this why you are so rude on me I’m not enjoying fighting with you now” he said in a stern voice.

“Who ask you to enjoy now” he asked her in taunting tone.
“Okay whatever if you wanna be alone for sometime then Ok I ll give you this night to be alone and morning we wanna go for shopping okay” he said.
“I’m not coming and you don’t have any rights to dictate me I just said there is no more us it’s just you and me” she said and pushed him out of her room where both of their eyes filled with hurt and tears.
“Open the door you damn insane woman” he shouted and banged the door.


“Chaloooooo” she shouted from behind the door.
Abhi was about to shout suddenly the kids surrounded him “Abhi uncle you here again” said a kid.
“Whoaa uncle we are very excited for your concert tomorrow” said another kid where Abhi eyes were glued on her door.
“Uncle you have to sing a song for us now please uncle” the kids asked while Pragya cried behind the door.
achchha chalta hoon duaaon mein yaad rakhna (okay,I ll leave now remember me in your prayers)
As Abhi sang kids took him to the garden where he keeps on looking at her room,she opened the door and saw Abhi as his words made a cut in her heart.
mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna (keep the taste of mention on your tounge)
dil ke sandookon mein mere achchhe kaam rakhna (keep my good deeds in the boxes of heart)
chitthi taaron mein bhi mera tu salaam rakhna (and keep my greetings even in letters and telegrams)

andhera tera maine le liya mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya (I have taken your darkness,and my bright shining star in yours now)
He looked at her eyes he could feel and see her pain and love for him.
channa mereya mereya
channa merya mereeya
channa mereya mereya beliya
o piya..
mehfil mein teri hum na rahein jo (If I am not there in your gathering)
gham to nahi hai gham to nahi hai (there is no sadness,there is so sadness)
kisse hamaare, nazdeekiyon ke (stories of ourrs,of our closeness)
kam to nahi hain kam to nahi hain. (Aren’t less they are plenty)
kitni dafa subah ko meri,tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya (so many times I have turned my mornings into evenings sitting in your courtyard)
She just came down to the garden and looked at him,his words reflects his wounds which hurts her alot.

Channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya beliya
o piyaa..
He just walked backwards…
tere rukh se apna raasta mor ke chala (I am turning my path from your direction)
chandan hoon main apni khushboo chhorke chala (I am sandal leaving my fragrance with you)
mann ki maaya rakh ke tere takiye tale (leaving my heart’s desires under your pillow)
bairagi bairaagi ka sooti chola orh ke chala (this ascetic wraps the cotton cloth of an ascetic and leaves)
With that he left the place…
Pragya ran to her room with tears brimmed eyes.
Abhi got into his home with anger and hurt he thinks ‘Why this happening to me whenever I just go to solve all problems she is creating new one and she is hurting whats her problem now’ he was in sort of anger and heading towards his room.
Dadi stopped him and asks “Abhi I had told you about that alliance na you didn’t say anything”
“Dadi do whatever you want but please don’t disturb me please leave me alone” he shouted in anger that he himself doesn’t know what he was shouting and about to leave.
“But Abhi dinner” asked Dadi in a mild tone.
“Dadi I told you na please leave me alone I have concert to do tomorrow so I wanna rest please don’t disturb me” he said and got into his room and locked himself.
He took her phone from the side table and about to throw but he stopped himself and said “That’s it you had tested my patience enough I won’t leave you,I know how to get you back”

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