Land of Love! (KKB) OS

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This is an OS dedicated to Cutie aka Riya who had asked for an OS and dedicate this to all my friends here too! Hope it’s nice if not sorry in advance!

The situation happens after Abhi knows that Pragya is his wife when she herself admits that she is with him only because he is her husband. This leads to him to end his marriage plans with Tanu. Aaliya had left to Australia as now it was futile for her to separate Pragya from Abhi when he is blindly in love with Pragya.

Welcome to the land of love!!

He was telling that phrase in a very loud voice so that everybody could hear.

Everyone, that means his family gathered at the entrance were puzzled about this host avatar of his!

Ladies first as they are the ones show us love first! I mean motherly love….

The ladies of his life smiled and entered. His eyes was looking for her. His lady love but she was not yet to be reached.

The males of the family looked at him as if when they can enter?

The rest of u all should wait until my lady love enters!

They hearing that were about to turn away with a fake anger.

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave like this!!!

That’s when his lady love called his phone.

Where are u? Everyone is here but u are not here!!!

She replied, Very sorry! I was at the temple just now and then stuck in traffic…now only I am reaching the place….

Hearing that he became sad and kicked the flower pot over there.

The males of the family came near him and consoled him.

She is always like this….That’s fine, I will wait for her and u all can enter first!

With that he waited for her. Seconds passed….minutes passed….hours passed…

She was yet to come which made him worried. He called her numerous times but there was no response….

With worry he was keep on looking at the gate…..

He closed his eyes wishing that she should be fine and should come soon.

When he opened his eyes, she was at the gate as if his wish was fulfilled.

She was in a pink salwar kameez. He smiled at her and she blushed seeing him.

As she walked towards him, he was getting more energy from her even though his energy was drained by waiting for her all this while.

Hi! Lady love!

He said that by holding her hand.

Hi Rockstar!

She said that by pinching his cheek.

Ouch! It’s painful!

He said that sadly.

Really? My Rockstar can feel pain? Is that even possible?

She asked that with a wandering look.

I am a human too who can feel pains Fuggy!

She nodding her head said, I thought u are a Rockstar and have no feelings and pain like a rock!

You are talking too much Fuggy but I deserve this!

He said that and scooped her in his arms.

What are u doing? What if everyone see?

She asked that in an alarmed tone.

He winked at her and said, I want everyone to see that u are in my land of love….

By saying that he walked in and she was keep on blushing.

As he walked she was keep on looking at her land of love that resided in his heart.

What are u looking at Fuggy? Wait! Are u looking at my chest? Naughty Fuggy!

She looked away in shyness.

It belongs to u too but u need to wait as I have a sweet for u to taste.

Sweet? What’s that?

She asked in a puzzled tone.

He by lightly throwing her up and down again said, Have patience Fuggy! You will taste it soon!

Please don’t do your work out by carrying me this way! It’s scary….

He kept on smile for her being scared and she was clueless of what he wants her to taste now!

Upon reaching the place, where everyone was gathered, he let her down and she adjusted herself and smiled pleasantly.

He took a piece of cloth from his pocket and she looking at that was shocked.

Again! You want to blindfold me again!

She asked again in an alarmed tone.

Again? Did I do this before? Oh acha…that time….u told me before na…but this is different….

She said, I don’t want this…I don’t want this to happen….

She said that by remembering how they felt pain after the first time he blindfolded her.

But this is different…this is not like last time! Feel for me Fuggy! I made all this plans for months….

He said that pleadingly and looking at him in that way she couldn’t deny and agreed to it.

She was feeling restless of being blindfolded again. She felt what if something bad happens although now everything that is happening is good.

Relax Fuggy! This is not like last time! This is something different!

He said that by holding her shoulders to calm her down.

He slowly brought her and she could hear others mentioning how lucky Pragya is….

She hearing that was wandering what is that he did?

He slowly took her blindfold and she was amazed to see the sight in front of her.

She saw a large sign board of Land of Love!

It was a home that he had built for the aged people who have nowhere to live.

She had tears in her eyes seeing it as he considered it seriously to built this when she mentioned to him randomly about building a beautiful home for the aged people especially for those who are left by their family.

Is this a home? You did this? I mean I was just telling it out of pity but u really did this!!!

She was continuously crying as she said that.

You are different in thinking from me and when u told me about this there was a genuine and truthful feeling in your eyes Fuggy! You even mentioned it should be a land of love where they stay as for some it will be their last few days…. That made me feel why not I make this thought of yours to be true! It’s really a LAND OF LOVE Fuggy, where they can stay with peace and love.

He said that and she was unable to reply further just hugged him tightly in return and he too hugged her back with all his love.

You are different too…You are different and I am different! Let’s be different together….

Hearing that he broke the hug and said “Nice line Fuggy! Will use it for my song!” She slapped him lightly on his chest and he laughed in return making others to chuckle at the couple’s love and liveliness.

That’s how they made a land of love out of their love for each other.


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