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pragya looks mischiviously towards shruthy and ask her why?shruthy says you must know how much fans are there for abhi his look style ,reason for my luv towards him etc…pragys says she does not like such noisy place and mainly that idiot abhi who looks like a trendy beggar with uncombed hair a tornout jean…
shruhty says pragya!!!angrily.pragya laughs and says if he does not have any money she could buy him a new jean soo sad that he wears the old one ..and everybody laughs.shruthy gets angry and moves out.all come near her and console her.then everybody go to bed

in pragya’s room pragya promises shruthy that she will come for that rockstar beggar’s concert shruthy looks her angrily and runs behined her to beat her then they both laugh and pragya says sorry for it
we could see a big bugalow with a lot of servants working …a big car stops in front of it and it is written as LOVE MUSIC ROCKSTAR.a man comes out of the car and its abhishek mehra.abhi’s dadi comes there to take him inside
he hugs dadi and goes inside with her every body is waiting for him without eating but he did not ask whether they eat or not he came and went into his room saying he don’t want dinner

.dadi feels sad seeing abhi not concerned towards family and is not knowing the feeling of sacrifice and luv
the sun rises ,in abhi’s house we could hear such a noisy sound and everybody is working out like a gym we could see aliya (abhi’s sister )coming in shorts and T-shirt near dadi and asks her to workout to make her fit
abhi comes there and call her she said she wants to do pooja and goes with a sad face she enters into pooja room and starts her prayers but can’t as the noise of rocksong is too loud she moves to temple to get a peace environment
here in pragya’s house , we could here the sound of devotional songs inside we could see everybody in pooja room praying and distibutes sindoor to all pragya takes her handbag and says bye to everybody and hugs shruthy .

shruthy says she will be ready to take her to concert .pragya says she will come soon and says all the best for her interview.shruthy says thanks fuggy!!they all laugh…
pragya comes to same temple where abhi’s dadi is also there. she stands near dadi and pray for everybodies wellwishes .dadi pray to get a good alliance for abhi as abhi will become alright as a human and realize love in relation only after marriage .
both opens their eyes and looks at eachother they both smiles looking each other and moves dadi thinks that she should get a bahu for abhi only like that girl(pragya).while pragya reached the college for her surprise the college was closed .
she was thinking about the reason and suddenly gets a call from rithwick a colleague of pragya ,she takes the call and says i am coming he says you don’t want .she ask why?he says it is holiday today .she asks but why?as today prime minister is coming to meet all the ministers tere will be too traffic
and it was given government holiday on concern of safety.she says you couls hace said before itself…he says he just made her to wander on the sake of fun .she got angry and hangs the call.

she gets angry .here dadi is sitting on a shadow of a tree near temple and thinks about the girl(pragya).she thinks i want such type of girl who is cute,traditional,homely and devotional .but thinks that abhi will not accept such type of girl as his wife and becomes sad.she says she may sit here itself instead of living in such a noisy place.
here pragya walks back with anger saying why does boys play with girls ???i don’t like such boys .my husband can be of any character but should not poke his nose on my likes and dislikes .

shruthy do rehersal inside car for interview and the driver laughs at her .she says to him to give some idea and the driver said that if he knows all that then why he work as driver…she laughs and thanks him and goes
she was too nervous and waits for her name to be called .suddenly she gets a call saved as “ani”.(we could see the man only from backside)she takes the call and a boy says all the best for her .she says bhai i am tooo nervous .he says be calm i have talked to the boss about u .she ask then what i should do .he says you don’t want to asnwer any tough questions except our family

because he is my close friend.she says is it!!he says yes . she says tankyou ani.she ask him when u will come .he says by this sunday.she says really???we could see the face it was anirudh pragya’s younger and shruthy’s elder brother(little short ,little chubby,with rocking hairstyle with spike and looks somewhat handsome that about 75%of young girls in washington DC proposed him.he is doing business in washingtonDC and comes often here to meet family he is soo soft in nature and have all the good qualitieshe is also the best friend of abhi and purab)

precap:shruthy goes inside the boss cabinet and get shock and angry.pragya is hit by a car and is bleeding heavily..
abhi is having her in his lap and holding her bleeding head with his hands…

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