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episode 2
pragya searches for her handbag and says shruthy to come fast as she is waiting to go to shopping
shruthy says until the concert ends i will not come pragya asks that when did the concert ends shruthy says 12 midnight
pragya screams WHAT??? try to come soo soon as u could sarla enters the room and plucks the phone from pragya and shouts against shruthy
then she keeps the call and talks with pragya about shruthy that she must teach her how to be perfect and good as a girl pragya laughs and nods her head
she thinks about something…..

it has become too late and shruthy was eating ice cream
suddenly a man(PURAB) walks near her and spills coke on her dress
she gets angry and shouts at him he notice it and says that i am sorry its my mistake
but she does not get convinced she walks with anger
she comes to home and sees sarla crying
she got shocked and ask her what happened sarla says pragya is not feeling well and she got
fainted …

she cries hearing this and runs to pragyas room seeing her lying unconsiously
she cries a lot saying that she is feeling sorry for her mistake
suddenly pragya opens her eyes and says april fool???
shruthy got very angry and left the room upset everybody came near her and said sorry she hugged pragya tightly
and cried everybody felt veryhappy seeing their love
shruthy said them that hereafter she will not come late anymore on a condition that pragya must come for the concert once

precap:pragya says she does not like such noisy place and mainly…….

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