Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi and Abhi meet

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News Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi and Abhi meet

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Pragya convincing Prachi and Sahana to go to college. However, Prachi continues to ask her about Pragya’s husband, her father. Pragya is obviously not happy with her constant obsession with the subject. She gets angry and tells her that she needs to stop asking questions. Prachi heads out with Sahana, but instead of going to the college, she goes to the hospital. Prachi is basically convinced that the man is her father and hence wants to look for him.Abhi, meanwhile, also heads to the hospital and he wants more details about Pragya. The nurse who recognises Pragya informs Abhi that she cannot divulge the information to him as Pragya requested the same. Abhi is dejected as he really wants to meet Pragya again. Prachi and Sahana meet Abhi in the hospital. Abhi scolds Prachi for bumping into people at all times. Prachi immediately hugs him and says that she feels like he is her father, every time they speak. Sahana asks Prachi to not treat Abhi like he is her father as that would only infuriate Rhea and make her jealous.Abhi realises that Rhea could be

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